The Life of Being Adopted

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Life of Being Adopted

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Chapter 1: The Orphanage

I was sitting on my window ledge in my room watching all the other orphanage kid's playing outside.I smile when I see the kid's playing tag or playing hide and seek.I hear my door open and my friend Joe walks in and say's " Hey Adam are you gonna come out and play with us?" Joe said, I turn to him and sigh then said " Joe how many time's must I tell you to call me Moose? I don't feel like playing outside today,I just want to be alone and enjoy some alone time by myself" I said to Joe,He looks at me and say's " Sorry Moose I tend to get confused,But okay if you want to play just come outside if were still outside that is." Joe turn's around and walks out the door, I continue to look otuside of my window and one of the Lady's who help's run the place knock's on my door and I say " Come in." She say's " Moose you need to get dressed there is a family here looking to adopt one of us today,Can you get dressed nice?" She said, I turn to her, Smile and then say " Sure i'll be down in a few" She turn's around and walks out the door. I get off the window ledge and I change from my Pajama clothes and put on my grey skinny jeans with a Blue Studded belt,my Blue Van's,a Blue thing sweater looking t-shirt then I put on my purple beanie and walk out the room.

When I get down from the stair's I see all the orphanage kid's lined up and I quickly get in line before the family comes in.When I'm in line I see the family and they say " Oh my I wish I can take all of you but I can only choose one" She said,I just smile while in line and the lady look's at me and talks to one of the lady's who help's run the place and say's " Who is that tall young looking man in the blue over there?" She said, the lady look's at me then back to the lady and say's " That is Robert Alexander the III,But people call him Moose" She said.The lady walk's over to me and say's " Moose would you like to come home with us today?" I smile and say " Yes I would love to go home with you, It be my Pleasure." I say to the lady,She turn's around and walk's back to the lady who help's run the place and say's " I'd like to take Moose home with me if I may" The lady who help's run the place said " Why of Course,If you would please follow me to fill out these paper work they he is your guardian now" Another lady comes to me and hand's me my Black and red backpack when I first arrived at the orphanage and say's " Here Moose go get your thing's your going to your new family now" I nod my head and walk up the stair's, go into my room and get my thing's packed.Before I leave I stop by Joe's room and give him one of my bracelet's and say " Joe, Catch." He catches it and say's " Moose, You don't have to give me this, Here" I say " No keep it incase we don't see each other again" He put's the bracelet on and say's " Thanks Moose,I hope you enjoy your new family" I smile and say " I hope so too it's not really family if your not there Joe" He smile's and I turn around and walk out the door,go down stair's and wait for my new family member to come out and take me home. When she comes back she hand's me the paper's I had when my birth mother put me into the orphanage and she said " Here Moose keep these paper's" I nod my head and we walk out the door, Before I get in the car I turn around and lookup into Joe's window,I smile and wave my hand good bye to him and he opens the window and say's " I'll miss you Moose,Take care of your self" I smile and say " I will Joe promise me when you get adopted Call me?" Joe say's " Sure, Talk soon Moose" I get into the car of the passenger seat and the lasy get's in and drive's off from the orphanage.

Today is the beginning of a New Life

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