Beyond hidden walls

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Want more? Let me know! I'll be working on chapter two, and trust me, this will not stay a grim story of loss.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beyond hidden walls

Submitted: September 25, 2009

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Submitted: September 25, 2009



The Wooden doors of the stone building opened with a burst of sound. Fog from the outside world

entered the room as the candles flickered from the change of mood.

Without a bow, or any acknowledgement of this holy place the man in brown leather strode down the isle

towards the center of the room, where a stairwell was guarded by three men. The man reveled an object that

must have had meaning because when he threw it, the guards who were to stand against anything instantly

flung themselves in the same direction.

As they did so, the man continued in his steady pace down the stairs and to his brother. Both of them were filled

with grief when they saw each other. His brother fell to his knees on the black marble floor. The person he wished

to see the most wasn't there. His son, Oden.

"Then my country is at war now, Eden." Said the man on the floor, accepting his brothers helping reach.

"Withforces unseen,my child is lost, and we mustprepare for war with whatis unknown. What have I but

my men and my brother who,dareIsend them, I may lose as well. How can Ijustify killing my men, when

all they have given me is love and support as theirleader?If i lose my Kingdome, we lose our home, If I

lose my people, Ihave no Kingdome to lose."

Eden still stood in silence. His nephew, the kings son, was the light of his life.

Above them the candles died as the wind let in a howl of victory. The sky loomed grey over their world.

The sound carried through to them and filled them with separate emotions. Vorak with fear, and Eden with

courage. Eden's brown eyes ignited, Vorak's fear crippled him, as he sank once more to the floor. Sobbing

and clinging to his brothers knees, moaning and wailing with each tear draining the blue from his eyes.

King Vorak ordered all but his brother out of the room.

Once alone and regained the brothers drank fresh wine under the statueof the kings late wife Savannah.

Savannah was stone, and a perfect likeness of her. But there was no color to her skin, only gold for her eyes.

She wore her long hair draped over her shoulder, and her hands were ever praying to their gods. This statue

was Vorak's gift to her. Kings would build sculptures of their strengths, such as gods, or armor.These sculptures

were placed in their throne chambers for hope. But Vorak's strength came from Savannah. She was his reason.

The day she died a black veil was placed over her face, and her wedding ring, melted into the color of the eyes

for her stone face. They shine through the veil, the only part of her face to be seen.

The brothers discussed war, and the king ordered his loving people into the dining hall, so that all at once,

he could tell them of the death of their heir.

The people danced, and sang, and drank, and were dressed their very best.

To them, this event meant the beloved Oden was saved from the evil of the farie.

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