My life as a Slave

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Sam sells herself to a company called Maid Co.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My life as a Slave

Submitted: August 12, 2013

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Submitted: August 12, 2013



Chapter One

“So when is Lilly coming home?” I asked as I stuffed my mouth full of meatloaf. My mother just gasped and my father glared.  

“She’s not coming home and we need to talk about that anyways.” My father put down his fork and sat up straight.

“What did she tell you before she left?” He asked.

“She just said that she was going to be gone for a while. Why what’s wrong don’t tell me she’s dead?” I rambled on.

“Sam, knock it off. Lilly is here in town but she sold herself to Maid Co.” Mom’s nose started running and she bolted for the bathroom.

“Wait that silly Maid Company. That gives you money for selling yourself. You let her do that. WHY?” I screamed.

“We needed the money and we still need the money. You have an appointment tomorrow morning at nine. We set it up for you. Dress nice and be nice and do whatever they tell you.”

I banged my head against the table, “So I’m being forced to do this. I am not going. I hate to tell you this but I am NOT going.” I stormed to my room and slammed the door. I didn’t talk to them the rest of the night, but I did overhear them in their room.

“Will she has to go, Lilly didn’t bring in enough money if she don’t go we will go to the poor house.”

“She will go Hun, she will.” My dad sounded so sure about it. Well I’ll show him. I started packing only my clothes. Without thinking I put on my mini skirt and a light blue tank top that showed a lot of cleavage and put my heels in my bag I jumped out of my window and leaped over the small picket fence and down the road. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew where I wasn’t going.

It wasn’t until in the early morning I didn’t stop running. I relaxed in front of a building watching traffic zoom by. Next to me a glass door opened and three people walked out. I looked up and seen my sister wearing a slutty outfit.

“Lilly!” I jumped up as she turned around to face me.

“Hello Sam, what brings you to Maid Co?” I froze I didn’t realize the building I stopped at was Maid Co.

“Mom and dad need the money again. But I don’t want to do this; I don’t want to belong to anyone. Lilly I missed you.” I sighed as she sighed.

“Master, this is my sister Sam. Sam this is my Master Damien. He owns me now. Mother and father got their money and you don’t have to but listen to me. Mother and father won’t take kind on you running away. So you have to do something. And I know you don’t want to hear this but go in there and put your name down on the list. You will be married and happy to a man who won’t mistreat you. I have to go and be a housewife so take care.” My sister waved and got in a limo and it drove off leaving me alone. The other person who was with them looked me up and down.

“So are you coming in?” He asked. My head snapped up and I nodded.

“Yes, I guess I am.” I opened the doors and stepped into a large lobby with men and women standing around talking with each other. I spotted a desk and walked towards it.

The women behind it with thick red rimmed glasses looked up. “May I help you miss?”

“Yes I am Sam Mirror my parents set up an appointment for me.”  

“Ah yes just sign this piece of paper and we can get you started, and shown around.”

“Wait shown around? I thought I was just here to talk with someone.” I almost wanted to kill myself.

“No you coming in was saying that I want to be here. If you didn’t want to be here you didn’t have to come. Now please follow me. We won’t hurt you. We are not here to hurt people.” She talked as I followed her glumly to an elevator. “Now here is the first floor with offices and the lobby, second floor is the contract offices and Mr. Rookstown office. The third floors are the cafes where everyone eats and a small store for things like bed sheets, toothpaste, and feminine items. Fourth through eighth floors are the bedrooms where you will be staying and the last floor is Mr. Rookstown penthouse. He doesn’t allow anyone up there but who knows he may pick you to be his housewife. “

“So he runs this company?”

“Yes, but he is not the founder his grandpa was the founder and passed the ownership to his grandson. Mr. Rookstown Senior still likes to visit and speak of the devil there he is speaking to his grandson.”

I noticed when we stopped on floor eight and glanced around. Women and men were scattered around chatting with each other.

“Your room is number 125 it’s the last one in front of the elevator.” She walked to my room and opened the door. Inside was a huge room with a large fluffy queen size bed. The bed sheets were a bright purple and fuzzy like a teddy bear, two end tables with lamps sat next to the bed. In front of the bed was a TV. A small door led to the bathroom and another door led to a stocked closet.

“All this for people, I figured you would stuff me in a broom closet for a few days.” I jumped on the bed and hugged an oversized pillow.

“No we like to give you guys the best. Because if we stuff you in a broom closet no one will want you, now café is open twenty-four seven so is the store. Store has clothes that you can pick out. And be on your toes to, some of the women can be moody because they been here a long time.”

I nodded and went to go look in the closet. I heard the door shut behind her and I sighed heavily. I walked out of the room and bumped into a man. I gasped, “I’m so sorry about that sir.”

“It’s ok, you’re lucky. Mr. Rookstown wants to see you in his penthouse in one hour. Dress nice and then come to the elevator and I’ll be waiting to take you up.”

“Um, what should I put on?” I mumbled.

“A dress,” The man rolled his eyes and walked away. I eyed everyone and walked back into the bedroom to the closet. I stared at the clothes till I spotted a silver dress with no back, curved low over the breast and went to my knees. I found silver 1inch heels and put them on too.

After the hour was up I went to go to the elevator. Everyone stared as I went but I held my head high.

“Now Ms. Mirror, be on your best behavior, Mr. Rookstown can be mean when he wants to be.” He left me at the hallway that led to a large living space and I started to freak out.

“Come in!” I heard a deep voice call. I edge towards the living room and entered slowly.

“Ah, there you are. And even more pretty then when I saw you.” Two men sat on the couch, one was old the other young. The young one was tall, had brown hair and hazel eyes, the old man looked just like him.

“Thank you Mr. Rookstown.” I smiled.

“I have invited you up here to have dinner with me and my grandfather if that is ok with you?” I nodded and he gestured to have a seat next to him.

“Thank you.” I took the coke that a servant handed me. He nodded and went back in to the kitchen.

“And I have you up here to offer you a chance. I don’t let just anyone up here and I don’t have any servants except my cleaning and cooking servants, but I want someone to take care of me, and my penthouse. And I already talked to your parents. They told me everything about you and I want you to be my housewife. If you don’t want this, tell me now and I can send you back downstairs for someone else to pick you. But if you choose to stay up here I will have you sign the contracts and tell me how much you want sent to your parents.”  He waved off the servant back to the kitchen. Mr. Rookstown Senior got up and left the room to go back downstairs waving goodbye to me.

“I am still confused, I understand my parents need the money but I don’t want them to have any. They only need $500 to cover the rest of the bill and that’s it. And $500 is not enough to sell me. And if I become your housewife, I will most happy that a man wants me. But first before I choose I want to know your name and if I say yes can I have a space of my own and decorate it how I want please.”

“Hmmm, a lot to think about then, I understand you’re confused. Everyone is, but it gets better. And I will give them $500 and buy you for $5,000 and $4,500 will be yours to keep and have what you want. I will give you half my penthouse to do with what you wish. It has a bedroom, bathroom and your own living room. And you can decorate it as you wish.” He smiled and took a sip of his drink.

“Ok, fine I will stay. You didn’t tell me your name though.” I crossed my arms and smirked.

“We will stick with Mr. Rookstown till the papers are signed. We have to call your parents to finish the papers and give them their money. And then if you wish you never have to see them again.” He held out his hand and I stared at it till I stood up and shook it.

“Just please don’t abuse me, Mr. Rookstown.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,”

I sat in Mr. Rookstown office the next day with my parents. I was wearing what he thought was a good outfit, corset top that was green and a mini shirt with a garter belt underneath it and stockings. I didn’t like it but as his housewife I had to do what he said to wear. I matched the outfit with a 1 inch green heel. My long brunette hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and my blue eyes popped out because of the makeup that someone did for me. I could tell Mr. Rookstown was happy how I looked because he couldn’t stop staring at me.

“But that’s not enough. $500 is not fucking enough for her.” My mother screamed at him. I looked over at my mother and frowned.

“Yes, I agree with my wife it’s not enough, what is wrong with your company. We only got $6,000 from Lilly. Sam should be getting that to!”

“You’re lucky that you’re getting that amount.” Mr. Rookstown’s fist slammed down on his desk. I flinched at his anger, and looked away out the window. “Sam is a special girl and you know what you’re not getting any money from me. Sam will get all $5,000 instead.”

“What you said $500, so you know what keep it all. Sam we never want to see you again. After all these papers are signed we are gone forever.” My mother glared at me. I stood up and walked over to my mother and slapped her hard on the face.

“You stupid bitch, so all you care about is money instead of your kid. You know that Lilly is a slave right and so am I. AND ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS MONEY.” I screamed and pounded my hands into my father’s chest and he just stood their taking it. My mother stormed out and my father still just stood there.  “Daddy, please I still want to see you but if you and her come together I don’t want to see you. I love you daddy, but you know you have to get rid of her.”

“I know but I can’t do anything Sam, I will see you later or call you. I promise.” He kissed my forehead and left the room. I sighed as I sat down on Mr. Rookstown lap and signed my name on the papers next to my parents.

“Now you can call my Master Eben.”

“Thank you for taking me in Master Eben. I will do my best.” I curled into his chest and wept.

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