Shattered and Alone

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Alexis Knight has been alone for as long as she can remember, ever since her father walked out and her mother turned to prostitution when she was five. After seven years of going from foster home to foster home, the latest in a serious of drunk, abusive foster fathers tried to kill her with a baseball bat, putting her in the hospital. From there she was transported to a top secret facility created by scientists and anonymous political sources. Known only as IT, the facility was designed to put her through several illegal tests and experiments for the advancement of knowledge on the human body.
Now, three years later, she has finally escaped and taken refuge in a small traveling circus. There she meets the boy of her dreams and the family she never knew. But is her idyllic new life nothing but an illusion destined to shatter before her eyes? Will she ever be anywhere but alone?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011




She ran.

The trees reached out to grab her, holding her back, whipping into her skin, slowing her panicked flight. The rain flung itself upon her like millions of tiny bullets, and the wind howled curses at her, blowing every which way.

Yet still she ran.

Her pursuers were not far behind, crashing through the thick undergrowth, their angry voices blending in with the wind, their guns ready as they strained to catch a glimpse of their prey through the blinding rain.

She ran.

The chase dragged on, and soon both parties were slowing, staggering through the woods, running out of stamina. The pursuers radioed a helicopter, and slowed to a stop. Let the girl run. They would catch her, no matter where she went.

She ran, without stopping.

Her body begged her to slow, desperate for air and a break. Her chest burned, and knives of fire stabbed through her side with every step. Her vision in the dark woods was already dim, and it slowly grew worse as exhaustion flooded her panicked mind. Her clothes had long ago been soaked through, and pulled at her, weighing her down. She paused, quickly stripping until almost nothing covered her slim, small frame, then threw the drenched heap as far away from her as her tired muscles could.

She ran.

Soon her running slowed to a staggering, stumbling walk as her body began to give in under the strain of exhaustion. Shedding her clothes had lightened her, but also removed an added layer of warmth. Now she shivered uncontrollably, struggling through the thick undergrowth, trying desperately to ignore the black depths of unconsciousness closing in on her. A helicopter hummed in the distance, and she gasped in panic, urging her legs faster. They in turn demanded more air from her lungs, which worked frantically to pull oxygen into her body, forcing her to breath so deeply she felt lightheaded.

Suddenly the trees ended and she staggered out onto a small strip of grass. Running through the middle of the grass were train tracks, and sitting on the tracks was a train. Casting a terrified glance back into the dark trees, she scrambled to the train as best she could, then willed her body up the ladder and onto the roof of the last car. A small trap door had been left unlocked, and she crept to it, slipping on the wet metal. With a last burst of willpower she pulled it open and tumbled into a soft pile of straw.

She lay still.

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