Herobrine's Kingdom-Book 1 of the Herobrine's Secret Series

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5-REDSTONE IS STUPID

Submitted: January 24, 2016

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Submitted: January 24, 2016



I grab stacks of cobblestone and craft some slabs to help with the building. "Nice job guys! Keep going!" I walk over to a flat area in the village and start enclosing our hundred by hundred area. It doesn't take that long, and it's done in only a couple minutes, with the help of a couple villagers. I watch as the rest of the wall slowly falls into place, archer towers and TNT cannons being built as instructed. "Dang, you guys are pretty good at building!" I tell one of the villagers. "This has been, what, ten minutes? It's almost done already!" I watch as the villagers construct the last bit of the wall, redstone in hand. First, I add stairs on the inside to get up to the edge. Then, I quickly place cobblestone wall around the outside edge. I quickly go around the edge and ready the TNT cannons and put TNT in chests. Then, I quickly build a front gate using fence and pistons. then place redstone leading up to the top and a lever. I also build several gravel-piston traps that drop attackers in lava with the press of a button. I place the button and press it. Nothing happens. I go back and check my redstone. Looks fine, but I rewire the whole thing anyways. I press the button again and it works perfectly. "I HATE REDSTONE!" I also quickly wire a self-destruct switch for the entire village if everything goes wrong. Finally, I hook up an escape route, a minecart system, that is assembled and disassembled with a single click. When I pull the lever to turn it off, several blocks fall to the side, revealing lava below. Turn it on, the blocks shift back into place and complete the track. Then, I remember one more thing, a wall blocking the gates, activated by pistons. I quickly build it, attach it to a switch and label it.

"Hey, looks good. Make sure you don't forget what each switch does," Jackson says over my shoulder.

"Don't worry, I got signs." I quickly label every switch except the self-destruct.

 "What's that lever on the left?"

"Self-destruct, if everything goes badly."

"Wow, you really did think of everything."

"Thanks. Any ideas?"


"Alright. Assemble the villagers."

"Jordan!" Miles yells urgently.


"We have an army heading our way!"

"No problem!" Miles readies his sword. "No need! Get the villagers up here!"

"OK!" Miles runs off.

"EVERYBODY UP HERE!" I yell across the village. The villagers come ready with wooden and stone swords. "No need yet, my redstone will cover it. Get up on the ledge!" All of the villagers rush up the stairs onto the ledge. I squint and can barely see a small army of mobs heading our way. "No problem... let's test the redstone. Anybody know the range on these TNT cannons?"

"No idea."

"OK." I ready the TNT cannon, then wait until they get closer and fire. The timing is perfect. It lands perfectly in the mobs. The mobs get closer to the entrance. A creeper comes to the front and explodes the gate. "Hope that didn't mess up any redstone," I mutter to myself. "Three... Two... One..." I pull the lever to activate the gravel trap. It works flawlessly, dropping most of the attacking mobs in the lava.

"So, it looks like you defeated my little toys... time to face something more challenging."

I draw my swords, then realize I still haven't fully recovered my health and take a step back.

"Afraid, are you?"

"No," I lie.

"Yes, you are."

I try to push the fear away. Now is not the time to be afraid. "NO." I raise my swords and charge him.

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