The Life of Being Adopted

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6: I'm Back

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Submitted: December 05, 2012



Chapter 6: I'm Back


I see Carlos car pull up and I walk over and get in and say " Thanks" Carlos looks at me and says " Welcome Bro, Now let's go" Carlos start's to drive the car and we head to our headquarter's I pull out my Ipod and headphones and listen to my music and I eventually fall asleep, When I wake up it feels like I just woke up I see Carlos and he say's " Were Here come on" I get up with my headphones still in my ear and we go up the fright elevator and we hear music and we Carlos opens the door, Everyone stops dancing and say's " MOOSE!!!" I smile when they all tackle and hug me. I take out my headphones and put them away with my Ipod and say " Good to see you to guys" They look at me and say " Do you wanna dance with us?" I smile and say " I guess I could let out my Anger, so sure why not" They look at me confused and say " Anger? Why are you angry Moose?" My Jaw tightens and I say " It's nothing, Doesn't concern you or anybody but me and my family" They nod and start to turn on the music they all look at me and say " You go first Moose" I smile and Start to shuffle to the Shuffle Music, I recently taught myself to Shuffle which didn't actually take long either. The Music stops after like 2-3 Hours of dancing, When I hear a familiar female voice, I turn around and see Cammile. She looks at me, Smiles and run's over to me jumping into my arm's and say's " Moose, Where have you been??" I hug her tight aroudn my arms and let her back down on the floor and say " I've been with the family but it got a bit rough, So i'm staying here till tomorrow" She looks at me and say's " Oh, I hope everything goes well" Someone in the crew say's "Hey Moose show Cammile your Shuffle" I sigh and say " I'm Tired, But I guess I can show Cammile, Put on the music" The Music comes on and Cammile watches me shuffling and she say's " Wow, Since when can you shuffle?" I smile when I stop and say " I taught myself actually, Took me a day to two to do it,Of course I kept falling" Cammile smiles and comes in to hug me and say's "Wow, That's cool" I look at the time and it say's 11:30 Pm I say to everyone " Alright I'm heading to bed Night" Before I walk away I Kiss Cammile on the Lips and the crew is like " Dang, They Go Hard. Go Moose!!" I blush and so does Cammile and we all head to bed

The Next Morning I find Cammile in my arm's in the bed with me.I'm shirtless, But I still have on my Skinny jean's,Shoes,Socks,Boxers and all that. I hear Carlos, So I get up without walking Cammile. I walk into the living room and see Carlos. Carlos looks at me and say's " Come on I'll get you some clean clothes" I follow Carlos to all of our clothes and he say's " I'll let you change,Come back down in the living room and I'll Take you back home when your ready" I nod and check my phone before I change and there are 19 Missed calls and Message's from Mariah and they all say " Moose you have to help me, Our family is going nut's they stabbed me in the stomach and Nathan, I think it has something to do with our pregnat cousin, Please Call or Text Back PLEASE!! I quickly change into Tight Black Skinny Jean's,Silver Bullet Belt,Black Muscle Shirt,Black Jacket,Black Beanie/Leather Fingerless Gloves and my all Black Jordan's and rush down the stair's and everyone looks at me and say's " Moose why are you wearing that" I say " Carlos you gotta take me home Now!!" Carlos say's " What's wrong" I take a breath and say " My family, there going Nut's, I got some Calls and Text's from my Cousin Mariah saying that my Family stabbed her and her new Boyfriend Nathan, I have to get over there NOW!!!" Carlos looks at me and get's his black duffle bag that has gun's and stuff in it, He hand's it to me and say's " Take this incase you need it, Let's Go, We'll be back" Everyone say's " If your going i'll go" I look at them and say " No, I don't wanna risk you all getting hurt into something that doesn't concern or bother you" Carlos looks at them and say's " Moose is right, I don't our Crew to get hurt" We walk out the door running, Carlos start's the car and speeds off, I'm so nervous at the moment I don't know what to do. When we Arrive Carlos looks at me and say's " I'm gonna go with you for Backup, I've been in these kind of situations so I know what to do" I Look at Carlos and Nod and we get out the car, Before we Leave we go the trunk and get out the black duffle bag and open it, Inside are Handguns,Knifes,and other stuff I grab 2 Handguns and put one in the front of my jeans and the other in the back of my jeans, I put the pocket knife in my pocket, Carlos get's 2 Handguns and a Pocket knife and put's them in the same Place I put mine, I get out my phone and Text Mariah saying " Here at the place, Couple house's Down, I got my friend here, I'll get you out I promise" I Look at Carlos and say I'll Scout ahead, I'm good in the tree's, Carlos hand's me a sniper rifle and and bullet's and say's "Take this incase you need to fire" I nod and start to jog into these people's house and run so that i'm in my family's place and I climb a tree when my phone vibrate's, It's from Mariah " Moose, Thank God, Me and Nathan and a Few other people are held captive, Our family is taking us all outside to our uncles place to kill us, HURRY!!" I text and say " I'm Coming,I'll kill them all if I have to" When I put my phone back, I see Carlos across the yard in some bushes and Text him " Keep your eye's open, Family should be coming out with my Cousin and her boyfriend and a few innocent people" Carlos text's me and say's " Alright, Let's kill a few bitches" I take the sniper rifle off my back and put in a few bullet's and use the Sniper Rifle Scope when I see my family coming out with guns to the people.

I text Carlos " Record every thing they say so when there dead we can explain to the cop's what really happened" He text's me back and say's " Okay I'm on it, What's the signal and who do I kill first? I text him and say " Take the guy in the Dark Navy Blue T-Shirt I'll take my uncle in the Bright Red" He Text's me and say's " Okay, I'll wait for the signal"  I jump down the tree and see some of my girl cousin's hiding, I go over to them and say " What are you still doing here, You should be gone already" I say in a hush tone They look at me frightened and say " We Ran, We just Ran, Our family is going to kill our other girl cousin and her boyfriend and innocent people, Help them Moose" I Look at them all and say " Alright, I will, I got a friend across the yard in a bush with a sniper rifle, I want you to stay low and go across the yard and you will see a black car, Here are the key's when you get there I want you to get in,Drive to the grocery store and wait for us there till we return okay?" They all look at me and nod and start to run low, I grab my phone and text carlos and say " I found some of my girl cousins gave them the key's to your car told them to go to the grocery store and wait in the parking lot" He text's me and say's " Okay, That's good there not captured, When's the signal?" I text him and say " Just watch, When I bend down I want you to shoot okay?" He say's " Okay" I  get up and I remember I have some throwing blade's in my pocket, I take 2 out and put them up my sleeve like a hidden blade, I take a deep breath and start to walk out so i'm visibly seen by my family. They all look at me and say " Grab Him and put him with the other's, Two guys come to me and I just keep walking like I don't give a shit and pull the blade's out and stab them in their heart and they fall to the ground, I hear the gunshot of Carlos and he shoots the guy in the Navy Blue T-Shirt. My other family is shocked what just happened and say's " Your going to Fucking Pay, Moose, Boy's Get him" Two other guys start to run at me, So I pull out both handguns and shoot them in the head and they fall, All that's left is my Pregnat Girl cousin,My Uncle that I hate the most. Carlos comes out of the bushes and put's the knife against my Uncle's Throat and cut's his throat. He falls to the floor and grons and say's " This Is just the Beginning Moose, You see..." After that he's dead and me and carlos look at my girl cousin who is gonna have a baby and say's " Stay away from me or I will pull this trigger on Mariah's Head" I look at carlos and put my hand down and he stops in his track's. I drop my gun's and blades but I do have a Hidden Blade up my jacket Sleve she doesn't know about. I start to walk up to her and she say's " One More Move Moose, I will pull the trigger" I look at her and sigh and say " Can we Talk?" She's Like " Yeah Sure, Right Here infront of everybody"  I nod and I whistle and she looks curious and say's " Why did you whistle? Is there anyone else coming?" I look at the sky and see a black Eagle and it Caw's and I look back at my girl cousin and say " Nope, Not Yet that is..."  I hear my Wolf pack behind me in the wood's and say to my girl cousin " I still have that Necklace you love the Most, Do you still want it before you die?" She Nod's and walks over to me and I say " It's over there in that black bag" I look at carlos as she walks over and give him an evil smile and my Black Wolf friend comes out and is on top of her and He looks at me in his wolf form and I say " Do it" He tear's into her neck and rips off her head, Me and Carlos go over to Mariah,Nathan,The Lady that adopted me and the other people. Mariah Hug's me tightly and say's " Moose, What...What is that thing?" I look at her and everyone and say " It doesn't matter Me and Carlos got a Mess to clean up go down the street and our girl cousins are in a black and Red Pickup Truck go there and wait for us" Mariah say's " There Alive? I thought they go killed becaused they screamed" I shake my head no and they turn around and start to run down the street.


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