The Life of Being Adopted

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2: An Unexpected Surprise

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Chapter 2: An Unexpected Surprise 


When the lady pull's up into the drive way I see alot of people partying and having a good time, I sigh and say to the lady " What happen's if they don't like me or something?Or I'm too weird?" She smiles and laughs and say's " Even if they don't like you Moose your still staying here no matter what" I smile and say " Okay okay let's just hope they like me" We pull up and she get's out the car before I do, When I get out I grab my backpack and walk over to her and stand next to her.Everyone stop's dancing and partying and say's " Who are you?" I stood there and say shyly " I'm Robery Alexander the III, But you can call me Moose" Everyone smiles and say's " Hi Moose this is the family we hope you enjoy your stay here,Just to let you know when we Party we kinda like to do a Gangster style dance" I smile and laugh at the same time and say " Gangster style?You mean like this" I start to breakdance and everyone is like " Damn Moose, Since when can you dance like that?" I get up and say " I have no idea where I learned it, But I do remember watching everyone else do it and I decided to try it on my own and my own way." I said, Everyone smiles and say's " Moose you should totally join a crew or something and have fun dancing" They said, I smile and start to walk away then I turn around and say " I'm not that good anyway's so what's the difference?" I turn around and walk up the stair's and I see the lady who adopted me and said " Follow me Moose i'll show you your room" I follow her and she stop's in front of the door and open's it for me I smile when I walk it and say " Wow, This is a Really big room,I don't mind a smaller room if you want" I said to her, She smiles and laughs and say's " No no it's okay everyone in the family has a large room so we don't want you to feel left out, I'll leave you alone to unpack and everything, Call me if you need anything" I smile and say " Thanks I'll let you know if i need anything" She turn's around and walks out my room and shut's the door, I take my backpack off and start to unpack what I have which is my toothbrush,Clothes,Shoes,and my Hidden Ipod to listen to music and watch old video's of my friends in the orphanage. After I put away everything I decide to change from my blue outfit to a red one which is Black skinny jean's,a black leather belt,Red sneaker's,a black muscle shirt and then a red jacket over the muscle shirt,after that I get my black leather fingerless gloves and put on my red and black beanie and walk out of my room.

When I leave my room I help the lady who adopted me helped her get some pan's off the wall since she can't reach and she said " Thank you Moose,Why did you change clothes?" I say "Your welcome and I tend to change clothes alot lately , I don't know why" She smiles and say's " It's okay some people in the family tend to change there clothes alot too, Would you like to help me make the food I bet the family's hungry from all that dancing" I smile and laugh at the same time and say " Sure I'd love to help you cook,But i'm gonna be honest, I don't know how to cook for anything" She laughs and say's " Then I'll teach you,Okay you see that knife over there and the tomato and cutting board?" I turn and see it and say " Yeah, do you want me to cut it or something?" She nod's her head and I bring over the knife,cutting board and the tomato. She show's me an example on how to cut it and she say's " Now you give it a try" I grab the knife and start to cut it and then I accidently cut my hand really bad, She quickly grab's my hand and a towel and told me to put pressure while she goes and get's the medicine so it doesn't get infected. I'm putting pressure on my hand and it's starting to hurt I yell and say " Hurry up my hand hurt's BAD!!!" She run's over and she runs some cold water on my hand and she gently pours some hydrogen peroxide on the wound and it start's to burn then it feels better.After she does that she put's on some of this cream and put's a bandage over my wound and say's " See that wasn't so bad was it?" I give her a smirck and say " Yeah I guess" She's smiled and said " Go outside and walk around and get to know the place i'll finish cooking like I usually do" 

I turn around and walk outside to the door and walk to the stair's, I turn around and jump over the fence and land on my hand like I would normally do in a dance mode and everyone clapped and cheered.I got up and started to walk over to the swing set and just sit on it alone by my self, A little bit later a young beautiful girl comes over and say's " Mind if I join you?" I look up at her smile and nod my head and she sit's next to me on the next swing. She looks at me and say's " What's your name?" She asked, I look up and say " I'm Robert Alexander the III, But you can call me Moose" She smiles and say's " Moose? Why do people call you that?" I say " I don't know my old friend's in the orphanage gave me the name instead of my birth name i've been called Moose ever since, And you are??" She smiles and say's " I'm Cammille" She smiles, I smile at her and say " That's such a beautiful name Camille I can come up with all sort's of nicknames like Cam,Camelion and such" She smiles and laugh's and say's " Well I don't mind if you call me those, Unless your my friend" She say's I laugh and smile and say " I thought I was already your friend?" She laugh's and say's " Lol Moose your just too funny, I think everyone is going inside to eat wanna come?" I look up at her and say " Sure I'm getting hungry a bit" I get up and start to walk with her and it's starting to get cold and Cammile put's her arm's up to her chest and since I am a gentleman I take off my coat and put it around her shoulder's, She looks at me and smiles and say " Thank you Moose,But won't you get cold? I smile and say " Nah I'm good, I'm acutally used to it I've danced in freezing cold rain so the cold really doesn't bother me." 

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