The Life of Being Adopted

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter 7: The Truth is Revealed

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Submitted: December 05, 2012



Chapter 7: The Truth is Revealed

I turn and look at Carlos and he say's " I'm Glad you saved your Cousin and her Boyfriend and a few other's, Now what are we gonna do with this Mess?" I look at Carlos and my Black Wolf that Turn's back into Human Form and he say's "That Bitch Tasted Good to Kill" I Look at him and Laugh and say " Well there's more where that Came from, If anything like this happen's again" I look at Carlos and say " Carlos Take My family that is left and Brent to your place with our Crew, I'll Stay here, GO!!" Carlos Nod's and Brent looks at me and say's " Need any Backup Whistle 3 Times and my Pack will be here along with me, Good Luck Moose" They start to grab the gun's, I grab my 2 hand guns and put them in my pants and text Mariah " Hey Carlos and my Wolf Friend Brent are gonna take you to Carlos Place, Do as they say, They won't hurt you" I put my phone in my pocket and pile the body's and I dig a Big whole and put them in and cover the hole back up. I look around and I see one of my other family member's that ran off, He see's me and start's run off and I start to Run after him. I see carlos and Brent over there in the parking lot and they see me, They tried to come but Mariah say's "DON'T, Let him handle it" I'm fighting this guy and he pulls out a knife and stab's me in the stomach I fall to the ground and grunt, He start's to run away, I get up and turn into a dark Blackish Grey Wolf and start to chase after him and throw him to brent and he turn's into his black wolf and we circle around him and he get's up and turn's into a wolf, I look at Brent and Brent looks at me and the guy charges at Brent, I tackle him and bit into his neck to make him whine, Brent hold's him down and I rip out the guy's throat in wolf form, he turn's back into human and bleed's to death. I turn back into human form with just my jean's,and my Shoes and beanie and gloves. Mariah and arlos look at me and say " What the Fuck!!! Just a Few Minute's ago I thought only Brent could turn into one, But Now you Too Moose?!! You got some Explaining to do when we get back!" I Nod and get into the back of the pick up truck and Carlos start's to drive, A Few hour's and we make it to Carlos Place, and We see the crew outside with there stuff. Carlos is like "What the fuck!!!" Everyone turn's to us and they see Me,Brent and Carlos Covered in Blood and they look at us and say "What's...What's with the Blood?" I say " Don't worry, Now why the fuck are you guys all outside with your stuff?" Someone hand's Carlos a Orange Letter with "Seized" On it. Carlos try's to break open the door but the crew stops him and say " Don't Carlos, We tried to get everything out" I walk up to Carlos and say " I hear Screaming,Particually Cammile" Brent looks at me say's " Yeah I hear it too" I look at Brent and Nod my head to him and we walk up to the door and Kick the heavy metal piece of shit open, Brent looks at me and say " I'll take the window you take the roof" I look at him and start to climb the building. When I get to the top I see Brent inside tackling and I see cammile trying to fight for her self, She run's out but the guys go after her and I tackle the guys and say " Brent...Get her out GO!!!" He get's up quickly and throw's Cammile over his shoulder and run's outside, I'm Inside with 3 other guys with Knifes and the stab me again, I fall to the floor and they say " Guys, Go, Go!!" I get up and quickly follow them and I see my crew getting outta the way, Brent has Cammile in her arm's, I turn into my wolf form and start to chase after them. It's not long before Brent is next to me in Wolf form and growl's and tackles one of the guys and kill's him, I tackle the other 2 and Kill them, I turn back into human Form and try to get back up but I can't, My stab wounds hurt me super bad.Brent changes back into human form and help's me up and say's " Moose, Your Stomach, We gotta get that fixed" I Fall to the ground in pain and scream " FUCKK!!!!" Carlos comes over and say's "What's wrong?" Brent looks at him and say's "He's been Stabbed in the Stomach, He might not live unless we get this fixed right now" Carlos Nod's and grab's my feet and Brent grab's my arm's and they carry me up inside and put me on the couch, The Crew and Cammile,and the rest of my family are all shocked,scared and crying. I scream out in pain and say " SOME FUCKING HELP ME!!!FUCK!!!" Carlos and Brent come over with a bucket of Water and a wash cloth and a few Medical stuff and they clean the wound from my blood and they pour some Hydrogen peroxide on it and I Scream it Fucking Pain "OMG THAT FUCKING HURT'S!!! After they clean the wound and before they put some of Triple antibiotic my wound automatically heals, Brent looks at me and say's " Moose, Your Wounds, No Wolf can't heal there wound's on there own in a matter of Seconds" I get up and stare at Brent and say " Well there Healed aren't They? Just be glad I'm not Dead?" I walk off and outta the house just to get some air and Cammile comes out and hugs me tighthly, Hug her back just as tight and I pull her up and her leg's wrap against my waist and start's to Kiss me. She get's down from my waist and goes back inside, Before she goes back inside I grab her arm gently and pull her against my Hard on she gave me, Her hand's travel down to my croutch and she give's it a squeeze making me moan. She give's out a small chuckle and say's " Moose, Are you already Hard for me?" I blush and say " Well I haven't Masterbated in How many Year's?" She opens her mouthc in shock and say's "Well let's not keep you waiting huh?" She unbuckle's my pants and pull's down my pants and boxer's and grab's my 13in Dick in her hands and start's to go back in forth with it then she get's down on her knee's and start's give me a blow job, I lean my head against the wall and say " Fuck!! This feel's so much better then How I do it" She takes her mouth off my dick and say's " Yeah?" I nod my head and not seconds I cum into her mouth and she swallow's all of my cum in her mouth, I pick ger up and kiss her hard tasting myself in her mouth, She looks at me and say's " You taste so Good Moose" I Kiss her again and say " Yeah, I'm All your's Baby"

Author's Note: I added Brent's Photo of what he looks like, Hope you like my choice

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