Chapter 1: Depression, "friends", and mountains of lies.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Hi my name is Mizune Makino of class 1A. I’m the smartest student in school, although I wish I wasn’t. It seems my life has taken a drastic turn for the worst when I enrolled in Karahara high whilst dealing with constant ridicule from my peers. I’d rather die than have to endure the life of an average teenage girl. “Hey Mizune, why do you look so glum?” “Another beating will cheer you right up!” says member number one of the “witches”. The witches are a group of girls that harass me every day. “Yeah, you can’t let that pretty face spoil!” says another member of the witches egging on a sick sarcastic game. That’s enough. “I can’t take this anymore!” I scream. I leave my desk and run through the bustling school. I hear echoes of all the students laughing at me.

I don’t know where to go to find refuge for the aching pain I’m feeling right now. Maybe I should skip class and walk through the streets of Tokyo; no one would care where I am anyway. “And just where are you going Ms.Makino?” asked the big apple while putting his filthy hand on my shoulder. “Get your hands off of me!” I scream to the pop of my lungs, a scream similar to a Banshee’s. You may be wondering who this big apple person is; it’s Mr.Tsu, the principal. He’s an obese, imbecilic, amoeba. I hate his guts. Why? Because earlier this year (it’s 2015 by the way) the witches had blamed me for stealing my own bag.

He was stupid enough to believe it was one of theirs and I received a punishment for it. School equals why and bother. I eventually get away from the big apple and trudge home vigorously. Nobody is home since mom and dad are on a business trip. Bon’ voyage mom and dad. I honestly do not miss my parents; I don’t know them as well as I should. The neighbors always repute me and say that I am blessed with beauty, intelligence and wealth. If only they were in my shoes. I slowly walk though my house and feed up the railings, past the master bedroom and bathroom and finally into my room. I lie on my lavish queen-sized bed, and look up into the ceiling to find my Zen state. I begin to think about Tokyo, Japan, the place I call home.

Oh Tokyo, with it’s bustling streets, quirky advertisements, with it’s unique culture and history. History? With it’s hidden past shaded by anime, it’s technology, food and westernization. Not only Tokyo, but also Japan with it’s numerous lies and tricks during the Holocaust. Tokyo with it’s natural disasters and criminals. I hate Tokyo and it’s injustice. I hate this retched place that calls itself a city. Urgh, I feel disgusted, I need some water to purify me. *Knock* *Knock* who might that be? I hope it’s not that guy who tries to get people in pyramid scams. *Creak* “Hello again!” Oh no it’s Hana Shojo, queen of the witches, how’d she know where I lived?

“A little birdie told me you skipped out today, I came to see if it was true.” She laughs, obnoxiously. “Mwahahaha!” snorted Hana. I hope she chokes on her laugh. “Well Mizu-chan, aren’t you going to let me in? It’s cold out here.” Asked Hana with a sinister smile. What is her machination? “Sure..” I don’t want any problems; my life is enigmatic enough as it is. “ Decent place you have here.” Said Hana going gaga over every little thing in my home. “Thanks.” I said in the most monotone ever. “Why are you so quiet Mizu-chan?” Why do you think? “Do you have a problem with me?” said Hana, but why is she asking me so many questions? “Can you give me a tour of your house?” Asks Hana.

I am, you scatter brain. “Sure, why not..” I respond. As we walk around my house I feel so uneasy, I’ve never had company over before, and even though Hana was unexpected and was the enemy at this very moment I feel as if she is my friend. “This is the kitchen.” I say nervously. “Oh, it’s just so spacey and the décor and the appliances are superb!” fantasized Hana. “I love how the colors complement each other. “ What the heck is she talking about? This is just any normal kitchen! She is just flattering me. “Mizu-chan how would you like a drive in my limo around town? Hana asks while playing with the salt and peppershakers. “I apologize but I have other things to d-“ “But It’ll be fun! Your skin is pale you need to get out more!” Hana Shojo just won’t take no for an answer. “Oh alright fine.” I give in, letting Hana whisk me away in her high-class ride.

Why’d I get into a vehicle with the enemy? “ I think that before we shop we should grab a bite to eat.” declares Hana while grabbing tightly onto her purse. “What do you think Mizu-chan?” “I’ll just settle for sushi” I reply. After 15 minuets of driving through midday traffic we find eat at this upscale sushi restaurant. I must admit, this sushi is delectable; I think I’ll try them all! After our feast on sushi we head into the comfortable limousine “Did you enjoy your food?” asks Hana looking for a solid answer. My god, she is a walking quiz! Well I can’t say no. “Yes, savored it.” I said while looking blindly out the car window. “That’s great..” mumbles Hana. Why does she sound so displeased? “Driver stop here.” Demanded Hana. “I have a sweet surprise for you Mizune.” Said Hana. A surprise in a dark alley? Perplexing. “Oh wonderful.” I say in a gleeful voice. I truly felt happy, I never rode in a limo, and I never was treated to an expensive dinner. I’m dwelling on the fact that she stopped us in a dark, damp alley though.

Way too suspicious. *Slam* Out of nowhere this large group of guys pin Hana and I up to the filthy, grimy alley walls. Hana looking terrified which I’ve never seen her as weak as this. One of the masked men puts some kind of liquid on a cloth. Is he coming towards me? I try to break through the tight grasp the scum has on my arms. *Bam* I kick him right in his family jewels. As he is cowering on the ground, the group of masked men surrounds me in a circular formation. “Hey pretty lady, don’t think your gon’ get away from us cause’ it ain’t gonna happen!” a goon says. “You need to read a dictionary!” I retort while bracing myself. They all start closing in on me. One of them grabs me from behind and puts the cloth on my mouth. Suddenly, everything is going very unorthodox; all I can see are silhouettes of the sadistic cretins. I wonder if this is what it’s like to be intoxicated after a few beers.

? ? ? End of chapter 1 ? ? ?

Submitted: April 09, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Skill4Skullkandy66. All rights reserved.


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Good story so far. I wanna read more or it when you publish more chapters ^_^

Mon, April 9th, 2012 1:21am



Sat, April 14th, 2012 8:31am

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