Chapter 4: Screaming In Silence

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter Four


Screaming in Silence

It was nearly Christmas, everywhere Lucy looked there was a green Christmas tree.

Celia had been decorating a tree when Lucy finally woke up and went downstairs. Aunt Celia wanted to make sure the tree was perfect for Daniels Christmas leave. She fussed over the tree for hours and she forced Lucy into helping, Lucy didn't really mind though, she wasn't doing anything else today and she was just as excited to see Daniel again as Celia. Robert brought home a c-d of Christmas songs and Celia insisted they listened to it, even though Lucy had always hated Christmas, she found passing the time decorating the tree fun. She gave a thought to whether or not her own parents had put up a tree this year. They never did, she couldn't see them changing their ways now.

Celia had phoned them this afternoon to invite them to Christmas dinner which usually involved her mother passing out and her father leaving in a bad mood. She didn't ask Celia what their answer had been but she hoped it was no. Lucy looked at her uncle Robert, tall and broad shoulders just like Daniel, Greying hair, His eyes; green, it seemed that -with the exception of my mother and Celia- everyone in the Lewis family had the same deep green eyes, why couldn't she have a father like him. He was strong and stern yet he had such an unfaltering kindness about him, he really cared about his family, even if he didn't say much he had always been always there if either her or Daniel had wanted anything. Lucy gazed as he gave Celia a kiss on the forehead and brushed her light brown hair behind her ears and laughed while she sang to Jingle Bells. This was what a family should be like.

Ashley was turning 18 in January which would mean she would pledge on the 1st of February, and she had become obsessed with her decision. School stopped in a week for Christmas leave and wouldn't return to 2nd of January. With a New Years day commitment ball being held the night before. New Years eve at the Mayors hall was always a lavish night, nearly every family who lived in Collier Hills packed into the grand hall for one night, being the capital of the Westlands, the new years celebrations were always overly over the top.

Snow had fallen overnight laying fresh on the streets covering up the grey roads with a thin layer of white. Lucy left fresh bootprints as she walked down the path and into Ashley's car, shaking off her boots at the side of the door. The car was warm and the music was loud, not music Lucy would have chosen but it was definitely better than walking so she didn't say anything. Ashley parked in the school car park and linked her arm through Lucy’s as they walked into school. In the main reception there were white paper posters plastered all over the walls, Ashley pointed to them and walked over to get a closer look as she pulled herself out of a long ivory coloured coat.

Lucy, C'mere” She gestured with her hand while reading the paper stuck to the walls.

Sign-up sheets for the tours being run this week. One a day starting tomorrow. Where do you want to go?” Lucy had forgotten about the tours that were starting this week, she hadn't been able to concentrate much on anything besides, Michael, Alexander and Daniel coming home.

Lucy didn't really care where they went, she was perfectly happy to let Ashley decide, she hadn't thought about it at all, her pledge was months away, she would decide nearer the time.

She shrugged as Ashley picked up a pen and wrote her name on the dotted line for Medical, Law and Recruitment. She handed Lucy the pen, she signed with Medical and Recruitment but not under Law, two tours were plenty for one week. They lasted all day and Lucy had heard they were pretty boring, to say the least.

Ashley unwrapped a pink fluffy scarf from around her neck as they walked down the empty corridors to English, they were late. Mr Griffiths wouldn't be happy, Lucy thought but it didn’t make her quicken her pace. She didn’t care what he thought, he could tell her never to come to English again and she wouldn't care.

So, I haven’t spoke to you in forever” Forever was an exaggeration but Lucy had purposefully been vague and avoided Ashley since she last saw her wrapping round Thomas like a serpent.

Ashley looked sneaky, she was up-to something.

What happened with Alexander then?” She asked.

Nothing happened.” Lucy replied, it was the truth, she didn't tell Ashley how his smile had almost made her heart stop or how she was obsessing over Michael, who, she now knew she was in love with. Lucy kept all of that to herself.

Ashley looked at her dead on, she could see that behind her baby blue eyes she didn't believe what Lucy was saying. She flicked her fair hair over her shoulder.

Alex is so nice, Lucy, give him a chance” Lucy didn't say anything in reply but she thought, If Ashley liked Alexander so much, why didn’t she go for him?

Thomas is just annoying me so much right now, he's just there all the god-damn time” What a hardship that must be.

Lucy was glad Ashley couldn't read minds.

Did you know Michael was at Gello when we were there?...Yeah I saw him leave, that boy is always in a bad mood. He's so angry that its just so... sexy.” Why did she keep bringing up Michaels name? Since Alexander had said about her going crazy over him Lucy was starting to see that maybe it was true, maybe she loved Michael.

Yeah, actually, I was meaning to tell yo-”
“And those eyes, have you ever seen eyes like that? And to think, I've kissed him” Ashley made a sound like she thought he was so dreamy, the stereotypical sound a girl would make over any hot guy, but this wasn't any guy, this was Michael.

No, I haven't, anyway at Gello I-” She cut Lucy off again. God damn it!

Do you think I could get him back? I mean, of course I could but should I?” She looked off into the distance as though she was making a mental plan on how to win him over.

At Gello Michael asked me for my number” Lucy said, she hadn't meant to make it sound so much like a ha ha statement but it just came out that way.

Did you kiss him?” Ashley eyed her suspiciously, with her eyes slightly closed as though she were straining to see Lucy’s face.

What- No” Lucy lied, she knew she should just have said yes.

Well, he never even asked me for my number” She scoffed, of course she would think about herself, why hadn't Lucy seen this before? Ashley thought Lucy wasn’t a threat to her and with that in mind, Ashley didn't really care who Lucy spoke to.

Did he call you?” She asked and Lucy was deflated when she had to say no.

Why wont you just phone me Michael? Lucy cried out inside her head.

Ashley’s face was covered with a smugness that Lucy wanted to wipe off.

She was glad she had broken girl code now, she'd do it again if she was given the choice. Ashley really was a bitch, who knew?

Ashley pushed the door opened to English and Lucy followed closely behind her, Mr Griffiths sat upright in his brown leather seat, a look of utter rage on his face,

You are twenty minutes late” The word twenty was greatly emphasised.

We know” Ashley said as she hung her coat over her chair, Lucy sat down quietly whereas Ashley made as much noise as possible.

You know?” Mr Griffiths face had turned a tomato shade of red, he might actually explode. Lucy wondered if that would be possible, 'English teacher combusts with rage', probably not.

Ashley sat down beside Lucy and Mr Griffiths handed her a yellow slip that meant she would be spending an hour after school with him, at least she had all day to come up with a good excuse for her lateness. Lucy could feel her phone vibrate in her pocket, she reached in and flicked open the silver phone,


it was number she didn't have saved.

'Who's this?' It said

She checked her last dialled and sent messages to see if she had dialled a wrong number by mistake, when she was sure she hadn't she sent back


It was an hour before her phone vibrated again, same number, new message.

Hi Lucy. How are you?

Could this be Michael? Lucy hoped so, she didn't mention the messages to Ashley, not until she knew for sure who it was.

Good, Thanks. Who is this?

Michael. What are you doing just now?

It was Michael, her heart started to flutter, he had finally used her number. All the waiting and phone watching she had been doing was over. She felt so alive that she felt that it was her that would combust. 'English student combusts with happiness' now that, Lucy thought, seemed very possible.

Her heart was beating rapidly. She fought the urge to scream, biting down on her lip to try to conceal her smile, but it was too late.

Who's that?” Ashley pointed to her phone and Lucy sat like she was about to wet herself

Michael” She whispered.

Are you joking?” Ashley prepared a smile like she was ready to laugh at the joke but when she realised it wasn't a joke her face dropped, her blue eyes turned green and she looked like she was about to snatch the phone from Lucy’s hands.

Nope, no joke” Lucy wanted to jump up on the desk and scream HA HA Ashley, it wasn’t very friend-like though and the dozen other people who sat in the classroom stopped her from doing what she wanted to do badly.

Hey, I’m in class. Why?

Lucy had to put up with Ashley’s sullen face and dark mood all day, Ashley drove her home through the snow and Lucy knew that she must have hated it.

There weren't any more messages from Michael.

Lucy had dinner with Celia and Robert, as usual, they spoke about Daniel. He would be coming in 5 days. The joy in Celia's face was unmistakable. Her blue eyes that had looked withered and faded were now perky and excitable. Lucy knew exactly how she felt.

It was 7 o’Clock when another message came in. Lucy was sitting in the lounge watching TV with Celia. Uncle Robert had went to Lucy's house. Her parents had declined the invitation to Christmas dinner and Robert had went round to convince his brother to attend, if not for his own sake then for Lucy’s

She hadn't told Robert that she would rather they didn't come so he probably thought he was doing her a good turn.

Lucy opened the message, from Michael.

Her heart skipped when she saw his newly saved name.

I want to see you. 5 words that took the wind right out of Lucy’s lungs.

Celia, can a friend come over for an hour?”

Of course she can honey.” She replied with her eyes glued to the TV, her ash blonde hair flowing like a waterfall from her head.

Celia wrongly assumed she meant Ashley and Lucy wouldn't correct her until Michael arrived and then she hoped that Celia wouldn't ask him to go once she realised that 'friend' meant 'boy' and 'boy' meant 'man'.

8 Houston Street. White house. Come here?


Michaels reply hadn't given any indication as to when he would be here but the front door knocked within 10 minutes. Celia didn't move. Lucy’s stomach had turned to water.

It's for me” Lucy said as she closed the lounge door tightly behind her.

She opened the front door to the house.


She almost couldn’t believe he was there, some part of the texts didn’t really ring as real. She pressed a finger to her lips softly and smiled,


She took his hand and pulled him gently through the door closing it after him.

Her room was next to Daniels on the downstairs of the house, but her room window didn't open the way his did, she couldn’t climb in or out of it. Michaels skin was as cold as the snow outside as she gripped him gently and led him into her room. His lips were ruby red from the cold as he smiled and looked around her room that really wasn't big enough for 2.

How do you fit anything in here?” He said as he looked round at the cramped room

Didn't you tell anyone I was coming over?” He unzipped a grey tracksuit top, throwing it down on the bed. He pulled at a black t-shirt he had on underneath it like it was too tight, Lucy thought that it wasn't tight enough.

Yeah I did, well I didn’t say it was you” She sat down on the bed leaning back on her hands, she watched him as he took a few small steps around her box room before finally settling his eyes on her.

He towered over her, folding his arms over his chest, he looked far too big to be in this room, like he was some how caged.

Nice” He said with a light laugh.

So, you finally got in touch” Lucy couldn’t resit saying it, why had it taken him so long?

I did.” Vague.

He took a seat beside her, his leg brushed hers.

Just his proximity gave her chills.

Why did you ask who it was in the texts?”

Nothing sinister” He grinned, “I just didn't have your name saved against the number.” He shrugged very matter-of-fact like. Lucy wondered if Michael thought it was strange that she had next to nothing in her room.

So h- hey, where's the TV?” asked Michael comically, interrupting himself.

I don't have one in my room”

So what do you? Just, like, read?” He knotted his brow trying to understand the lack of TV and when she admitted to reading he smiled, impressed.

I'm going to Recruitment on Friday.” said Lucy in a boastful way.

Why?” He asked. She thought the tone in his voice was trying to imply that she wouldn't belong there. That she shouldn't come.

Ashley wants to go on the tour” Lucy said placing the blame on Ashley. She didn't mention that she wanted to go on tour in the hope that maybe she would bump into him.

Oh God,” He scoffed, “I hope she doesn't pledge” His eyed became wide and cautious as his brows became knotted again this time in displeasure.

Yeah” agreed Lucy. She actually hope she wouldn't either.

Even though Michael wasn't hers, the thought of Ashley running around after him made her blood boil.

Are you thinking about pledging into Recruitment?” He put his hand on her thigh. It felt like a thousand tiny electric shocks had passed through her. She looked up to him with young innocent eyes.

He was so warm.

He could feel the life in her. He could see it in her eyes and in the way she laughed. He couldn’t get her out of his head. He would fight this till the end. He didn't want this feeling.

No.” her voice was almost a whisper.

You should...” He said slowly and he bowed his head down until he was millimetres from her.

The warmth of him was like a fire blazing, she was burning up. His hand pressed down on her thigh. He leaned in slowly. Slower than anyone could imagine, it felt like an eternity to Lucy. He was going to kiss her and she couldn't control the want inside of her that almost pulled him down with such force.

At first they both lingered there for a second. Neither of them moving. Neither of them breathing. She had pushed him down and her whole body was pressed down the entire length of him. He hadn't tried to stop her, instead he gripped her tightly, pulling her closer to him until it was even harder to breathe.

His sugary lips were so close to her. She imagined her would taste like a carnival; like candy-floss and bubblegum.

Her heart beat was so violent and so fast that she thought it might shoot out of her chest at any second. The blood coursed through her veins. It was like nothing else on earth.

His fingers traced over her face until he used her thumb to part her lips. Everything about this felt right to Lucy, she wanted to be here with him like this forever. She inhaled him.

This was a minute that they had taken almost unbearably slow, making it feel like a very good year.


Her Aunts muffled cry was almost lost on Lucy. She only barely heard Celia and she wanted to shout obscenities at her for interrupting the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Lucy groaned as she pulled herself away from Michael. He stood up instantly.

He looked like a soldier should. He put his hands behind his back like he were in the presence of a higher ranking officer. So official looking. Brave.

Lucy gave him an apologetic smile. Sorry.

The door began to creep open.

Lucy grabbed the first thing she saw. An empty DVD case that she had been watching a few nights before in the lounge.

Celia's head peered in. A flash of blonde hair was clearly visible as her head hooked around the white door.

Upon her realizing that Ashley was actually Michael, the door swung open in dramatic fashion.

Celia put her little hands on her slim hips.

What do we have here then?” she said with a look on her face that looked both impressed and angry at the same time.

Celia, this is-” Michael pushed past Lucy as gentle as a ghost, hardly touching her.

He held out his hand to Celia as a greeting, or a way of an apology? Lucy wasn’t sure.

Celia was many things but she wasn't rude. She patted her hair down as though she were embarrassed to be standing in front of Michael in her striped PJ's.

Everytime she saw an officer she thought of Daniel. Even imagined it was him.

She shook his hand and smiled gracefully.

She knew she had caught them without actually catching them.

Hello Michael” Said Celia.

I was just about to leave-” replied Michael.

yeah, he's just leaving.”

Yes, he is” Celia agreed and stepped aside to let him leave.

He didn't look so tall now that he was in the hall and out of the boxed room.

He opened the front door and Lucy dashed over to him to say goodbye.

Wait!” she exclaimed.

He smiled at her in a way she had never seen before, it was almost like he was experiencing deja vu.

She wanted to kiss him just to take away that look at least but she kept her distance, even though Celia hadn't came out into the hall, Lucy knew she would be listening.

Lucy dashed back into her room. Past Celia’s angry stare and into her wardrobe. She pulled out Michaels coat that he had given her at Gello and then had to stop herself from running back to him.

She re-appeared and handed it to him. He folded it over his arm neatly.

Goodbye Michael”

See you on campus, Lucy-Anna” It's Lucy, but she didn’t correct him.

The way he said her name, she could hear a slight accent roll off his tongue. Hadn't Alexander said Michaels family were Ukrainian?

Lucy leaned against the door way bursting with happiness as he walked down the path and got into a black car. She watched as he drove away, never looking back to her.

Lucy went back to her room, waiting to hear what Celia would say.

Celia was holding the DVD in her little thin hands. The one that Lucy had picked up in a panic as she heard Celia and realised she was going to walk in.

The Way We Were?” She pushed the empty case into Lucy’s hands and smiled. Her blonde hair swung heavily down her back and around her shoulders.

Nice try” She walked out of the tiny room saying a word that ruined Lucy’s perfect night.


Michael drove home with music so loud it still rang in his ears. It took him 20 minutes to drive home in the dark and he hadn't gone very slow. His hands shook against the wheel. His body ached. He had no strength. He shouldn't have gone there. He pushed open the door to his room heavily, it swung and creaked like it was going to snap under the pressure. He breathed heavily.

His room was dark and cold.

He lay on top of the bed in a daze and kicked off his boots harshly.

His eyes fixed on the ceiling, he could picture her face. He put his hands under his head and leaned down on them, re living the nights events.

His guard had slipped down. He couldn't get that close again.

He had the same dream he had for years. Every night that he had dreamt, it had been that one same dream. It was the reason he had dug out Lucy-Anna's number in the first place.

It started with her in a white dress, the edges were blurry but he could make out her eyes that burnt through the fog like lasers. He could focus on her smile and her cries. Images flashed before his eyes, the sun in her hair, his bruised knuckles, bloody lips, a ticking clock, he was running in the dream now and she ran with him, her feet bled leaving footprints behind her, he ran until he fell but she didn't stop. Flashing pictures, slide-show of images, bright, fast, vivid, real. Faster and faster and then gone. He fell into darkness, He touched her porcelain arm, her heartbeats, her scars, her eyes turning black like the devils own. Every rainy day he pictured her wet hair. Her choking sobbing that cut him in half. He couldn't run from himself, he wouldn't even try. He sat up like he'd been struck by lightening. A cold sweat covered his body and he ripped his clothes off feeling like he was being strangled, he couldn’t breathe. He tried to scream. There was no sound. He wriggled frantically gasping for air.


He screamed in silence.

Michael snapped awake. With big heavy breaths he sat up on his bed and his whole body started to shake. He flexed his hands open and closed. His knuckled were back to normal, there was no more blood.

Relief swept over him as his head fell forward into his hands. His hair was damp with the cold sweat that was too familiar.

It's just a dream. He thought, trying to convince himself again that it wasn't real.

It's a dream...

Lucy woke up and the world was instantly a better place, her heart gave a little flutter. Her smile a bit brighter than the day before, her mood elevated and all because of Michael. She felt childish and foolish but the floating feeling had grabbed hold of her, it was too late to back out now. She wanted to skip to school today, she wanted to tell everyone she passed on the street. She wanted to talk to strangers about Michael. Everything was fluffy and pink and day-dreamy. She laughed to herself a few times along the way, she felt stupid for doing so but then it would happen again. She was brimming with happiness.

She hadn't decided what to tell Ashley yet, the guilt of just thinking about Ashley made her high drown inside of her and she wasn't wasting the best day ever on being guilty.

Nothing would make her lose this feeling, she was already late, she had been sleepwalking all morning, half living in her dreams of Michael. Lucy took her time walking down the grey, cold streets. She could see her breath in-front of her face but all she felt was warmth.

Lucy slipped into class late, Mr Griffiths didn't even look up. She thought he probably figured out that she didn't really care about watching Hamlet/Othello/Merchant of Venice or any other black and white Shakespeare film he had ever been able to find, and he stopped even noticing her creeping in.

Ashley’s eyes shot straight up, like a cat, like she had sensed Lucy coming.

Where have you been?” She demanded to know as Lucy sat down in silence.

Walking to school...”
“And it took you an hour? You live 5 minutes down the street.” it was more than 5 minutes Lucy though instantly, the attitude beaming from Ashley made her wish she had just stayed at home. Telling her about Michael would just make her even more angry.

I was walking slow” Lucy shrugged to Ashley, trying to drop the conversation,

What did you do last night?” Ashley asked, her face full of accusations.

Not much, you?” Lucy took out a pen from her bag and started scribbling on the desk.

I phoned you a few times, got ignored.”

No you didn’t” said Lucy.

Yes I did.” Lucy knew she hadn't.

She could remember every detail about last night. Everything that happened, the smells, the sounds. Everything. Ashley was a liar.

girls, I've had about enough of your incessant chatter. If you don't want to watch and learn you can leave.” Mr Griffiths sounded like he had reached the end of the line.

All patience in his voice was gone and he looked like he wanted to hit either her, Ashley or himself.

OK” Ashley said and stood up. Griffiths looked startled as Ashley threw her bag over her shoulder, pushed in her chair and walked straight out of the classroom without glancing back.

What about you?” Griffiths said to Lucy slowly. He was in shock.

Lucy slumped down and shook her head, two dozen eyes were staring at her with the same shock Mr Griffith had in his eyes. Ashley’s departure obviously wasn't what they had been expecting but it was very typical of something she would do, and probably mainly because she was still upset with Lucy.

Lucy's face turned beetroot with embarrassment. She wanted to pull her hood up.

Look away!

Mr Griffiths pushed the play button without taking his eyes off Lucy.

The black and white movie jumped loudly back onto the screen.

It bellowed with the words ,"I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at; I am not what I am."

His dark eyes fixed on Lucy. She tried to look like she was watching the film. For a few more seconds he glared, before he turned on his heels and walked out the door, presumably after Ashley.

Lucy hated Ashley a little bit every time Ashley would lie to her, or be deceitful, yet Lucy knew that she was just as bad if not worse. A lot worse because she had been lying too.

Lucy went to the next class herself. She didn't see Ashley again until lunch time.

Lucy had spotted her sitting on the grass verge beside the school frantically texting on her phone.

Her blue eyes were filled with anger, Lucy knew what was wrong with her.

She knew that she was the problem here.

She sat next to Ashley carefully, thinking up reasons as to why she had lied about Michael.

You should have seen Griffiths chase me down that corridor” She said in a friendly manner but the anger in her eyes didn’t subside. She snapped her phone shut.

what did he say?” said Lucy quietly, her nerves were multiplying in her stomach,

Just told me I'd better be in class tomorrow and I was staying behind later on tonight to catch up on Othello, who even understands they films? Its pointless coming here at all sometimes.”

Were going to Medical campus tomorrow, your going to Law on Thursday and then Recruitment on Friday so you wont be in Griffith English till after Christmas break.”

Ashley gave a wicked laugh, a laugh that said screw you Griffiths.

Her eyes brimmed with a sickening victory that shone under the grey skies.

That's perfect,” She tossed her blonde hair over her shoulders, the pink flashes just barely visible

She began rummaging in her pink shoulder bag.

What are we doing this weekend?” said Ashley.

Nothing, Daniels coming home for Christmas, I'll be staying in with him.” answered Lucy.

Ashley fished out a pocket sized mirror that she help up in front of her face as she covered her lips in red gloss.

You don't need to spend every second with him” She said condescendingly

I know, but I want to”

Lucy had been looking forward to Daniel coming home. She missed him more than she ever thought she would, Most days Lucy pushed thoughts of Daniel aside. It was easier that way. It hurt her too much to remember him. To remember the days they would have done everything together.

Sometimes she just wanted to go into his room and tell him about her day, but every time she saw the door open and the room emptied she felt her insides shudder. It just wasn't right. She wanted to tell Daniel about her friendship with Ashley, her what-ever-it-was-ship with Michael and equally with Alexander.

Daniel had been gone just over 3 months and Lucy had managed to get herself tangled up in the most complex love square ever.

Were supposed to be going to that party” Ashley clicked the mirror shut and threw it back into her bag. She extended the gloss to Lucy who took it reluctantly and mirrored Ashley’s movements until her lips were just as red and shiny.

We are?”

Yeah, Elena.”

When Lucy’s face didn’t show any signs of recognising the name Ashley added,

Silent Elena's silent party with her silent friends, remember?”

Ah, Yes, Silent Elena.” Lucy smiled with her newly painted lips, “How could anyone forget her.”

I know” Ashley laughed and pulled stray strands of hair out of her face as the blew up in the cold wind, “So, I’m supposed to be bringing Thomas but he's being a total bitch”
“He's being a bitch?”said Lucy, baffled.

Yeah, just being a total loser right now.” Ashley leaned back on her arms stretching her legs out in front of her. Like she would do if she were sunbathing, except that there was no sun.

Lucy couldn't imagine Thomas being anything less than perfect around Ashley.

The way that he looked at her was so full of love and adoration.

If anyone was being a bitch, Lucy thought it was more than likely to be Ashley.

Well, I’ll ask Daniel to come to the party.” said Lucy.
“Don’t ask, Lucy, tell.” Her blue eyes brimmed with authority, Lucy was almost under compulsion to do as Ashley asked. Lucy wrapped her arms around herself, she hadn't noticed it being this cold as she danced her way to school. The warmth happiness was wearing off leaving her with the feelings of dread and guilt she had been able to ignore.

Anyway, Thomas is bringing his friends, you know, Alex and they people”

they people?” Ashley said it as though they were another species.

Yeah, military, recruitment, the kind of guys you should probably salute and then Georgia.”

Georgia?” asked Lucy, she had heard the name before.

She's Thomas' friend, she's actually alright, for a girl.”
Lucy was perplexed by what Ashley had said, she chopped and changed her opinions in record time.

So Thomas is coming then?”

Of course” Ashley said as though there had never been any doubt about it.

It had rained all afternoon, the perfect crystal day was ruined, Lucy watched out the windows as water thrashed heavily against the glass. It was peaceful to watch.

Ashley had driven Lucy home after school, just to make her feel even more guilty about what she had done. Lucy hadn't managed to mention what happened with Michael yet, there just wasn’t the right words, or the right time. It was probably better left unsaid for now. Maybe Alexander had made up the story about Ashley being crazy for Michael. She really hoped so.

The rain didn't stop at all that night, Lucy lay in bed listening to it until she fell asleep.

She hardly ever dreamt. Tonight was no different.

She woke up at 8am with her phone bleeping. She rolled over groaning at the same time and flicked open to read the new message, her eyes still blurry with sleep.

I'll pick you up at half past.” Text from Ashley. Lucy could hear the rain was still falling and she wouldn't argue with a free ride.

Ashley arrived just before half past with the same thudding music banging in her car as she usually had. Lucy turned the dial down as soon as she had sat on the passenger seat, much to Ashley's disapproval. Ashley sang along to the music, her blonde hair was pulled into a loose pony tail that swung around as she danced and sang while driving. Lucy thought that there must be a rule somewhere against this kind of disco driving. Surely this wasn’t allowed.

Ashley asked the usual questions on the drive, what did you do last night? Have you heard from Alexander? Do you have a dress for Saturday?

Nothing, no, no.

Don't worry, I've got plenty” Ashley smiled with just the left side of her mouth, Lucy was pretty sure that when Ashley smiled like that it meant she had some sort of ulterior motive going on in her head.
Lucy’s mind flashed to the bag of dresses Ashley had and prayed that she wasn't given anything with feathers or frills.

There was a large black bus already parked up outside the main door of St Christopher’s when they arrived, a flock of teenagers littered the streets waiting to be allowed on the bus and out of the rain, Ashley shrieked,

My hair is getting wet, let us on that coach!”

No one seemed to pay her any attention and it was at least 5 minutes before they were climbing up the stairs and into shelter. It took half an hour to reach the Medical Campus, half an hour of Lucy’s life that dragged in. Ashley spoke continuously about Thomas, what he said then what she said and then what he said after that. About what she was wearing to the party, who she hoped would be there, who wouldn't be there, Lucy’s ears pricked up feline like when she heard Michaels name being mentioned but she was too late and she didn’t know which category he fell into, there, not there or who Ashley wanted there, Lucy could take an educated guess as to which was the most likely.

The rain drops coated Lucy’s brown wavy hair as she stepped off the bus, Ashley reacted to the rain like it was acid burning through her skin, for a split second Lucy almost wished it was. She didn’t really understand why or how but suddenly everything Ashley was doing just made her irritated. Lucy knew it was the pressure of keeping Michael a secret from Ashley, the secret was changing her, turning her against Ashley, forcing her to retreat back to a time when she had no-one, she looked after herself before anyone else and it seemed like this would apply once again. Despite what Ashley wanted Lucy would serve herself first from now on. Ashley pulled her cream coloured coat over her head and followed the line of bodies as they walked from the bus and into the main building at the Medical campus. The building itself was enormous, it was red brick that looked more brown as it soaked up the rain. The windows were framed with white painted wood, every window gleamed. Even the automatic glass doors that slid open with ease as they walked through sparkled. It was like a hospital with class rooms. The floors and walls were an off white colour, not exactly pristine but In no way were they shabby. The place looked far too clean. There was a clear disinfectant smell hanging in the air, Lucy always found that smell soothing, like the smell of gas, she took a deep breath in letting the heavy air diffuse in her body. She ran her hang over her hair and pulled it into a small messy knot at the back of her head. This was the main reception of the building but it looked like a hall, it could fit hundreds of people with ease, everyone here wore white coats, people that zoomed past were all dressed in white. It was like a heaven for the clean-freaks.

Alright, Everyone, Gather Round” Right at the front of the crowd was a small slim man, in his 50's Lucy thought, she could just see him if she balanced on the tips of her toes, he wore glasses, but not in a geeky way or in an old man sort of way, the glasses made him look smarter, refined. Lucy wasn't really in the habit of checking out older men but something about him shone through to her, Her icy blue eyes were almost familiar and she couldn't help thinking that if he were 30 years younger, he'd probably look a little bit like Michael, just a bit shorter.

Everyone” He said again without yelling, his voice carried an assertiveness that meant he didn’t have to raise his voice to get attention.

Welcome” He smiled around the room kindly. She smiled back at him instinctively, the way she would if he were actually Michael.

I'm Dr Gray, I’m the head of the Medical Campus, you lot have the pleasure of my company for the day.”

People around Lucy laughed in a way that said, your still a teacher, its still you against us, but your alright for the enemy. She found herself joining in with the rest of the laughing students as the Doctor led them down a white corridor and into a conference room.

Ashley took the first opportunity to brush her hair out of the pony tail it was in and then fold it into the same knot that Lucy had. She moaned as she done so, about the rain and the bus and the seats, Lucy started

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oooh! Come on! Update?:D
You can't just leave me on chapter 4 of your wonderful story?;o!X

Sun, November 20th, 2011 11:15pm


What are you enjoying most about it?

Sun, November 20th, 2011 4:42pm


I'm enjoying the fact that it's a love square! And your description, plus about Daniel seems to have a secret. It's just the thought that you KNOW something it going to happen!x

Tue, November 22nd, 2011 5:03pm

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