Symptoms of a Werewolf

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When Ramon started to have symptoms around his friends and family then started to let out his Symptons around them. Will he lose his Friends or worse his Family?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Symptoms of a Werewolf

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



Chapter 1: Normal Life...Or just my Imagination??


It's a Mild and wet late November, Ramon just got back home from visting some friends and hanging out. When Ramon put his key in the door he smelt something wet mixed with dog. He opened the door slowly and saw the house ruined and destroyed. He looked around and found a metal baseball bat in the corner by the front door and picked it up, He carefully walked around the house and come's across the living room and a pool of blood on the floor? Ramon put's some of his shirt to cover his nose and walked out the living room into the kitchen.

When he comes to the Kitchen door there's 3-4 claw marks on the wooden white door, He gentely touch's the claw mark's and open's the door to the kitchen. He walks in slowly and see's the fridge and everything on the floor and more blood? Ramon think's in his head " What the Fuck is going on? Blood,Claw mark's what's next a Big Wild Dog?" Ramon goes to the pool of blood and bend's down and dips his finger in the blood and sniff's it and murmer's " Hmm..I've smelt this blood before but only when I was 7" He wipes his hand with the blood on his jeans and continues to explore the house. He slowly walks up to the stairs to see footprints, mainly a wolf footprint. Ramon's breath get's heavy and his heart is practically beating out of his chest of fear. He take's a deep breath and let's it out slowly and walks up the stair's, He stops in his track's when he hear's a growl coming from his room.

Ramon walks up to his room door and hear's growling and snarling coming from behing is door. Ramon opens the door ever so slowly and is attacked by a big Black Wolf. The Wolf stands up on it's Two leg's and howl's and falls to the floor and die's.Ramon get's up and looks at the wolf and poke's it's head with the baseball bat and the Wolf doesn't move. Ramon pull's out his phone and notice's Blood running down his arm and looks at his chest and has a scratch, Ramon freak's out and turn's around to find the wolf gone. Ramon freak's out and run's out the house to the hospital. When he get's there the Doctor's put him on a bed and Ramon passes out.

Ramon wakes up and here's a beeping noise then it get's faster and faster, A few Doctor's and nurses rush in and give him a shot to calm his nerve's and nervousness. Ramon's Nerve's calm down and passes out.When he wake's up again he see's his family in the hospital room,A doctor comes in and say's to me " Ramon, Glad to see your awake, We were frightened with what happened earlier when you first woke up. I have some good new's to tell you." I look at the doctor and say " What?" He pulls out some paper work and say's " The Scratch you have on your chest is nothing contagious or anything so your free to go when you please. Were also wondering how you go that scratch in the first place, do you want to explain it to us and your family?" I look at my family then the doctor and put my head down and say " You wouldn't believe me no matter how much I could tell you" I look at and the doctor take's a seat and say's " I got time, Want to tell us?" I look at him and say " Still wouldn't matter you wouldn't believe me, Can I go now?" The Doctor sit's up and hand's me a piece of paper for my Medication and leave's my family looks at me and say's " Ramon, Do you want to explain to us since were your family?" I look at them and get off the hospital bed and say " No, It's complicated" My family walks out the door and say's " We'll be waiting in the waiting lobby, Come out when your done" I nod and put on my clothes that I wore when I got here. I walk out and people stare at me because of my clothes there all covered in blood. I walk into the waiting lobby and see my family and all the other people waiting and they all gasp in fear.

I glance at all the people and put both my hand's in my pocket and walk toward's my family and when I walk to them someone whisper's to something " He's slowly turning into a Werewolf" I walk out the hospital door's with my family, I get in the car and put my head against the window and let out a sigh. It start's to rain and thunder and my cousins get scared. I let out a very soft chuckle and they turn around and say " Shut Up!" I give them a glare and say in an angry tone i've never used in my life and say " Make Me!" The way I said it almost sounded like a growl ready to kill somebody. They look at me with terror and just turn around and say to our " Adults" Of the family. When we arrive at my Grandparents place, And I get out the car along with my family and we walk inside our family Lodge. I stay outside for a bit and glance at the sky and see an almost full moon,I growl and walk back inside to see everyone all in different places. I walk up to my Aunt and say " Did anyone bring me some clothes to wear?" She nod's and hand's me my black and red Back pack and I go up into my room. I change my clothes and before I put on my shirt I glance in the mirror of my cut and I think " Damn, That fucking werewolf scracthed me, The people at the hospital said i'm slowly turning? What does that mean?" I sigh and shake it off and put on my black muscle shirt but you can still see my cut or scar.

I shut my door and walk down stair's because were gonna have dinner, As always i'm the last one to arrive at the dinner table. I stop at the last step and let out a heavy sigh which turned into a growl.I look up and see my family and they say " Ramon? Are you alright?" I look at them and nod my head and walk to the table. I sit down next to one of my cousins and we start to eat, I just sit there because i'm not even hungry.I just grin and quickly take the grin off my face or else my family is gonna start asking 20 questions and trust me i'm not up for that. My Grandpa stop's eating and say's " Ramon, Are you gonna eat?" I look at him and say in a deep voice deeper then my current and say " No, I'm not hungry" He say's " What's wrong with you? Your always the first to get seconds before any of us??Are you sure you don't want to tell us anything?" I sigh and put elbows on the table and say " Why do you wanna know in the first place? You weren't there when it happened" Everyone stop's eating and my Grandma say's " Because were family, It's out right to know, especially since one of our Grandchilden was in the hospital" I let out a heavy sigh and say " It really doesn't matter, because no matter what I say you will think it's just a joke or the stupidest thing you've ever heard." I get up from the table and start to walk away when one of my Uncle's say's " Sit back down, Were having dinner!" He said in an almost angry way. 

I stop in my track's and turn around slowly and say " Really? Or is just gonna turn into another fucking 20 questions?" I start to turn away when I hear my uncle get up from his seat and start to come behind me and throw a punch when I turn around and catch is arm and say " Don't, Or else" I let go and go up stair's into my room and slam the door shut. I take off my muscle shirt and just stare at my scar or scratch or what ever the fuck it is. I pull out that piece of paper the doctor gave me and it say's " You can use Triple Antibiotic's or anything else to help heal up the scar" I put the paper down and go across the hall way shirtless into the bathroom to find some Triple Antibiotic's. I don't find any so I go downstair's and stop when my family looks at me and see's the scar I got along my chest. They gasp and say " Ramon?! How did you get that cut or scar on your chest?" I walk past them and head into the kitchen and find some Triple Antibiotic's, I start to walk past them when one of my Uncle's grab's my arm and yanks me back and pin's me against the wall and say's " Tell us what the Fuck is going on here, Now!!" I laugh and say " Do you really wanna know? Or do you wanna find out for yourself?" My Uncle let's me go and I growl at him and he looks at me and say's " Why the fuck did you just growl?"

I look at him and say nothing I just give him a death glare and say again " Do you really wanna know? Or do you wanna find out for yourself?" My family all say's " We wanna find out now!" I give them a smirk and say " Very Well, Let me grab something really quick" I run back up the stair's and put back on my black muscle shirt and grab my baseball bat in my room and walk down the stair's. My family looks at me and then walks out the house and into the car, Of course i'm driving because they don't know where to go. While driving along the road my girl cousins start to argue and I say " Shut the Fuck Up, I hear something" They shut up and I stop the car and hear growling and snarling. I give a grin and walk out the car and my family say's " Ramon, Get back in here" I shut the door and walk in front of the car and see a Big Black Wolf come running towards me, I dodge him and he turn's around and growl's at me. I fall to the floor ripping open my muscle shirt and start to shift into a Werewolf. I start to scream and then growl and snarl at the Big black Werewolf and he stands his ground and charges at me and I attack him, I push him off and stand up and growl at him and snarl. He looks at me and looks to my girl cousins who are standing all outside with the family, My family is crying because of what I turned into. He lung's himself at my girl cousins but I quickly react but he hit's me and I fly back and hit the ground hard. I see him run off with one of my girl cousins and I start to shift back into human form because the Moon is covered by clouds. I look at my family and my Uncles are shooting in the distance. I run over to them and they point the gun's at me and I fall to the ground in shock and think " Is my family gonna shoot me?" My Uncle looks at me with the gun still pointing at me and say's " Get the Fuck Up!!"

I get up slowly and say " Let me go after her before it's too late" He looks at me and say's " No, After what we just saw your one of them and your bound to kill people and loved one's as well." I sigh and say " Then let me prove you wrong Uncle. Let me go after the Wolf and bring back Emma back Unharmed then after that you can put a silver bullet threw my head and end my life" My Uncle lower's the gun and say's " Bring her back and we might spare your life" I look up at the sky and the Moon is visible and I fall to the ground shifting again. I stand up in my wolf form and let out a long and threating howl and run off into the wood's catching Emma's scent. I run as fast as I can trying to catch up, I climb a tree and see Emma and the wolf. The Wolf's hovering over Emma and licking her and Emma's crying and screaming help. I jump down the tree lightly and walk over and start to growl and snarl and lung myself at the wolf and get in a fight with him. I bit into his neck and rip it out them bit into his chest and pull out his heart in my mouth. I look over at my girl cousin Emma and start to walk toward's her slowly and she start's to back away. I stand up and turn back into my human form and say "Emma...."

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