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Time travel

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Pendulum

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013



Chapter 1

The front door shut closed as my mom, tired form a long day at work, walked in with Sparkles, my dog, trailing after her. "Hi mom" I said. "Hey Victoria. How was your day at school?" " Fine, I guess. Nothing new, really".
I could see she was really tired, and even though she was only 33, I could already see wrinkles under her makeup. My mom worked hard, everyday, chasing criminals and solving cases with the F.B.I. I could see being a Special Agent wasn't as easy and fun as I thought. It was a very dangerous job too. I have always dreamed of being a Special Agent just like my mom one day. My thoughts were interrupted suddenly when my mom spoke.
"Do you have homework, hun?''
"No, well yes, I did, but I finished it at school with Kriss. . .'' I said.
"Well why don't you go out with your friends tonight. It's Friday. I could give you money, if you want,'' she added.  ''You don't want to eat dinner tonight?" I asked.  She shook her head. "No, it's okay. I can order a pizza or something. Then I need to go to bed, I'm very tired. Here's thirty-nine dollars, sorry I don't have more. I haven't gone to the bank yet." 
"It's okay mom, I still have some birthday money left," I said. Last week was 16th my birthday. I was really happy to finally be 16. "Okay then, hun. Remember, take care and if you need anything, call me okay? And if you stay over at your friend's house, call me and let me know. I don't want to worry," she said, yawning.
Thats exactly what I didn't want to do, worry her. Thats why I decided not to tell her about the weird glow I saw coming from behind a watch repair shop close to where me and my best friend Kriss get ice cream. I was hoping it was all a part of my imagination. Besides, if I did decide to tell her, she would worry too much and be all overprotective of me again, and I really don't want that. 
I grabbed my purse and phone and ran out my front door to my best friend Kriss' house, who I have known forever. She was a house away from me. Her mom and my mom decided to move close to each other that way they would be close to each other and go to work together. They were always very close, almost like sisters. They were about three years old when they met when my mom moved next door to her. Since then, they have been like sisters, and when they were older, decided to move here, in Oak Springs, as close as they could. This worked out for them since they both worked as Special Agents in the F.B.I. When I got to Kriss' house, I didn't bother to knock when I saw thick, black smoke coming from the kitchen window.
"Trying to burn your house down, Kriss?" I asked sarcastically. "Aww, you know I can't cook, I tried to make us some brownies,'' she said frowning. 
I laughed. " Thanks, but no thanks," I said. "Why don't we just go to Sweet's?" Sweet's was our most favorite bakery in town. They made delicious gourmet cupcakes and cakes, and a million other things. 
"Fine, hold on while I go get my purse," she replied. While she was gone, I turned off the oven, and scraped out all the black burnt "brownies", and left the pan in the sink to soak. 
She came out of her room running. "Okay, let's go!" she said. I stood up from the couch and walked out into the bright warm sunshine. 




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