Camp Dragon I: The Tree of Dragons

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter VII

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"The Tree of Dragons," I said. Adam nodded.

"The origin of the tree dates back ever since the time of the dinosaurs--I kid you not," he said. "When the meteorite crashed into the planet, all the dragons managed to survive, but they were separated into two different sides: light and dark.

"The light dragons were the idyllic tribes, but the dark dragons took a more darker course. The two sides went into bloodshed for eons. Eventually, the light dragons were cornered. They were outnumbered."

"That is," said Celia, "until Obsidian came."

I looked back at the dragon statue. "You mean, like, the dragon statue? That's Obsidian?"

Adam nodded. "Obsidian was a moon drake. But not just a moon drake, he was a mage drake. Mage drakes are the only dragons with magical powers--which is rare. Using his magical powers, he took the souls that were given to him by the light dragons, transforming them into amulets."

"Afterwords," Ned said, "he used there souls and created Lignum Draconum. The tree itself creates a magical barrier that protects us from monsters. While it can't be cut down or die of age, it can still be poisoned."

"And seeing that it has," Ted said, "the barrier is slowly getting weaker, allowing monsters and evil dragons to get inside."

I pressed my fingers to my temples. This was a lot to take in. But there was one question that still lingered in my mind.

"What happened to Obsidian?" I asked.

"Well," Adam said, "some say he died. But others say that he turned into an amulet like all the other light dragons. And if that is true, no one's been chosen by him yet."

"But one thing is certain," said Celia. "If the tree isn't healed in less than four days, it will die, and we'll fall with it."

Suddenly, the door opened and we all turned and saw Counselor Brandon walking in. That could only mean one thing. 

"You have all been assigned to go on this quest," he said. He came up to us with a book in under his arm. He laid it down in front of us and opened it to where it was bookmarked. I picture of an amber was on it.

"Your quest is to find the healing amber," he said. "It is said that it can heal any wound and sickness. However, it can only be found in Alaska. And only a nymph can locate it."

I looked at Celia who had her head raised in pride.

"But, Brandon," Adam said, "Leo is just a beginner. He can't go on a quest just yet."

"I'm affraid I have no choice with the matter," said Brandon. "Fate has chosen Leo to go with you all. He might be knew, but he could be our salvation."

I looked down for a second. Then I looked back up at Brandon.

"When do we leave?" I asked.

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