Camp Dragon I: The Tree of Dragons

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter VI

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Submitted: December 07, 2015



Adam, Cecil, and Celia led me out of the entrance way--which was a big wooden gate--and to a large pine tree. The whole place was enclosed by trees, but this one was probably the biggest tree on the planet.

It looked strange though, its trunk was a golden yellow, the bark was shaped like dragons, and the needles were a greenish sapphire. Some of which laid on the ground. The roots of the tree itself was an acid green.

"I knew something would be wrong with it," Adam said. He looked at Celia. "Celia, can you find out what's wrong with it?"

She nodded and got down on her knees. She closed her eyes and placed her hands just above the roots. 

"What's she doing?" I asked. 

"Celia is a tree nymph," Cecil replied. "Though she can't turn into a dragon like we can, she can use her powers to find out how healthy or how sick a tree might be."

She's a nymph? I thought. Well, that explains her pointed ears.

After a few seconds, she looked back up at us and said, "It's dying. It's been poisoned."

Adams face winced and Cecil glared. 

I tilted my head. What"s going on? Why is that tree important? So many questions, not enough answers. 

I heard the soft sound of multiple feet moving towards us and I realized it from the other campers who were coming to see what was wrong. 

A man came up to the tree. he was an African American with a bald head and a short beard. He was muscular and fit. He wore a red eyed amulet around his neck.

Standing beside him was a girl. Her hair was blond and curly. Her skin was tanned like a hazelnut. Around her neck was a blue eyed amulet. Her eyes were a fierce green. They looked familiar. 

"What's going on?" the girl asked. The man looked at Celia and they whispered to each other. He then looked up at the girl.

"The tree's been poisoned, Hazel," he said.

Hazel? I thought. So that's what she looks like.

The man turned around and looked at all of us. 

"It is as I feared," he announced. "Lignum Draconum is dying." 

Everyone whispered and gasped in horror.

"According to one of our tree nymphs, it has been poisoned. But she cannot identify the type of poison. But what she does know is that if we don't find a remedy, it will be dead in four days from now."

I looked at Cecil and said, "Who's this guy?"

"That's Counselor Brandon," he replied. "He's basically the leader of the camp."

Counselor Brandon then looked at me curiously. He inspected me kind of like someone would inspect a new car. Finally he said, "I say that a quest is called for. I shall consult with my daughter, Bella, about who will take on the task.

"Now everyone, head to your cabins." He looked at me again. "For those of you who are brand knew, you can chose a cabin to stay in. If I come to your cabin tonight, that will mean that you have been chosen to go on this quest. Now go!"

Everyone talked with on another while I stayed with Adam and Cecil.

Adam put his hand on my shoulder. "You can come stay in my cabin if you like," he said. "There's a few others there, but they won't cause you trouble."

I smiled. "Sure thing," I said. "But you're going to have to tell me a few things when we get there."

* * *

Adams cabin was probably one of the biggest cabins around. It looked more like a piece of art than a cabin. It was made out of marble and had dragon statues guarding the entrance way. The roof was made out of different jews.

The inside was more amazing. There were tfour bunk beds on different sides of the walls. There were clear pillars that looked like an blue over-sized lava lamp inside with white marble female angels carved onto them them. In the center of the room was a obisidian black dragon statue. It stood on a plack that read Obsidian: Creator of the Tree of Dragons.

There was also a flat screen TV with an Xbox gaming system on the far side of the cabin. Three teens sat infront of it on two red couches.

Two of which were boys with long, dirty blond hair and gray eyes. I guessed they were twins. But their amulet is what told them apart. One wore a green eyed amulet while the other wore a orange eyed amulet. 

The third was Celia. But she wasn't watching the TV; she was actually meditating.

"Hey guys," Adam said. They all turned to look at us. Their eyes instantly landed on me.

"This is Leo," he continued. "He's the new guy."

The twins came up and shook my hands.

"I'm Ned," said the one with the green eyed amulet.

"And I'm Ted," said the other twin.

"Of course, you've already met Celia," Adam said. I nodded. 

"Have a seat," said Ted. "Make yourself at home."

I did as he told and sat down on the couch. The others sat down as well. 

"Okay," I said, "Now please tell me, what's going on here? What's so important about that tree?"

Adam cleared his throat. "Lignum Draconum," he said. "It's Latin. In English, it means 'the Tree of Dragons.'

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