Chapter 2: Existence

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I wiped the dirty wall, this must be the last part I needed to wipe. The building never know when it was built, but it wasn't big or small, but perfect for me. "I guess I'm done cleaning!" I said putting my hands on my waist. Since young I've been living in this place, where no one is around, where I have no parents. Outside was broken buildings, trash, and not one living human was around. Sometimes I pick up worms for lunch, which is pretty normal for me.

  My dress wasn't as fancy as the dresses on posters I see in empty shops, it was quite dirty and torn. The windows was clean, the floors glittered, the walls were all smooth. As I make my way for the second sweep of the floor I found a dirty picture that flowed into here. The picture seemed it was drawed by a toddler or a kid between 6-8. My eyes widen as I sat down leaning against the wall, the picture had trees, mountains, grass, birds. But my eyes saw a word with an arrow pointing to a yellowish orange thing shining up above the mountain with a big smile, and it said Sun.

"Sun?" I thought as I scartched my head. I've never heard of Sun before, but it looked beutiful. My eyes stared up at the foggy poluted sky, If there is a Sun in the picture wouldn't there be a sun here too? But I sighed, only clouds. I tucked the picture into my left pocket keeping it safe in there. "What to do," I thought looking around the empty streets. everyday is the same, no one around, only me. 

 I walked to a near by pond in a abandoned park. I looked at my reflection with a frown. "This doesn't make sense," A thought stroke me, "It's not possible, why am I here and no one else? Was I important? Was I cared? There must be a reason why I'm here." I clenched my hand into a fist. I never thought about that in my whole life, was I really alone? Do I have parents? Questions and questions flowed in my head. 

 I walked back to the building with a mixed expression, I whistled and birds came. Even though i may be alone but the animals all care for me, but that's diffrent."Hey Sky," I said to the blue bird, it whistled a tune. The tune was amazing, beutiful and relaxing. "Okay you and Sand get me as many pictures you can find like this," I said as I picked up the picture I got earlier today in the building. They nodded and flew away.

 I lay on my bed, wondering and wondering. The building wasn't all that perfect, and there was a hole in the roof on top of my bed. My eyes stared at the stars shinning ever so brightly. "Stars," I sighed, "Such incredible things," I muttered under my blanket. I took the picture out again, this time noticing the sun's shape. "It's corners are like the stars!" My eyes glared at the picture and stood up. I rushed to get my pencil running to a random part of the wall. "It shines," I started drawning the sun, I pictured the sun bright, warm, fascinating, hot maybe, and shines. After I drew the Sun I looked out the window seeing the moon. "The sun and the moon," I thought, "Could it be that the Sun is for morning and the moon was for night!?" I cried out of the window. My voice echoed through the streets, My eyes were almost shut. My eyes closed as I lay back onto the bed. 

"Is there more than this place?"


Submitted: April 23, 2012

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Courtney Fields

I apologize for not reading sooner, I am lacking in time, I had time to read your story now though :) This is great, very detailed and I can picture images as I read. I look forward to the future chapters, keep writing and keep me informed.

Thu, April 26th, 2012 1:07am


Thanks, and I am working on the 2nd chapter.

Thu, April 26th, 2012 1:07am

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