Shattered and Alone

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Eyes of Silver and Blue

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



Eyes of Silver and Blue

Jake sat in a small chair next to the girl’s bed, watching her sleep. She was quite possibly one of the prettiest girls he’d ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on, and no order from Lydia was going to keep him from seeing her. He hoped Lydia would give her permission to stay at the circus. It’d be a pity if she left without him ever getting to date her at least once.

She shifted ever so slightly, and he leaned over, silently urging her to open her eyes. That led him to wonder what color they might be. A chocolate brown, soft and trusting? A sparkling black, sexy and daring? Or a more unnatural color for her skin tone?

She woke suddenly, sitting up and pulling away from him in surprised fear. He started too. Her eyes were not brown, nor black, nor even blue or green. They were silver, with wisps of blue woven in and around like ripples in a silver lake.

"Who are you? Where am I?" she breathed, entire body tense in fear. He laid a hand on her arm, marveling at how soft it was. She tried briefly to pull away, but he held on.

"Hey, easy. I’m Jake Diaz. You’re on the Stellar Circus train, bound for Lexington, Kentucky. Who are you?"

She hesitated, then answered slowly, keeping as far away from him as she could.

"Alexis. Alexis Knight."

He flashed her a bright smile. "Welcome to the circus! So how’d you end up in the elephant car of our train?"

"I…was running away…from…a foster family…and I saw the train and slipped in the back. I…thought it was a freight train or something."

She quickly slid out of the bed, still keeping as far away from him as possible. "I’ll leave now…sorry."

He kept a firm grip on her arm, delighted that she didn’t seem to mind him seeing her with barely anything on, and rushed to assure her.

"No! You don’t have to leave! I’m sure Lydia will let you stay as long as you want, don’t worry. Where are you planning to go next?"

"I don’t know…as far away from…my foster family as I can get, I guess."

"Oh, okay. What did they do to you to make you run away?"

She shrugged slightly. "I just didn’t like them very much, that’s all."

Jake briefly noted that seemed a little strange, but breezed over it without too much trouble.

"Well don’t think about them now, you’re in a circus! Nothing bad happens here."

Her eyes widened. "Nothing?"

"Nothing." Jake assured. "So what happened to your eyes?" he asked. "Were they always silver and blue?"

She looked away, hesitating. "They…just turned silver. I’m not sure how."

"That’s cool! My eyes have never been anything but blue."

She glanced at him, and their eyes met for a split second. Then she flushed slightly and looked away, a sudden shiver running up her spine.

"Oh, you must be freezing in that." Jake realized, scrambling to think of a way to get her warm without burying her in a blanket. "Here put this on."

Stripping off his shirt, he handed it to her. She took it gingerly, and glanced at him uncertainly.

"Put it on? But---"

Just then the door flew open, and Madeline bustled in, stopping short as she saw Jake, sans shirt.

"Jacob Diaz!" she scolded, snatching his shirt from Alexis and shoving it at him. "Get your blue eyes out of here and give her some privacy!"

Jake flashed Alexis an elfish grin. "Alright, I’m leaving. See ya at Lydia’s room Alexis."

With that he vanished out the door. Madeline locked it behind him, rolling her eyes.

"Don’t mind him dear, he’s quite the womanizer."

Alexis caught the note of affection in her voice as she spoke, and knew she didn’t really mean the offensive title.

"I’m Madeline by the way, head nurse of the Stellar Circus, whose train you climbed on last night. You are…?"

"Alexis Knight." she answered shyly.

"Welcome to the circus Alexis! Lydia Stellar, the boss around here, wants to ask you a few questions, but first you need to be presentable!"

Madeline guided Alexis over to the shower/bathroom off the main bedroom, and handed her a bag.

"Here are some necessities, disinfectant, and clothes I found that will hopefully fit you. Okay?"

Alexis nodded, and Madeline beamed.

"Great! I’ll come back in thirty minutes to get you!"

With that she vanished out the door, leaving Alexis alone.

For a few minutes she simply stood in the small bathroom, trying to make sense of everything that had just happened. Finally she shook herself, shoved all her confusion and turmoil to a far corner of her mind, and started making herself presentable.

Her first challenge came in the form of operating the shower. She’d hadn’t used a proper one in so long it was hard to remember how to. After a few tries she managed to get the water somewhat warm and quickly washed herself off, barely noticing the sting as water washed out the many cuts and scrapes all over her.

The clothes Madeline had brought for her consisted of blue jeans, black boots, a black formfitting top, and a black leather jacket. Alexis briefly wondered just whose closet Madeline had raided to get them, but they were better then anything she’d worn in a while. They felt warm and soft against her skin, and she relaxed slightly. This circus wasn’t so bad.

Her final challenge presented itself when she found a small pouch of make-up in the bottom of the bag. She could barely remember the last time she’d used make-up, but using what recollection she had, combined with the instructions on the back of each individual container, she managed to apply it without too much trouble. After brushing out her dark brown hair, she gingerly sat on the bed and waited for Madeline, nervously rehearsing what she would say to Lydia.

She hadn’t quite told Jake the truth about why she’d been running away. While she had been with various foster families since her mother deserted her when she was five, she’d been taken out of the system after her drunk foster father had showed up at her school one day wielding a baseball bat. He had recently seen her report card, and his drunken mind decided her just punishment for doing badly in school was to be knocked out with the bat in front of practically everyone in the school.

The police had fortunately not agreed with his line of reasoning and dragged him off, transporting her to a hospital. There she stayed for two long, miserable weeks, until she was moved to…IT. She was never told exactly what IT was, nor why she was there. The many white coated people that were endlessly prodding and stabbing and typing on their tiny computers never talked to her, barely even looked at her. The men in grey uniforms that waved guns in her face only spoke to her on occasion, and then simply to taunt her. For the most part she lived in a maddening silence, never knowing quite what was going on, never knowing quite what new experiment to expect, never able to do anything about her situation but shove all the fear and pain into the far corners of her mind and stay alive.

Finally she’d seen a chance to escape and made a break for it, taking off in the middle of last night during a terrific storm. That’s why she’d been unconscious in the elephant car. But she couldn’t tell Jake, or Madeline, or Lydia about IT. What if IT found out? There was no way she could risk that. She’d simply say she had been running from an abusive foster family, and taken refuge from the rain in the elephant car. Maybe they’d let her stay at the circus for a while. IT wouldn’t think to look there. Right?

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