The Hunger Games (Katniss' Future)

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Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: September 04, 2010

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Submitted: September 04, 2010



The sweet sounds of the mockingjays wake me. They've returned soon after I've arrived back at twelve. I pull the cold sheets up to my shoulders and hold them tightly. It feels good against my warm skin. It's almost as if everything was back to normal. My father would be with my mother, if not at the mine, making sure Prim didn't go crazy while trying to find Buttercup after he's been missing for a few hours. Once I open my eyes I know this isn't true. My father still died in the mines. Prim turned into ashes. My mother is weeping alone in district 4 and I can't even comfort her. As for Buttercup.. well he's still curled up in a ball beside me. Prim was the only reason I've kept him around longer than I've planned. Now that she's gone I feel like Buttercup is the only thing that reminds me of her. I've never fully appreciated what Buttercup did for Prim. Protect her when I couldn't.

The creek of the front door makes Buttercup shoot his head up. I gently stroke the fur on his head, my fingers barely touching his half ear. At the moment of my touch, he springs up on all fours and hisses at me. "Stupid cat.." Buttercup jumps off my bed and out the door. Damn cat doesn't know affection when he needs it. The voices of Greasy Sae and her granddaughter, Ariadne, inform me that they're downstairs preparing breakfast. I've been here a total of one week. Each day that pasted by, Greasy Sae and Ariadne are over here at exactly 8 to prepare my breakfast. I started hunting again a few days ago to help them make a better meal then the mediocre breakfast of eggs and toast.

After a few minutes of laying in my cold sheets I decide to get up and go hunting. It's the only thing that can calm me and let me blow off steam at the same time. You would think that I would enjoy having this time to myself rather than with Greasy Sae retelling stories of the day District 12 got bombed or on the phone with Dr. Aurelius discussing my mental issues or with Gale calling everyday telling me how much he misses me even though I know he wouldn't be alone there in District 2 or even.. Peeta, who hasn't showed his face to me since the first day he'd arrived. I sit up and stretch my arms above my head. As I lay my hand down beside me, the warm leather of my father's jacket comforts me. I manage a small smile.

Still a bit drowsy from the lack of sleep, I stumble out of bed. My hand meet the knob of my dresser and I grip onto it tightly for support. My mockingjay suit was on top of the pile of clothes as I opened the drawer. Mixed emotions rushed through my head as I tossed it across the room. I reached back in and took out my hunting clothes and slip them on. My head was filled with good memories of hunting with my father until my thoughts were disrupted by a loud crash. Slowly and carefully, I walk over to my window and peer through it. The window of Peeta's room was shattered.

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