Allora painting

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Allora knows a lot about feelings. She knows how to feel happy and how to feel sad, but I don't think she understands these feelings, she just feels them like she thinks she has to, because if she doesn't she won't be able to feel anything else. She wants to feel something different.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Allora painting

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Allora Painting

Chapter 1 – A place to stay

Purple cage of discontent, three doors down was where I went. Timing is everything, she said. This place just came on the market and has everything you could ever need. I don't like the colour of the walls, they're too bright. There is a lot more to see, come this way. I have seen enough. I don't like it. What about the view, you can see everything from up here. The man exited out the door that he came through and I never saw him again. My smile was fading and all of the colours on the walls made me feel happy. The Sales lady was wearing a bright yellow sun dress and a sales rep jacket made of faded brown leather with big black buttons on it up and down, her name plate was painted with gold but most of it's sparkle had gone from it a long time ago. Her face was red and her hair was frayed and she was stressed. I didn't like the place because when I looked at it for the first time the walls just seemed to fade away, like they weren't even there. I could've fallen through the floor. It was on a pretty high floor too. Maybe I should be looking for something a little closer to the ground, a little less high up, less risky. I don't think anyone would want to be on a really high floor if there was a fire or something like that. I'll definitely be looking for a room that is on a much lower floor next time I go out looking, which would be tomorrow. I had already gone out once today. The lady who showed me the first room knew everything about the building. She said that it had been built in 19 some thing or other and famous musicians used to stay there for the night after they had performed in one of the big concerts that they had out on the roof. My eyes had been drawn to her feet, she wore a pair of printed black and white slippers with blue bows on the sides. I asked her what her name was as I came up to meet her and she answered, "My name is Allora, I come from Newbridge"

Allora had travelled a fair way to get here I thought. Where “here” was I wasn't entirely sure, most people have said that it is somewhere between Corden and Brade. I wonder if she lives in the building too, or if she just works there. When we were walking up and down the hallway I counted the numbers down until we reached number 32. When we went inside, I got a whiff of Allora's clothes and the cheap perfume she had been wearing. The combination of the two created an odour that I was unfamiliar with, was it lavender... or rosemary? Maybe a mixture of the two. Whatever it was it was a very strong smell and emitted a powerful scent that filled the room. I could smell it on my clothes now, it was like what she smelled like, it was her smell. That's the only way I could describe it. If she made her own perfume and sold it to everyone, she would make millions because when one person wore it they would just make everyone feel like they needed to smell like that too and then everywhere that I went would smell like her. Allora not only smelled nice but her face was covered in a million tiny freckles. Each one like a speck of sparkling glitter, that when she smiled her face glowed like a twinkling star.

"My name is Andrew", he said to me when I opened the door. He looked nervous. A lot like my brothers when they hopelessly try to flirt with every girl that passes by. Trying to make him feel at home I smiled at him a little bit and when I did his eyes stared back me. I couldn't see any further than what was on the surface, but I knew that what was underneath was very deep stretching on for miles like the depths of the ocean. And like the ocean his eyes were blue, a spinning wheel of all the different shades of blue that was mesmerizing. He smiled back at me and I held back a laugh. Now I was nervous, he had so much charm. He was dressed in an old fashioned blue suit with a maroon coloured tie and a black buttoned up shirt. I didn't want him to notice that I was looking at what he was wearing, when I realised that I had totally missed the fantastical black and gold stripes that had been painted on his hat. The hat was a cone shape with a sharp point at the tip-top of the hat. He looked like a wizard undercover. She chuckled, he noticed. After she had regathered herself he had reached out to touch her hair that had fell down on to her shoulder and brushed the knots out with his crooked fingers and when his fingers got tangled up in her curls he tried to rescue his hand without tearing out half her hair. She was so embarrassed but her expression did not change. Her eyes had locked on to his hand as it struggled to enweave itself out of the mess it had got itself in, she could not help but giggle a little at the situation. She could not look him in the eye. He gently unhooked his little fingers one by one from the dreadful curls that looked like they were multiplying with every twist and twirl he made, wrapping each one around his finger than letting go. It felt nice feeling the build up of tension being released from the tiny little fibres inside her hair. Like the worn out finger nails of a gardener who has been picking tough weeds from an overgrown place, her hair was very thin and brittle, she winced as one of her hairs was plucked straight from her head and Andrew’s hand was spun free from the web of hair that he had created. He had taken a headful of hair and now held it in his hands. He gently gripped the weird lengths of hair as they unravelled in his fist. My lord, what a mistake! He thought. But she can forgive him. All of her thoughts had centred on him now. She had forgotten how he had so desperately tried to help her feel comfortable.

The morning air filled the room and Allora spun around shaking her head. She was… lost, although there was something she had found. Something she adored and looking around thought was pretty, beautiful – a combination of the two. Thinking about her life, she never wondered how or why she had got to where she was, she didn’t worry about that because she knew in her heart that somehow she was being led in the right direction. When she was little she thought about where she would be when she was old like her mum, but now that she was here, she didn’t much care about that. She was too busy thinking about where she might be next. Calmly taking a few steps towards the window, she heard a noise that matched the screams inside her head. The only thing that confused her was which one was which. The noise grew and the place shook. A thousand little explosions went off inside her head and she fell to the floor. She fell to the floor and then she rolled up on to the chair in the corner. She flipped the chair as she got to her feet and brushed herself off. A man stood opposite her and she turned away from him. The look on her face made her cheeks harden. Her cheeks turned red and faded into blue. She heard footsteps at the door and they echoed with every last one. Melting her face with a smile, all things looked good even just for a while…

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