The Life of Being Adopted

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5: Bonding

Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012



Chapter 5: Bonding

I woke up after having fun with my family,When I sit up in my bed I stretch and then rub my eyes,still feeling the dear of almost dying yesterday. I get up grab some clean clothes and head for the bathroom to take a shower.After I get out of the shower I put on some boxes,Black tight skinny jeans w/ a Glow in the dark stud belt, Glow in the dark converse,Black Muscle shirt,A Paleish long sleeve flannel, my Bracelets and necklace and my glow in the dark beanie. My hair is still wet from getting out of the shower so I put the beanie on anyways because I get told that when my hair is wet it looks better and almost straightend.

When I get out of the bathroom after taking a shower,brushing my teeth,getting dressed, I go into my room and put my dirty clothes in my hamper then go to my dresser and put on some deoderant then my colonge.Before I leave my room I grab my headphones, Phone and my Ipod. After I grab everything I go in to the kitchen and make my self a bowl of cereal to eat because i'm starving. While eating my cereal in peace in quiet my phone vibrates from my pocket and I take it out and read the message which said at "Moose, Your late to church, Hurry Up!!!"I finish my bowl of cereal, head out the door and run down the street to chruch, I totally forgot we have church on sunday and I over slept by a bit. When I get to the church outta breath, I walk into the church and see my family so I go over and say "Hey" One of my girl cousins say's " Hey, Your Late" I smile and say " Yeah SorryI got up then took a shower,ate and then I got your text saying I'm late" I stand up while everyone is standing while the preist of father reads from the Bible.

After Church ended my family stayed to talk to some of their friends and I say to my other Uncle " I'm gonna be outside , Come out when your done/ready" I say to my other uncle and he nods and I got outside.When I get outside I see my girl cousins making out with there boyriends but one of my girl cousins is just sitting down on the grass by herself so I go over and sit next to her and start to talk to her. I ask her " Hey, Why you sitting over here by your self?" She looks up at me with a sad face and say's " I don't know Moose, I guess I don't fit the girlfriend material or friendship material" I give her a look that disagree's and say's " I'm sure all the guys are lining up I mean look over there, A guy is practically staring at you while your talking to me" I say to her and the guy that was staring at her came over to us and say " Excuse, I couldn't help notice how beautiful you are, Would you like to go out for some Coffee or something?" I just get up and walk away and leave my girl cousin to chat with the guy, to me if he does anything to her and she's not ready I'll be the one he's gotta go through. When I'm walking I go to the perish hall and wait for everyone to come in and I see my cousin's walk in with there boyfriends and one of them is Pregnat, I think to myself and say " Fucking Slut, How many guys did you do to get that baby? Huh?" I swear that one girl cousin is a Whore,Slut and everything else. A few minutes Later I see my girl cousin Mariah come in with the guy she was talking to and she comes over with him and say's " Moose this is Nathan" "Nathan this is my adopted Cousin Moose" I hold my hand out and say "Nice to meet you Nathan" Nathan holds out his hand and we shake it firmly like gentlemen would. When I let go I tell Mariah " Hey I'm gonna go, I don't wanna be around that Slut over there" I start to walk away and she grab's my arm and say's " We know the pain Moose, I want to kill her baby, I bet it will be ugly, Go on I'll tell the family you didn't feel like it" I smile and start to walk out the door when I see my Pregnat Cousin making out with another guy and I go back inside and get the father of the child and say " Umm.. you do realise your so Called "Girlfriend/Mommy" Is making out with another guy?" He looks at me furious and goes out side and brings the guy in and beat's the shit outta him but I can't handle it and fall to the floor and start laughing. The pregnat girl cousin comes over and slaps me and says " Stalking me are you? Jealous you can't get all this" Everyone looks shocked at what she did and say's and I say " Pff Please you think I want that? You ain't nothing but a big fat ass slut and you fucking know it, How many guys did you do to get that baby in the first place? Let me take a Guess 75? Or more? Touch me again and we'll see how far you get next time, and if I were you i'd stay away from me unless you want me to stab that baby while it's still inside of you" I say angrily and she is just frozen, Mariah comes next to me with Nathan and say's " Get the fuck out of our family you slut and go live in a dumpster with your fucking ugly baby" The girl runs out crying and the father of the baby say's " You fucking Whore" The guy comes to me and say's " Thank you for letting me know what she really is" I nod my head and walk out the door and pull out my phone and Text Carlos and say "Hey Carlos, can you do me a favor? I'm, too pissed at my family at the moment can I have a place to crash for just today?"I put my phone back in my pocket and start to walk down the street, When my phone vibrates I take it out and it's from Carlos and it say's "Hey Moose, Yeah sure the crew is gonna be happy to see you here.Just give me a time and place and i'll pick you up. ~ CarlosI text Carlos back and say "Thanks Bro, Just let me go to my place and grab some clothes and such"I continue walking down the street and my phone goes off again and it say's "You don't need to get clothes, We will let you use some i'll pick you up at 2Pm Later"I put my phone back in my pocket without responding and look a the time before i put it up and it say's 1:25Pm. I turn around and go back to the perish hall and see Mariah and Nathan outside kissing, I just smile and give a chuckle and they break the kiss kinda embarassed and say " Moose what are you doing back here?" Mariah say's I look at her and say " Don't tell the family but I'm gonna crash at a friends place till tomorrow, If they ask where I'm at tell them you have know idea where i'm at okay? She looks at me and say's " Sure Moose, Me and Nathan won't say anything right Nathan?" Nathan looks at Mariah then me and say's " Yeah sure, I can keep a promise" I smile and say " Thanks I gotta go Talk to you tomorrow at some point.

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