Chapter 2: Ashley Owens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter Two


Ashley Owen’s

Life continued as normal. To Lucy’s dismay the world still turned.

Nothing changed as she went back to school. Each Friday afternoon there was a presentation from one of the available Schools. A presentation on why you should chose them. What they have to offer you and why they are better than the rest. Along with the presentation, Campus tours ran each day. If you were up-to date with coursework you would be permitted to go. Sign up sheets were plastered up around the school with blank spaces for names.

Lucy didn't show any interest in these presentations. She had months to choose. She didn't really have any inclination one way or another in what she would do. 3 Fridays came and went, each one destroying Lucy soul a little more as she tried not to sleep through talks and lectures from various heads of schools. Lucy couldn't decide whether being here was worse than being home. She sat alone everyday with her ipod in one ear, daydreaming about the life she wanted to have. The trouble was she hadn’t got a clue about the life she wanted. Some days she would dream of having a family, other days she would dream of hiking through thick forests a million miles away. She was growing more and more tired of this town now that Daniel wasn’t here to keep her company.

In a way she couldn’t wait to pledge. To get away. To experience something new. To experience anything really. Wouldn’t matter what she done or where she went as long as she didn’t have to be alone as much.

She knew that by the time you were down to the months, you usually knew what to pledge. She could hear the other girls talk, she concentrated on other peoples conversations most of the day rather than actually trying to learn. She knew that Natasha Ryan was pledging hospitality because her sister had pledged and 'absolutely loved it'

Lucy had overheard her telling other girls in English class, as she sat up the back, on her own. Lucy didn’t really mind being alone, most of the time. She hadn’t known what it was like to be with someone all of the time, someone other than Daniel. She thought that she preferred to be alone. Just listening into peoples conversations had irritated her, she hated to think what it would be like if she had to actually participate as-well

Lucy had picked a bad day to walk to school. She had skipped the bus today in favour of the more scenic route, one she had regretted as soon as thick raindrops staring pouring down. She pulled her coat up and over her head. Good day to pick a coat with no hood, she thought. It was halfway through November already, there was a deep winter chill in the air, the rain thrashed down and landed in puddles at Lucy’s wet feet. She hurried along the road. Her clumsy feet shuffling in the puddles, school wasn’t far away but in the rain everything seemed that much farther. She shook out her coat when she finally got inside, pulling her soaking wet brown hair into a ponytail behind her head. The wet hair look wasn’t one Lucy had ever suited. She really didn't want to be here today. with a large sigh she sat down on her own.

“hush hush, everyone, everyone, quieten down please,” Mrs Barberry, the depute head was shouting, her hands where moving from up to down as if to demonstrate a physical way to stop noise. The class quietened down after a minute or so. She was a small frail looking woman, her stringy brown hair was in the process of turning grey, her bones angled harshly under her skin, she looked much other than she probably was. Her voice cut through the air, it was an irritating voice, there was a tone of upper-class in her voice. An air of grace.

Quiet NOW” She raised her voice and the room was silent. Not even a whisper could be heard.

Thank you, now today will be an open day, the St Christopher’s hall is set up with a variety of stalls, all for your benefit I may add” She shot a disturbing look at a small boy who had began to chatter to the girl sitting beside him, his face went red as he realised he'd been caught. “If everybody could make their was there, in an organised fashion, if that would be at all possible” The sarcasm in her voice was clear. She looked thoroughly unfriendly and even more so today. Lucy didn’t think she'd ever seen Mrs Barberry smile at anyone but Mr Lawson who was in the classroom next to her in the science wing. When Mr Lawson was about, most girls swooned. He had that effect on people. Must be the tall dark authoritative thing.

Lucy followed the crowd into St Christopher’s hall. Dragging her feet behind her. It was only down the corridor. The largest room in the building and still it managed to look over-crowded with stalls and posters, chairs, and most of all, people. Lucy recognised a lot of the faces. The school reps and the heads of houses that sometimes would make an appearance at their stalls. The hall filled with chatter. This was the first time they had seen anything like this. This is was a trial for the senior year. Nothing like this had been set up before. The stalls were lavishly decorated. The smells coming from the hospitality stall were delicious. A row of cakes were layed out neatly along the front on a shining golden place for people to taste if they took a pledge booklet. Lucy wouldn’t mind accepting a booklet for one of the cakes.

Mrs Barberry had followed them into the hall and was once again trying to get everyone to stop talking. Her voice was barely head through the crowd. Her arms waving in the air impatiently.

Shut up!” A male voice cut through the noise abruptly and people began to look around the crowd to see who had shouted, Lucy couldn't make out who it was. Whispers started in the new silence.

Mrs Barberry let out a grateful sigh and placed her skinny hands on her hips, “Thank you Commander”

Lucy stood on the tips of her toes to try and get a better look at who the Commander was but she couldn’t see anyone in recruitment uniform.

Today you will be paired up” Most of the girls gasped happily about this, “I will be choosing the pairs” And the gasped turned to sighs of disappointment.

Everyone in the hall was given a number badge. Lucy being number 26, coincidentally the same date as her birthday. Her number was called and she had been paired with number 9, she stuck the badge through her purple cardigan and tried to look for a badge that said 9. She was one of the last to find their partner. Lucy had found a girl, taller than herself, with long blonde hair and 2 pink strips underneath either side flashing through as she moved. The girl was smiling warmly at Lucy. The colour in her hair shimmered as she moved spoke. She had eyes that were large and blue. She was a doughy eyed blonde girl. Lucy didn’t know much about other girls, but weren't they the worse type?

“Hey!” She waved vigorously, “How are you? When are you 18?” She had asked two questions so quickly that Lucy only answered the second.

Few months” said Lucy.

The blonde girl stood there waiting for Lucy to ask her the same question back,

Oh, You- When are you 18?” Lucy asked and pointed towards the girl.

Oh I’m 18 in 3 months” She grinned “So excited, are you?”

Yeah like totally So”

The though crossed her mind that this is why she had a hard time keeping people around She smiled to herself at catching her cheek, The blonde girl hadn’t seemed to notice the sarcasm, she was nodding and grinning as though Lucy had been serious. Lucy was quite glad she hadn’t scared her away. She supposed it would be nice to have someone to talk to. She could give the whole friend thing a go. Why not? She needed someone to talk to.

Come to the medical stall?” The girl grabbed Lucy’s arm in a friendly way. In a way that Lucy hadn’t been touched before, not by anyone but Daniel. The girl tugged lightly on her arm and they walked through the crowds and over to the Medical Stall that was decorated as Lucy would expect. White. It was a very neat, very clean stall. Everything was organised. The pens were layed out in order of size, a pile of booklets were stacked evenly. Even the bowl of pins looked tidy.

The head of medical school was here today, He was a short man, his grey hair going bald at the back, he perched little glasses on the end of his nose, he looked like he was trying to smile but hadn’t quite managed it.

“ladies” He said, elongating the word. “Are you considering a pledge to Medical?”

Maybe” The blonde girl nodded. Lucy had realised that she hadn’t caught her name.

A pledge to Medical,” The little man said with conviction, “is a pledge to the best” He ended with a little nod of his head. Like it was his slogan.

What are the dorms like on campus?” Lucy’s potentially new friend asked.

Oh, you will like the dorms, we have rooms much larger than anyone the other schools,” He winked and it wasn’t at all creepy, he was coming at this with a ill be your friend approach, that wasn’t quite working. Something in his voice seemed to say, I have better things to do.

They are all en suite, come fully furnished and equipped with anything you would need”

Lucy drowned his voice out and took a step away from the stall observing the room. The stall directly to the left was filled with little robots and video games. It looked much more interesting than Medical had. A group of boy were shining laser pens into each others eyes and then bellowing with laughter. One bumped into Lucy accidentally and then quickly apologised.

A few people who were scattered around the stall giggled at the silver robots spinning around, raising their tiny metallic arms. Lucy smiled as she watched.

Prettttttty Funny Eh?”

Lucy looked round into a pair of glittering grey eyes.

Say something.

Say anything.


He curled one side of his mouth into an angled little smile. She noticed that his lips were a rich pink as she was caught up in his gaze. He reached out with a green booklet, which Lucy took automatically. It was as if time had stopped.


She still hadn't spoke.

Come check out Recruitment, Lewis” He said and walked on to the next person in the crowd handing them a book just as he had with her as though it were nothing. Which it probably was, Lucy had to remind herself of this.

Did he call me Lewis? Does he remember my name?

Lucy’s heart skipped at the prospect of a man like Michael knowing her name. She watched him as he spoke to others in the crowds. The girls swooned over him like he had stepped right out of a dream. It wasn’t that impossible that he had, looking like he did, strong, tall, proud. He wasn’t like other boys. Not that Lucy knew many other boys, but there was something about Michael that was different. He was taller than almost everyone in the crowd. At very least he was 6ft 2.

“There you are-” The girl with the number 9 touched her arm interrupting her appreciation of Michaels muscular back “These are my friends, Nicole and Natalie, there twins”

Lucy could work that much out for herself but to avoid being rude and smiled like she was surprised.


The two twins smiled. Freakishly in sync. One looking far more pleasant the other. They looked alike, very alike, they were both about 5'9. very tall for girls. Very broad, stocky build. They had the same pale blue eyes and small teeth. The only difference between them was that Nicole had Black hair and Natalie had blonde hair. With the way they stood Lucy would take a guess that they were going to pledge Recruitment.

They turn 18 in two weeks” Ashley said, her voice implied an excitement that Lucy didn’t feel.

Cool. What are you going to chose?” Lucy asked trying to sound like she genuinely cared.

Almost in unison they answered Medical. The blonde one, Natalie looked at Lucy suspiciously, she didn’t like her much, Lucy could just tell. It wasn’t the first time someone hadn't liked her. It wouldn’t be the last.

You should come to the commitment ball?” Said Nicole. Her black hair hung down to her waist. Natalie smiled through gritted discoloured teeth, her blonde hair was just as long as her sisters.

oh brill idea”

brill Lucy thought and noticed the intended sarcasm in Natalie's rebuttal

People actually say brill?

The twins wandered over to the medical school and the little head of school, had a go at smiling again. Still never managed to pull it off.

What's your name?” asked Lucy. She hoped it hadn't sounded rude.

Sorry” The girl laughed “I'm Ashley... Owen’s” she said as though maybe Lucy should know the name.

She didn’t

Lucy Lewis”

Nice to meet you” and Lucy agreed.

Lunch?” Ashley suggested and pointed to the door.

eh, yeah. Sure.” Lucy replied as they both walked through the hall and outside into pouring rain. Lucy hadn't seen Michael again that day, or the twins. They had stayed at the medical stall as they left. Even with her walking slower in the hope that she would get a last look at Michael, she had left without it. During lunch it became clear that Ashley was a preppy girl. The kind of girl that she had seen on TV dramas about cheerleaders or beauty queens. Ashley had an opinion on everything and everyone. It was the first time Lucy had girl talk. Ashley had asked her about boys, she didn’t know how to respond. She mainly spoke about Daniel and if it had bothered Ashley, she never let it be known.

Lucy walked home in the rain that day too thinking about how glad she was that she had met Ashley. She wasn't used to being spoke to by girls. It was nice to have a friend.

They had gone into the town centre for lunch, a small sandwich shop that had been empty. It had been more fun than Lucy had expected. She had laughed for the first time since Daniel pledged.

The rain soaked right through the coat as she walked. Lucy held up the hood but she decided it was pointless even trying to keep her hair dry when it was already mostly dripping wet.

Lucy wondered if she should maybe go home today. She hadn’t really left Celia’s house, not that Celia seemed to mind. She couldn't remember when she had last seen her own parents. They didn’t come to Daniels commitment ball. Her mother had said once that Daniel looked so much like Jack when he was a baby that she found it too hard to be around him. Maybe seeing him now, knowing what he was like grown up would be too hard for her to see. It was something Lucy tried to but wouldn't ever be able to understand. Sometimes she felt as though her parents treated her like it was her fault. She wondered, like anyone would, if they would rather have Jack than have her. Not that she needed to even wonder, the answer was clear. Daniel hadn't ever mentioned anything to her about it even though he must have though the same way as she did.

Lucy thought about Michael. She pulled out the green booklet he had given her It had a picture of a few officers in combat gear; they were running. She flicked through the book as she walked. It collected falling raindrops until the ages began to wrinkle. She was disappointed not to see a picture of Michael in it. The back page was a large picture of the Dunhill family, smiling like waxwork figures.

Lucy scrunched it back into her bag. When she arrived home the door was locked, Lucy was relieved. No-one was home. She took out a small set of keys that Daniel had left behind. They still had his key rings on them, recruitment key rings. They rattled as she turned the lock open and pushed down the handle. The house was deserted. Celia and Robert must have gone out. No notes left as to where they were or when they would be back. Lucy put her wet coat and bag down on the kitchen table and began looking through cupboards and the fridge then back into the cupboards. Nothing new here. Nothing interesting.

She trailed upstairs. Her wet jeans rubbing against her legs. She unbuttoned them as she climbed the stairs. She noticed the door to Daniels room was opened. She peered in carefully. Still unable to go right in. She didn't want to see his room without him in it. She pulled the door closed quickly and went into her own room. A box room that Celia had set up when she realised Lucy was here for the long haul. Celia had gave her a set of white drawers and pink bed sheets. Apart from the bed there wasn't much in the room so Celia had made sure it looked nice. There was a few toiletries on the drawers, make up, a mirror, a brush. A pile of clothes and books lay on the floor. There wasn't a TV in here, She had always watched TV with Daniel lying side by side on top of his bed. She threw her wet jeans on the floor with the other clothes, something Celia wouldn't appreciate. Lucy slipped on Grey jogging bottoms that felt warm and soft against her red soaked legs. She brushed her wet hair out of the pony tail and dried it with a blue towel that was draped over the bottom of her bed.

She wanted more than anything to talk to Daniel right now, tell him about her new friend Ashley Owen’s, maybe he would already know her name. She seemed like the kind of girl Daniel would know. Her blonde hair and sparkly smile. She seemed like the kind of girl a lot of boys would know.

Now that Ashley was around, school wasn’t as boring. Life wasn’t as dull any more Ashley was like sunshine, she made everything a little bit better. Lucy had stopped skipping school so much, she even found herself enjoying it a little. What a difference a friend makes.

“Are you going to come to the ball tonight?” Ashley whispered during biology.

Ball?” asked Lucy quietly.

Yeah, Nicole. Natalie” Ashley said in an obvious manner.

Ohh,” She had forgotten about that, was it so late in the year already? “Yeah, OK” Lucy whispered and nodded just in-case Ashley hadn’t heard her.

Ashley walked her home today. She spoke about boys for the first fifteen minutes, Lucy zoned in and out of how attractive somebody Rose was and how much Ian’s eyes twinkled in the sunshine. Realising that Lucy had gone quiet Ashley asked

What are you going to wear to the ball Lucy?”

She shrugged.

It was a dull day today but at least there was no rain. The trees were completely bare now that winter was well under-way. It was already Novembers pledges. Daniel had been gone a month already. Where had the time gone?

Lucy hadn’t even thought about clothes. Did she have anything to wear? Anything that Ashley would approve of?

What are you wearing?” She asked curiously.

probably a dress,” Ashley answered.

Of course she was wearing a dress.

Yeah.” Lucy only had two dresses, she bet Ashley had hundreds.

Lucy showered quickly. She had a meal with Celia and Robert, stuffed it down as fast as she could. Straightened her long hair. Fixed on a little make-up and then pulled herself into a small black dress that had little bits of glitter woven into the fabric. It was a birthday gift from Celia, 'little girls should dress like little girls,' Celia had exclaimed with a feral smile She didn't approve of the jeans and t-shirt look. Lucy didn’t approve of being called a little girl. She had refused to wear the dress. Grown up girls picked their own clothes, she had told her Aunt. God help Daniel if he had been born a girl.

Ashley picked her up at 7 o’Clock She drove a small shiny red car. Inside was immaculate, there were two ruby red love hearts dangling from the mirror. It was pretty. Just like Ashley was.

How long have you been driving?” Lucy enquired as Ashley concentrated more on flicking music than watching the road.

Oh, I just passed, Maybe 3 or 4 months ago” She smiled and bobbed her head along to the CD.

Don't know how I done it, sleeping with the examiner helped...” Lucy looked at Ashley’s serious face in astonishment.


Ashley burst into a loud laughter, the kind of sound Lucy would expect a happy dolphin to make,

Look at your face, I'm joking.” She nudged Lucy with a soft elbow and put her hand back on the wheel.

Lucy wasn’t sure if she was.

The Mayors hall was decorated the same way it had been for Daniels commitment ball except that the drapes and tablecloths that once had been a shade of blood red were now a beautiful emerald green. The same waiters walked around with the same kind of champagne. The Mayor gave the same first speech. Tonight he was only accompanied by his wife. Both Samuel and his sister were absent. Lucy sat next to Ashley at a table right at the front. From here Lucy could see the panic on the faces of Nicole and Natalie. They were dressed in the same black dress. Their contrasting hair colours pulled into a loose bun. They sat just behind the Mayor along with a row of November pledges.

Nicole nearly fell as she approached the Mayor, she slurred her way through her speech and went to join the hear of Medical at the side of the stage. Natalie looked more at ease than her sister. Her pledge was much more fluent, as though she had practised a lot and Nicole had decided to just wing it. Natalie shook the majors hand and then went to join her sister, who's face had turned a shade of mint green and Lucy thought she was probably going to have to vomit sometime soon.

Once the round of applause had finished people began to mingle with each other creating a sea of bodies all floating amongst each other, there weren’t as many people her as there had been at Daniels pledge and Lucy though that endless balls would get really old, really fast. How did the Mayor do it? Say the same speech over and over, She wondered if one ball a month was one ball a month too much.

Ashley grabbed two glasses from a passing waiter who;d gave us a look of, are you old enough? A look that Ashley returned with, you'd better keep on walking. And with a shake of his head, he did.

Lucy never much liked the taste of alcohol, her and Daniel had sneaked some last year and she ended up being sick all night, she couldn’t face that again. She sipped the bubbles down slowly, much slower than Ashley who was already clicking her fingers to the waiter. Nicole and Natalie joined the table, each with a glass of their own. Natalie really didn’t like Lucy, she could tell by the way she was looking at her, like she was some kind of second class citizen. Lucy wanted to say something to her so badly but for Ashley’s sake and for the sake of having a friend she wouldn’t Nicole was much more friendly, not just with Lucy but also with Ashley. They seemed in tune with each other in away that made Lucy jealous of a friendship that she'd never been able to keep.

“Lucy-Anna, would you like a drink?” Only two people in the whole world had called Lucy, Lucy-Anna recently, one was Daniel and one was Michael. Michael, the silver eyed mysterious man that Lucy was now staring at like he had spoken to her in a made up language.

“What?” She had managed to stammer out, she didn’t quite know why that was the word she had said, she meant to say yes.

A drink, you know, those things that come in glasses?” Natalie laughed, “most people do it, drink of some kind, I think you need to drink to survive,”

His smile was so twisted, he looked like trouble

That's just what I heard” He shrugged his broad shoulders and held out his hand to her. She looked at it like it would hurt her, she wanted to touch him, more than she'd wanted to touch anything before. She nodded, she couldn’t quite muster up any words yet. She placed her hand in hers and he led her away from the table, through the dancing bodies and over to a large champagne fountain that was just nearly behind the stage, she'd never noticed that was there before, but then again, this was only her second time at the Mayors hall.

He filled up two glasses with champagne from the fountain and handed one to Lucy, there hands touched briefly for just a second, less than that, it was enough for her to get ideas about him. She tried to be confident, boys liked confidence right? But he wasn’t a boy, he was a man, she had no idea what men liked. What men like Michael liked, he wasn’t like anyone she'd met, there was something different about him, something dark, with a twisted smile he took a drink holding her eye contact.

“I just wanted to say hi” He said abruptly like it was the answer to a question

I mean, I saw you, mi just being polite” He said but it wasn’t what he'd meant, he hoped she didn’t think that was rude, he wanted to say hi as soon as he'd saw her walk through that door wearing that dress. Something about her stuck for him, he hadn’t forgotten her since he's first laid eyes on her. She felt different. He wasn’t sure why.

Just being polite Lucy thought,

sorry that its such a hassle for you to speak to me.

Seeing her expression he shut his eyes trying to re think what he wanted to say, his mind went blank. Something that just didn't happen to Michael, he was always sure, his thought collected, he knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it yet with her he was at a loss.

you look beautiful” Was all he said and it made her heart jump.

The cut of his open black collar made her feel dizzy, his tanned skin underneath looked as though it would be smooth to the touch, his collar bone was just visible, his nakedness was distracting and he'd just called her beautiful, it was a particularly good night, Lucy bit down on her lip to stop herself giggling like a school girl, she was sure that happened to him a lot.

Thanks, so do you” So do you, what?

That didn’t make sense, you don’t call grown men beautiful, even if they were. You didn’t say that.

Michael laughed lightly with his twisted smile curling up in a such a cruel way, it wasn’t fair for him to look at her like this. Like he knew everything about her, she was exposed to him, it was so unfamiliar to her..

So, do you know Nicole and Natalie?” Lucy asked him and motioned over to where she had been sitting a few moments ago, in unison they looked over to the table where the twins and Ashley were watching them intently.

Yeh, sort of” He shook his head, his silver eyes capture the flicker of the candle light, he shrugged like there was a story there but that he wasn’t going to share it. He took another drink from his half empty glass.

Informative Lucy thought, but that was all part of his charm, maybe he done that deliberately, to draw you in, like a predator. Maybe he knew how to make you feel a bit crazy inside, he was certainly doing it and it seemed effortless, if he was even trying at all.

He moved his hand into his hair, then back to his side, with his movements she could smell him, it was intoxicating, she could make-out the faintest sliver of apples. She couldn't help laugh, of course he would smell like apples. Michael held her gaze again, it was like they were having a staring competition yet neither of them had told the other.

I'm here because I have to be, Samuel couldn’t attend, I’m supposed to be working” He said as though she had been the one leading him astray and that we was perfectly happy if she was.

Working? ...What do you have to do?”

Well, my main responsibility is standing on the stage and looking, quite, dangerous, yet approachable, its a hard balance to maintain” His eyes lit up as Lucy laughed, her white teeth formed the perfect semi-circle. She smelt like flowers, flowers and sunshine. Her eyes were shining green, like a rare gem. Where did this girl come from? Michael thought.

oh, that sounds like it's very important, how did you tear yourself away?” She smiled innocently, Michael knew he shouldn't really be standing here with her but it was like she didn’t know that she was making him feel nervous, making him feel child-like.

oh it wasn't easy.” he winked one of they big grey eyes at her, he muttered something under his breath and Lucy would have sworn he'd said, speaking of easy. There's no way he had said that, not Michael. She imagined that, but of all the things to imagine him saying, that wouldn't have been high on her list.

They're wanting to leave, no point us sticking around here, it's boring.” Ashley said as she tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder. She had interrupted her way into the conversation, she looked at Michael with such a strange fierceness in her bright blue eyes. Lucy felt as though something was being said between them, something maybe she wasn't supposed to be watching, but she couldn’t take her eyes away from Michael. Watching him was her new favourite thing to do.

See you around” Michael said harshly with a look in his silver eyes of utter rage and he walked away quickly, leaving Lucy with no choice but to eye-stalk him.

Come back

What’s that about?” Lucy turned around and looked at Ashley with disbelief. What could she have done to make him act like that, make him look at her with they grey eyes and look so cold and then as clear day she could see the signs on Ashley’s face.

She knew instantly what she'd done.

He's got a girlfriend” Ashley almost spat as she spoke, “and” she added, “been there, done that”

Was Ashley seriously trying to fire a warning shot about Michael, a stay away from my guy kind of warning, she may have been there and done that, but without the t-shirt, it didn't really count. Right?

He's really hot though, isn't he?”

Ye, well, I like him” Lucy nodded in agreement under the scrutiny of Ashley's wide eyes.

Yeah, me too, Maybe I’ll do that again.” Ashley looked so smug.

Lucy knew that no matter what Ashley said or did, she wouldn’t be able to get Michael out of her mind.

Lucy slipped her key in the front door and turned the lock open as quietly as possible. She had just got home and it was past midnight, her mother wouldn't be happy.

Lucy locked the door behind her and tip toed her way in through the pitch black hall, It was the first time she'd been to her parents house in a few weeks, it felt as unfamiliar to her as it always had. Nothing about this house made her feel safe or gave her a sense of belonging, she could see the faint flicker of a television sliding through the bottom of a mahogany door. She pushed the door opened slightly, someone must still be up. Lucy saw her mother asleep on the sofa, a half empty bottle beside her and an empty glass cradled like a lost child. Lucy already wished she hadn't bothered coming home, She covered up the sleeping woman with a red fleece blanket, without spending a second more than she had to, she opened the front door again and walked to Celia's in the dark. She climbed into Daniels room through an old wooden white window on the side of the house, it had always came in handy that Daniel occupied the downstairs bedroom. It still hadn't fully sank in that he had left home. She was glad that It was dark, she didn’t have to see the things she couldn’t bear, god forbid she catch sight of Daniels empty room in broad daylight, she acted like it might actually kill her. She snuck through his cold room and into her own little room where she fell into a dreamless sleep.

Submitted: November 18, 2011

© Copyright 2021 SisiMaclachlan. All rights reserved.


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I'm liking Micheal(;
Although he has a girlfriend-__-!
Lovely writing! I've featured you on my profile!
Great chapter, keep me updated?:)!


Sat, November 19th, 2011 10:51am


Hiya. Thanks so much for the comment! And for reading.
Michael doesn't have a girlfriend. He is hot and cold for another reason. Its all a big twist lol!
I have two more chapters that i will put up today for you.
Again, thanks so much xx

Sat, November 19th, 2011 4:24am

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