Northern Cross

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A happy marriage, a lovely home and a brilliant future as a pilot, George Ashton seems to have it all ... including 25 years of guilt from a college caper gone murderously wrong.

Student radical activist, George Ashton, never dreamed he’d someday be a corporate pilot with a beautiful wife and solid middleclass existence, but then he never dreamed he’d someday be involved in a plot to abduct a Federal Judge either.

Trying to raise money for a radical organization, a young college student gets involved in a robbery that goes terribly wrong. Twenty-five years of hiding and rebuilding his life leads George to Julia, the love of his life, and an exciting job flying for a large mid-western electronics company.

But his past catches up to him when Brady Keyes, George’s past mentor and partner-in-crime, resurfaces and bursts George’s and Julia’s bubble. Manipulated and exploited, George is forced to pile betrayal upon betrayal in order to reclaim his life.

Northern Cross is thriller that features exciting flying sequences, the breathtaking wilderness scenery of Michigan and Canada, but most of all, the heroic struggle of a man and a women trying to overcome deception, danger and overwhelming odds to hold on to their life and their love.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Northern Cross

Submitted: February 14, 2008

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Submitted: February 14, 2008



Suddenly he saw a break in the trees. He figured that must be it, and headed toward it. Flashing over at two thousand feet, he saw the strip, in a valley between two small hills,

or rather swells in the landscape. Just past the north swell, about half a mile, he spotted the lodge. He could just pick out shapes of people running toward the airstrip. He hoped Haley wouldn’t notice them.


He yelled back in the passenger compartment, “We just passed over what looks like a private airstrip. I don’t see it on the charts, but I’m sure that’s what it is. Whatever it is, it’s our

best shot, so I’m going to set up for a landing.”


Haley yelled back, “Are you sure we can get there?”


“It’ll be tight.” The runway ran from the southeast to the northwest. George had passed over it from the south to the north and entered into a right bank to set up for a right-hand

base leg into it. The ripples on the lake indicated a fairly stiff breeze coming straight out of the northwest, allowing for a very slight crosswind.


He kept his turns shallow. The big twin was sluggish operating with a single engine and a feathered propeller, so he had to be careful not to lose airspeed too quickly. A stall at

this stage would be fatal. He turned on final, lined up with the strip, and dropped the landing gear.


He would be coming in over the tall pines to a relatively short runway, so he increased

his descent rate. When he was sure he had the runway made, he applied full flaps and cut back power a little. He could see a vehicle racing along the side of the runway, probably to be at the end to greet Haley’s Comet after her rollout.


Passing over the last of the pines, George chopped the power and the plane sank rapidly toward the runway threshold. Even with the light crosswind, landing on one engine was tricky and he had his hands full keeping lined up with the runway.


Trying to keep the nose high and flare for a gentle, soft field touchdown ate up a lot of runway. Before he knew it, almost a third of the strip was behind them, so he pulled back on the wheel until the stall horn sounded and dropped

the last three or four feet onto the grass.


The hard landing caused the plane to swerve as it dug into the soft ground, but George danced on the rudder peddles and managed to keep from going off the runway. A military-style jeep sat at the far end, which was approaching



Men jumped out and scattered to either side, not sure if the plane would stop in time. George glanced out the side window and noticed the trees speeding by. He’d increased pressure on the brakes carefully but firmly, trying to bring the aircraft to a stop without skidding, but now he pressed down harder and reduced the flap angle to put more weight on the wheels.  The airplane finally came to a stop, the nose dropping down and then bouncing back up, not five feet from the jeep.


When the plane stopped moving, George looked out at the jeep and saw Brady Keyes, sitting alone and staring back, the trace of a smile creeping across his face. They studied each other for a few seconds, then George turned around to check on how his passengers were doing.  Strand and Haley were both pale, but they seemed to be all right. With trembling hands, George shut down the airplane and undid his seatbelt and shoulder harness.

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