The Life of Being Adopted

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter 9: All Goes to Hell!

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012



Chapter 9: All Goes to Hell!!

I wake up with Cammile in my arm's when she arrived yesterday. I get up in my same clothes I just put on yesterday and I grab a sitcky note and write on it and put "Cammile- Heading out feel free to order room service, there is some cash in the night stand this note is on, Love you ~ Moose" I walk out my room quietly and head out the hotel room. I walk down the street's of New York City and come across Time's Square, Never in my life have I always wanted to go to New York and actually live here. Walking into Town Square I see Carlos and the crew I think in my head " What the Fuck are they doing here?!" I turn around and I hear Carlos say " There he is, GET HIM!!!" I start to run and the people in Town Square start to get out my way, I grab my phone while running and call Cammile, She answer's and say's " Moose, Where are you?" I say " That Doesn't Matter,What Does matter is you get the fuck outta there, Carlos is here with the Crew. Under my bed is a bag take it open it grab a handgun and put it in the front of your pants and check out, Then in the bag is a folded piece of paper go take a taxi and go there and wait for me" Cammile say's " Moose, Be Careful, I'm heading out now, Love you" I say " Love you too." I hang up and run faster, But I get tripped by a little 7 year old girl and Carlos start's to fight me on the ground, I kick him in the Ball's and he scream's in pain, I get up and start grab my knife, Carlos grab's his knife and say's " Your little Mother fucker, Why did you come here?" Looking at Carlos, I sense Brent and his Pack in wolf form, They come up behind me in an Ally and stand in front of my Growling and Snarling. I turn into a Wolf and I see Cammile running across the street, I give her a look of Go,Run!! I turn into my Greyish dark Blackish Wolf form like Brent. Carlos grab's a Gun and points it at me, I Snarl and say in my wolf form to Brent " Easy, You don't know if that gun can contain Silver" Breant Give's a Low Growl and back's away slowly. Since Brent is Alpha he gives me and the pack to turn back and retreat, I give a Growl at Carlos and turn away. We start to run down the ally when I see Cammile getting beat up by some guy's. Brent looks at me and we Growl at the guys that have Cammile, They back away and run off, Brent say's in his head to his pack " Get them, and kill Them" I walk up to Cammile and she say's " I'm So So Sorry Moose, I ran across the street but they took me here, I tried to use the gun, But they took it away" I put my wolf head on her stomach and lay down and she get's on my back and me and Brent start to go to the address, I told Cammile to go to.

When we get there Brent's Pack is all there in there Human form. I never really met his pack and he said, " Come on I'll introduce you to them" Brent calls the guys and they come over, I have Cammile behind my back incase they try to pull anything. Brent chuckles and say's " There not gonna hurt her, If they did she wouldn't be alive" Brent say's " This is Matthew,Dean,Shane,Kris,Nick,Kevin,Joe and Brandon. I look at them and say " I'm Robert Alexander III, But you can call me Moose.And this is Cammile my Girlfriend. The Guy's look at us and say " Hi Moose and Cammile, Nice to finally meet you two. Brent looks at me and say's " Moose, Can we talk in private please?" I nod and tell Cammile to go to get to know the guy's some more and she Nod's. I walk into a room with Brent and I say " What you need to talke about Brent?" He turn's around and takes a seat in a chair, sighs and say's " Our Wolf's and Pack have been Exposed, Do you know what this mean's? We have to be very very careful now, People could be after us to kill us as we speak" I look at Brent and say " Well If were Exposed, Doesn't that mean we have to move some where else? No one told you to come in " Wolf Form" and save me, I had a Gun and knife you know? I can take Carlos after all, I know all of his weak spots and such, I know his main weakest point his Mother" Brent looks at me with a Evil grin and say's " Then we use Carlo's Mother as bait, Capture here and Carlos will soon retreat correct? I nod my head and we head out the door and we see the pack but not Cammile. I say to the pack " Where's Cammile? Joe looks at me and say's " She's in the restroom, She'll be right out" I nod in sigh of relief I thought they hurt her. Brent looks at his pack and say's " We have a way to get Carlos off our backs for quite some time, Moose do you want to explain it?" I nod and say " Carlos "Was" my best friend and I know all his Weakspots and points, But he never found out mine, Me and Brent are gonna capture Carlo's Mother and I'll send Carlos a text Saying " If you want to see your Mother alive again, Leave us alone, Of my friend and his friends will tear her apart" They all laugh and say " That Plan is Awesome, Now where do we find his Mother?" I look at them and say " The only place you would suspect, Carlos Place" They all nod and jump off toward's the door when Brent Growls and say's " NO!! Me and Carlos will go, Once we have her you take her some where Carlos won't look, But you have to keep her fed,clothes and such it's part of the plan" They all nod and sit back down. Me and Brent head out toward's the door and we take off to Carlos Place.

Once we arrive, We see Carlos isn't home. Yes!! I tell Brent she's in the living room, she know's what I look like so i'll turn into the wolf and you captur her got it? He nod's and we slowly open the door, I walk over to Carlos mother and she scream's because she see's a wolf in her house, She tries to grab a knife but Brent is behind her and put's a bag over head and put's her over his shoulder and we run out the house back to Brent's place. When we get back Brent looks at his pack and hands them over to them and takes them to a place Carlos will never look. I turn back into human form and text Carlos "If you want tosee your Mother alive again, Leave us alone, Or my friends and his friends will tear her apart Slowly and painfully "After I sent the text Brent goes to his training room and I follow, I suddenly remember that I didn't see Cammile after I talked with Brent earlier, I go knock on the rest room door and she comes out, I look at her and say " You know Baby?" She nod's and I kiss her on the cheek before I go back to Brent's Training room. Me and Brent end up training for 5 hour's straight without Water,Food or stopping. To me it's a good way to buff up better but that's me, Brent's probably used to it.

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