The Life of Being Adopted

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter 8: Confession

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



Chapter 8: Confession


I pull my pants back up since Cammile gave me a blow job, a really Fucking nice Blow job.I put my arm's around her waist and pull her up against me and we walk back inside. When we get inside we see all the crew,Carlos and Brent who is sitting on the floor against the wall. One of my girl cousin's Brittany say's " Moose,are you gonna explain what the Fuck just happened?" I let go of Cammile and she goes and sit next's to Brent since there is no more room. I look at everybody and say " It all started when I met Brent for the first time, When I met Brent he had alot of emotional and anger issues so I decided to help him try to control them but it didn't really work. He turned into a black wolf right in front of me and tackled me and bit into my neck. I got up and Brent ran away, I fell to the floor in pain as I felt my blood being over written by something else.When I woke up the next day in the forest, I saw Brent and he looked at me and said " You felt like your blood is being over written right? Well, That mean's your going to turn into a wolf like me one day, When your ready" I gave him a look that was mixed with Fear,Anger,Death and sadness, How can he do something like that to me when I wanted to help him? That's pretty much my story of how I become that Darkish Grey wolf. When I turned into a wolf for the first time, I didn't have any feeling but the kill those who hurt my friends,family or me, So I take my revenge on them for what they did to me." Everyone around me looks at me shocked even Cammile she is shocked the most and she get's up and runs to the bathroom and I can hear her throw up. I look at Brent and say " Why is she throwing up?" Brent looks at the bathroom door and say's "There's 2 option's one she got sick from your story or 2, She's Pregnat" I give Brent a look at what he just said and say " How can she be pregnat? We Rarely do anything and beside's I haven't seen her in year's other than today" Brent shrug's his shoulder's and walks off down the hall way, I knock on the bathroom door and I see Cammile holding a little stick in her hand. I give her a confused look and she looks at me with tear's saying " I thought I was pregnat Moose, I had to see if I was or not and I'm Not" I go to her and hug her tightly and say " Pregnat or Not, I'll always love you Baby, You know that" She hugs me and walks out the room and I follow behind her. I see everyone just shocked and they say " Were gonna head to bed, I need to contain my thought's at the moment" I look at everyone and they all go to sleep even Brent on the floor and Cammile in the room Carlos gave me. Carlos stay's behind and say's " Why did Cammile cry Moose?" I say " She thought she was pregnat but she's not and she wanted to be sure" Carlos nod's and say's " What are we gonna do Moose? More of them could be after us at this very moment" I Sit on the couch and say " I'm gonna Move to New York, That way I don't risk you all getting hurt, after all this is my Problem I don't need more friends or family dying because of me" Carlos sit's on the couch and says " The Hell you are, I'm gonna go if you go" Brent wakes up and say's " I'll go too along with my Pack, we can help you till every one of them is fucking dead" I look at Carlos then Brent and say " No, I'm not gonna risk any more friends or family, God Damnit" They look at me and Carlos say's to Brent " There is a guest room you can sleep in, I'm heading to bed Night guys" Carlos leave's and Brent goes to his guest room. I get up and go to my room to find Cammile sleeping so peacfully, I bend down and get my black and red duffle bag from under my bed that has all my clothes and such, along with weapons and money and a ticket to New York City. I kiss Cammile on the forehead before I leave and say in a hush tone " I'll see you soon Cammile, Love you" I walk out of my room and shut the door ever so quitely and make my way for the front door.

I start to run down the street to the airport to go to New York, When I get there I see alot of people waiting in line to board, Good thing I paid for my First Class New York Ticket. A Lady on the inncercome comes on and say's " Passenger's who have First Class Flight Ticket's to New York City, Please make your way to the first Class Line please, Thank you" I go to the First Class and I hear someone say " How Can a Teenage afford a First Class Ticket to New York?" I give them a glance and turn my head back to the front door and they say " First Class Flyer's may enter to get there seat" I walk in and take my seat. I keep my Duffle bag on the floor in front of me and pull out my Psp and my headphones and put in my game Assassin Creed : Bloodline. My phones start's to vibrate and it's a Call from Carlos and I answer and he just blurt's out saying " Are you Fucking out of your mind Moose? We told you not To go and you don't Listen" I sigh and say " It's Done, Over, Good luck" and I hang up and put my phone back in my pocket. I put up my Psp and headphones and take a nap,When I wake up I see were in New York, So I get my stuff and take a Taxi to a Hotel. When I'm in the Taxi, I look outside and see Downtown and it is so Amazing!!! I get a Text from Cammile saying " Good Luck Moose" I text back and say " I'll be Back, I Promise. Moose NEVER Break's a Promise <3" When I get to the hotel, I put my Duffle bag under the bed and take out a roll of cash and change my clothes. I put on a White Solid Tight T-Shirt,Black Tight Skinny jeans,my White and black Jordans,My White and black bracelets, My dogtags and a White and Black Striped Beanie and walk out my hotel room. 

When I walk down the Hallway, I see a girl who oddly reminds me of Cammile, I go up to her and say " Pardon me Miss, But you look familiar to someone, Have I perhaps met you before?" She turn's around and shocking it's Cammile, I say " Cam?" She's looks at me and say's " MOOSE!!!" I hug her and say " what are you doing here?" She looks at me and say's " Carlos is going Crazy, I needed to get away from him and the crew for a bit, Please let me stay? I won't tell anyone I saw you?" I look at her and kiss her then say " Alright Baby, Come on Let's go back to my place and we can sleep" She nod's and I hold out her hand and we go to my hotel room, Cammile looks tired so I don't try to pull anything on her, I hand her my t-shirt and she puts it on and lays in bed, I get in with her and wrap my arm's around her waist and fall asleep with her in my arm's knowing she's safe.

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