Protectors Prophecy

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Joseph is 15 living a normal life, until that day. The Protectors had prophesied this day - the day of the dragon.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eternal Damnation

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



Eternal Damnation

Joseph was an ordinary boy, until the dream. He was 15 living in a mansion on the outskirts of Hon'ran, he had short black hair and his face revealed a large scar along his right cheek. Robert was his brother, he had short black hair, like Joseph, but he was two years older than him. Lying in bed Joseph started to drift off to sleep – feeling the sense of falling he hit the ground of this dream world. Hearing a slight cackle from the edge of the room Joseph moved over to see where this noise had come from. He was standing in a large room, there were floor to ceiling windows but the outside was completely black but there was an eerie light as if the windows were normal. There was a strange red tint to the room. At the end of the room there was a painting of him with two circles and a pendant underneath. Moving one hand towards one of the circles his hand was dragged towards the centre and locked in place. Muttering to himself he said “What’s there to lose.” Placing his hand into the other circle shadows in the shape of vines started to grow up his arms. He starts to scream as he dropped to his knees; the shape of a dragon starts to burn itself into his back reaching up
The symbol lay dormant for a few days until he and his brother got into an argument. Robert went to swing at Joseph, who put up his hands as a line of defence. Robert’s hand shattered on the reinforced bone
- Joseph went for a punch, the symbol and his veins flashed a bright red; the punch connected, he went flying into the wall and smashed through. Joseph skidded over and placed his hand on Robert's chest - the symbol glowed light green and Robert woke up with a startling gasp, he was healed.

Not much happened over the next few days, but 3 days after that, whilst Joseph’s family was sleeping a window shattered and in jumped men in balaclavas. Joseph’s parents awoke to this crash. The men put a fabric bag over Joseph's father and shot his mother in the leg, as she ran towards the men trying to save her husband. Joseph’s eyes snapped open at the sound of the gunshot, he leapt down the stairs and into his parents room - but he was too late. Diving towards his mother he shut his eyes and the symbol glowed light green, he opened his eyes and placed his hand over the gunshot wound - the hole started to seal up, with the blood around it seeping back into the body. That night he vowed to kill the men who took his father.

The next morning during breakfast, whilst his mother was weeping, he ran his plan past her. She looked up and a glimmer of hope that her husband could be returned to her. Joseph sat at his computer as he scoured the internet for reports of other kidnappings. Joseph was good with computers, during the next few weeks he wrote many programs to search the internet for kidnaping with certain specifications. His walls were covered with images linked together with lines of string and yarn; the web of lines leading to a satellite image of a large warehouse. Turning to his mother he explained that he had to leave. She wept for a while but eventually allowed him to go.

Unable to drive he had hitch-hiked towards the warehouse. Upon arrival he looked up and saw the large building towering over him with the corrugated metal rusting away and flaking. He approached the door with caution, placing his hand on the lock. The symbol turned a bright orange and with that the lock started to turn red, melted and fell to the ground.

Opening the door he raised his hand and the symbol glowed a shimmering purple and sparks of lightning flowed from his hands to the bulbs - the room was filled with light. At the end of the room a man in complete black overalls raised a gun towards Joseph. He raised his hands in an ‘x’ shape and the symbol glowed with an ethereal yellow and with that a shield flew up in front of him, the bullets bounced off the shield. Joseph dived out of the way of the shield; his symbol flashed shining silver with a green tint. With that a tiny metal shard launched out of the palm of his hand. It hit the guard and he collapsed to the ground with the lower end of his body paralyzed by the poison on the end of the shard. Walking toward the guard the symbol glowed pure silver, Joseph knelt down next to him and placed his hand on the back of his head and said, ‘Now, I can get the information I need from you whatever you do but you choose whether we do it the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is that you tell me what they have done to my father I and let you go, or we do it the hard way which is you don't tell me anything I kill you and take what i need by hand”
“I won’t tell you anything!” The guard replied.
“Okay the hard way it is.” The symbol on Joseph's hand flashed bright silver and the guard’s slumped to the ground, his eyes closed. Joseph reached down and picked up the small computer chip that had fallen out of the guards head just as he had planned, he knew he had to act fast before the data deleted itself. Pulling out his laptop he inserted the chip into the reader on the side, the information popped up and started to auto-delete – he salvaged what he could. The files contained a location of another warehouse where, they were storing something with the code name of ‘BEAST’ – he knew where he had to go.

Once again he had to hitchhike, but this time he was travelling to the centre of Ran'yer where he was to visit his friend Icath. Icath was an expert on human mutation and growth - if anyone could help Joseph it would be him - Joseph hoped that he might know something about the project named 'BEAST' but suspected that his search would come up short. Joseph walked up to the door but checking around to make sure he was not being seen - he approached the door and tapped. A wavering voice replied "Haidhuru wewe ni, kwenda mbaliwewe sialitakahapa", Joseph translated it in his head it read
"Whoever you are, go away you are not wanted here"
"It is Joseph" He replied
There was a rustling noise and approximately 6 clicks as Icath undid the bolts on the cold steel door, the door creaked open in inch and a face appeared; the face was covered in tattoos resembling the letter ‘A’ in his native language Fluzeug†1. He leaned out and whispered “Quick, get in before they see you”; Joseph was pulled through the door collapsing onto the floor in front of his friend.
Icath said “You are stupid friend – you need to be careful here or you will die”
“I think i am going to die anyway, I need you to do something for me” Joseph replied
Icath talked with a worried voice “What is it?”
“You don’t have to do this.”
“What is it?”
“I have studied the files on a guards chip and have found something in need you to find out about”
“A project called BEAST”
“I will see what I can do”
Icath turned towards an array of monitors and started typing, Icath was an elite hacker easily breaking into the government files - Joseph walked over to the only other chair in the place. He sat down and instantly fell asleep. Joseph awoke to Icath shaking him, instinctively Joseph grabbed him by the neck and slammed him to the ground – Icath face started to turn blue, Joseph dived back after he had realised what he had done, “Sorry, just instinct now”
“Don’t worry friend – there is nothing in the government files, this ‘project’ don’t exist.”
“Guess it is not the government” Joseph replied
“Guess not, Good luck on your journey friend, take this it will give you strength”
“Thank you friend”
Kwaheri na inaweza nguvu kuongoza njia yako.” 2 Icath replied (Goodbye may strength guide your way)
As Joseph walked you he said “And to you to friend” and with that he jumped onto the back of
the nearest truck moving by.

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