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Chapter 1 (v.1) - UnwrittenSolo

Submitted: September 30, 2010

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



He stood there, and she had only just arrived. Across the way, in a crowd full of people its hard to see who you came for. Talking to a friend and looking as beautiful as she always knew he was, she could only stair for a moment before busy people unknowingly broke her gaze. She took a deep breath, and headed his way. Every time she was near him it felt like acid on her chest and her knees went numb. Halfway to him his eyes met with hers followed by an awkward, sideways, perfect smile. It was hard to believe that this beautiful man was so very un-photogenic. A quick hug and she could feel her pulse raceing. This wasnt right, she remembered how it was to hold him, those months ago before their lives changed. A small hug, though welcomed and enjoyed by her very much, wasnt enough to disintegrate that meloncholy eaching to have him back. Before the usual choked out hello was exchanged by the two, Evilyn looked him in the eyes and said "Oh crap I left my wallet in the car," and before she had a chance to feel like an idiot she was running back to her car for the cash.

In the parkinglot, distant sounds of screaming and loud muffled noise had her shaken. She had an unmistakeable feeling that she needed to be there. Forgeting what she came for she headed straight back as fast as she could. Her hair flying behind her and bangs plastered to her face due to the speed of her running she didnt remove or even notice the hair in her face. She ran through the gate and kept going. She knew where Jason was she could feel him. Banging and clashing noises behind her didnt take her from her mission. She had to be there. Out of breath but she didnt care enough to let it get in the way. She saw him. Right where she knew he would be. He was not hearing the screams and terrifying noises that Evilyn was. Seeing this she calmed down. No one was hearing it. So she walked to him and apologised for running off. "Did you get your wallet?" Jason asked. "Oh man! I totaly forgot it!" Evilyn responded. "Well what did you go do?" said Jason, laughing and letting light back in his eyes. It was good to see him smile. "Well then it looks like Im off to see the wizard!" said Evilyn, laughing at herself. And as she turned to leave for her car, she saw him.

Nick, her Ex boyfriend, looking mean as ever was standing twenty feet away. He had been obsessed with her scence day one. She was surprised to see his focus wasnt on her, it was strictly on Jason. She watched him, and his stair did not shift. He was thinking something dark and she knew it. He shifted funny and she saw the small but very familure shape of a gun. Her breath raced. This cant be happening she thought. In an instant the gun was pointed at Jason and ready to kill. Her instincts kicked in. Running at Jason and hitting him hard in the side Evilyn threw herself over him and shoved him into the pavement as the gun fired. Jason yelled "What the hell was that for"  hitting the pavement. Then looking at the pile of Eve he realized, she wasnt playing around. Picking her up the second he saw her there was another bang. Nick hit the ground dead. His eyes filled with that same hate, he lay perfectly still, ever crying out for the woman he could never have. Everyone scattered.

She couldnt move. The screaming had only gotten louder and louder untill Nick took his life. Then quiet. She felt cold and was in so much pain she couldnt pin point her wound. A voice came over the loud speaker telling the crowd to remain calm. The exits were closed off. No one comes in and no one goes out. The announcement loud and distinct repeated three times before the voice changed. This voice was deep and controling, sending shivers down your spine and making you feel sick. "Now welcoming to the end of the line, Mr. Nickolas Cronehan and Mss. Evilyn Chance." A dark grey mist left Nick's body, and took the form of the body it had com from. Dressed in black Nick looked at her and smiled like he had won. He had hoped to kill Jason, but now that Eve was there, he would never leave her side.

She took in a gasping breath and looked into Jasons eyes. He spoke fast and covered the wound on her side. "Your going to be okay, I promise, I wont let anything happen to you just stay with me, stay with me, stay with me." He repeated himself hopeing he could keep her awake and keep her alive. She couldnt speak, only listen. The loud speaker was scilent. She held onto life as tightly as she could, knowing that if she had failed to save Jason, she wouldnt have lived. Laughing a small laugh to herself inside she thought "I always knew he'd be the death of me". "Dont you give up! Stay with me!" Jason repeated again, begging her to keep her eyes open. This was his worst nightmare, but to her, it was the most honnorable way to die. Saveing Jason, her one chance. He had saved her countless times in the past. She gladly suffered in place of him, she couldnt even imagine him going through this. The deep voice spoke again. "Now calling to the end of the line Mss. Evilyn Chance." And she knew it was not where she belonged. Death would not feel frightening to her, she was never one ment for hell. This was a trick and so she clung to her body being held by the only one she would ever love.

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