The Life of Being Adopted

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3: I'm so Slick

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Chapter 3: I'm So Slick


When me and Cammile walk into the house everyone is already eating and watching Tv, I walk past everybody and someone say's "Moose where's your jacket? Do you know how cold it is outside?" I turn to look at the guy and say " It's not really that cold and I was actually being a gentleman, I gave my coat to Cammile because that's what your suppose to do when a girl get's cold and plus I've danced in Frozen cold rain water and it really didn't bother me at all." I say to the guy he looks at me and give's me a angry face and I turn around and start to walk into the kitchen, I see Cammile sitting at the table by herself and I grab a bit of food and walk over and sit next to her and she smiles at me when I sit down and I say " What?" She smiles and say's " Nothing, I heard what you said to that guy, No one in the family actually trie's to talk back to him, there all scared of him actually" I give her a smirck and say " He doesn't look too scary before I was put into the orphanage I used to get into fights with Gang member's and such and they were all scared of me since they had gun's,weapons and such and all I had were my Fist's and me kicking them in the Ass" She laughs and I laugh with her, She takes the coat off of her shoulder's and hands me my coat and say's "Here thanks for letting me use your coat Moose" I smile and she get's up and put's her plate in the sink and she gives me a Kiss on the cheek and start's to walk away, I smile and say " What was that for?" She turn's to look at me and say's " For being such a nice Gentleman" and she turn's and walks in to the living room. After I finish my food I put it into the sink and go into the living room where every body is putting on a movie called "Step Up 3D" I'm like in my head " Oh Shit, There about to find out I was in a Movie" I walk in and I don't see any seat's so I walk in and sit on the floor and Cammile look's at me and say's " Hey Moose come sit over here, there's a spot left" I get up and sit next to Cammile, Once the movie start's they see me in the movie and everybody is like " Umm Moose what are you doing in this movie?" I gulp and say " Hehe Thing is Before I was put into an Orphanage I was told to help make this movie and they needed a Dancer to do the roll's and I performed then and they said " Your perfect" I didn't really want to but I got paid for dancing even though I danced for fun" Everyone looked at me and laugh's. I get up and someone say's " Where you going Moose" I turn to look at them and say " I'm gonna head to bed I don't feel to well now" I start to walk away and here someone say " Pussy" I stop and turn around and it was that same guy who talked to me when I walked in I go over to him and say " Well I'm not a Pussy unlike you, I bet you 20 Bucks I can kick your ass?" He get's up and tries to punch me but before he could I punched his Rib cage then his jaw and heard a crack, Everyone pull's us apart and I look at everybody and say " Let me go" They let me go and I went to the door and went outside pissed and everything. I go over to the swing set to get the anger out of me, Cammile comes over and hugs me and I say " Umm...What are you doing?" She stops hugging me and say's " I'm just glad that prick got a beat down he tried to rape me earlier today" I get up and look mad at her and say " He WHAT!!? He Tried to rape you? Oh Hell no" I start to walk past her and she grab's my arm and say's " Moose don't, You don't know what your getting your self into" I turn around and look at her and say " So i'm just suppose to let me new friend try to get Raped by a family member?" She looks away and I start to see a tear into her eye, I walk over to her and wipe the tear away with my thumb and I hug her. She Looks up at me and Kisses me and I put my arm's on her waist and she put's her hand's around my neck. She stop's Kissing me and say's " Sorry" I smile and say " It's okay I was thinking of Kissing you anyway's" She looks at me and say's " Can you promise me something Moose?" I look at her and nod, She say's " Promise me you'll be Faithful to me, I want you to be my very first good boyfriend ever." I look at her shocked and put my arm's around her and say " I Moose, Promise to be Faithful to you" She wrap's her arm's around my next and start's to kiss me again and we eventually start to make out against a tree.

After a While outside and making out it start's to get dark and we head inside and everyone that was in the house is gone and Cammile get's her Bed ready on the couch and I say "   Hey why don't you sleep in my bed, I'll sleep here on the couch" She turn's to me and whisper's in my ear " Why don't I sleep with you in your bed? Hmmm.." When she told me that I get the chill's down from my spine to my whole body and I nod my head and grab her hand and lead her to my room, She get's into my bed first and I turn off the light and hit the table and start to cuss it out and she laugh's, I get in my bed and she turn's on her side and drag's her finger along my Jawline and say's " Moose I'm glad my family member adopted you from the orphanage I don't know where my life would be without you" She said, I pull her closer to me and hold her into my arm's and say " I don't know what I would do either" Then I kiss her on the lip's and she roll's over and she's on top of me. I put my hand's on her waist and she lean's down to kiss me,After a while of that I roll over so i'm on top of her and she giggles when I'm on top of her. I start to kiss her neck and she moan's my name, "Moose" she say's, I look up to her and kiss her one last time before I go to sleep and once I roll off of her I pull her up  close to me and we drift off to sleep.

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