Not a vampire story Chapter one

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This one is a bit strange,
And It's my first Novel on Booksie.

I was writeing this in my room one night,
and I said, wouldn't it be strange if Sidney had this dream?
Just a thought, and I laughed at it, how could my boyfriend possibly have it as a deam.
The next day on the phone,
"Hey Skar, you know I had this strange dream, and I had to protect you from Starbux, and he stabbed me."
I told him about what I wrote, and he flipped.
He described the knife, just as I had in the book.

We've broke up scence then, but I still remember that scence of "your fucking with me" in his voice.
SO here goes,
Not a vampire story.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Not a vampire story Chapter one

Submitted: December 21, 2008

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Submitted: December 21, 2008



With one swipe from his muscular arms, she was in the dirt, but her shirt remained in his hands.

She lingered in the chalky dust that was the end result of her fall to the ground.

She didn't even realize what happened to her, when another strike hit her right across the face.

Forcing her to look once more at the dirt, up close, she breathed in deeply the dirt she landed in.

She forced the debris out of her lungs with a cough, blood. The hooks in her bra were always kinky.

Sticking out in the worst places, but science money was scarce you made due with what you had, like

people do. Everything must last and there willbe no fundsto replace them.But that was next piece of clothing to be removed from her

body. The sound of the wire digging

into her skin, and sliding across her back, it took only about twenty seconds, but it

Felt like an eternity. The slowness was due to the sole fact that the hooks were imbedded in her skin,

he was standing above her. And still no tears. She didn't cry for herself, ever.

It was 90 degrees, and began as the perfect day. Her parents were in California, Her sisters were in Tacoma.

Carocine decided that a drive sounded wicked. So, after getting dressed

over to Shade's room she went. It was her room, and her boyfriend was sleeping in her bed.

It was a magnificent site. He looked peaceful, sleeping on his back, his blonde hair straight,

but with a slight curl into his eyes. A beam of lightshined through a slit in the blackcurtainfrom a couple weeks before.

His skin was so white, he couldn't tan well. He was lying ontop of the blankets of an already made bed, free of wrinkles. Wearing a

whitetee-shirt and black jeans, his warm white arms were folded across his chest like a vampire. Then she noticed something odd.

His shoes were still on. \"Shade!\" She said, \"You got dressed!\" His eyes still were closed as

a sudden smile swept over his face. He reached his arm out to invite her over to her own bed. He sat up and kept

his promise of a smile, thenin his smooth, cigarette sharpened voice he spoke. \"What's the

plan for the day?\". All she had to do was smile and he knew.And they disappeared into the sun, in her black ford Focus, the first stop

they made was a local marketplace.

Scratch Tickets, energy drinks, cigarettes, and gas. They were setand ready for aday of driving, and stopping at random

destinations of inspiration. Last destination, thewatrfront park. A place they'd never seen before. And old place, hidden in tree-shade with

a midnight streetlight magic about it, and a feeling of ageless eturnity.

She felt sleepy and decided to sit on a charming rock.Shade still felt like exploring.The time was Seven, the sun

was warm, and he had a spring in his step. But now, she stood and opened an energy drink so she could keep up with

him. As soon as the seal sounded with a snap... strikes knocked her down, andevery time she tried tostand another one hit. I can't call

for him, He'll get hurt, she thought. The only thought she

had was of her concern for him. And, exactly as she wished to not happen, he saw her there, and came running.

Shade dropped his backpack, and tackled Michael. But with such an adrenaline rush that overcame Shade, he was no match

for the drugs in Michaels veins.

Michael threw Shade to his knees in the gravel of the park, parking lot. Bowed down, Shade looked up through the

separated strands of his blonde hair, and glared up at Michael. Enraged more still, another charge at Michael,

and Shade lands successfully ontop of him, attempting to clutch the breath and life out of the man who dared touch her.

But, with the slightest effort from Michael, Shade was slammed onto his back, and without time to react, was landed

with a knife directly into his side. The handle was green, wooden, and had a cresant moon surrounded in a protective circle,

burned into the handle, of which was now turning black, due to the severity of the wound. As Michael twisted

the knife, Shade lunged automatically in agony, but was forced back into the loose gravel by one of Michaels hands,

the other holding himself up, was resting on the palm of Shades hand. This meant that the gravel was digging into the back

of Shade's hand.He closed his eyes, and lost consciousness.

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