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They basically look like normal people, but now they have just inhabited earth, leaving all their young "maidens" behind, resulting in their definite extinction
Now there will be no pure Nomika thesis, only choice for the maidens is to reproduce with humans

I'm Emiko..more maidens shall join us ^u^

Chapter 1 (v.1) - (C)arbon(U)ranium(Te)llurium~ Prolouge

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012



Nomika Thesis- an alien creature that can travel through worlds, with genius level intelligence,they usually wield telekinetic powers, and their elemental power is electrical atmoskinesis

"..The reason why they left them behind was because they were all blacksheep

an experiment gone wrong, they had fractured their DNA

and they know they are all going to die eventually from old age, leaving the fertile maidens on Earth

dooming their race in definate extinction.

Princess Emiko

they left one last message

to someday return to home planet

and start a new race for the Nomika Thesis..."

Emiko: Like hell I'm going to go back !! You cast me out !! TTuTT
Narrorator: They hurt her poor feelings..should she return or-?
=__= !!

Judging by your facial expression..I guess not. Anyway, Emiko..tell the audience about yourself ^_^


My name is Emiko, I'm 13 years of age ^u^

Past...my past is simple I guess..I was left on Earth because my family didn't want me anymore after they discovered I was different from them, I'm a princess..but eventually happiness can leave you I guess..not that my life was very happy to begin with..I was always different from the other Nomika spawn, that always was a bummer, and I never left the Mothership. Redicule follwed me everywhere, and came with it was constant rebellion, and I never could become friends with girls..I had a lot of boys that were friends. ^u^

Skills, I can fly, build crap, superhuman strength, intellegence, la~

Elemental Power.. >u< Mine is Light, energy, but my specialty is Fire, the color is usually Blue/Violet

Likes..I like human sweets instead of ones from my home planet, I like animals, like ones that are feline though..and I like boys =u= *pervert face*

Dislikes.. I hate water, only when I take baths..Girls (usually) Scientists..=^=

Personality..Rebellious, Bubbly, Benevolent, Gullible, Childish, Flirty (^u^ at times) Generous, Curious, Adventurous, Charming, Semi-Antisocial

Story shall begin in the next chapter~ la

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