Tangled Up in Summertime

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Tangled Up in Summertime follows the story of Taylor White, a male Australian exchange student with a troubled past and a flair for music. Taylor goes to America's Cedarwood High and finds himself tangled up the web of his social life, love life ,Studying and working.
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tangled Up in Summertime

Submitted: May 30, 2013

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Submitted: May 30, 2013






  (Left: Taylor White) 




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Chapter 1


A/N: First of I’d just like to thank a few people for the support given in the creation of this YA-Submit-your-own Romance; especially FrootLoop246 for allowing me use of some of her characters from her novel “Where Home Really Is” and working in collaboration with me to make this novel spectacular. Also I’d like to thank Hamlets Daughter for proof-reading/editing this novel for me. I’d also just like to ask you all to leave a comment if you read good/bad I don’t mind I need to know where I can improve, well anyway, I hope you enjoy “Tangled Up in Summertime” .


Taylor shrugged his backpack from his shoulder, slumping down in the airport chairs, he’d just had to say goodbye to his family in Brisbane, then sat through six hour Qantas flight.

Looking around he spotted a clock, 11:53pm,

“Lovely… I’ve got an hour to kill,” Taylor sighed.

Going through his duffle bag he found his Mp3, putting in his earphones the screen came to life and he selected Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean; humming along, he unbuckled his acoustic guitar and plucked a few strings, singing softly to himself, so absorbed in learning a new song, he failed to see a worried mother and daughter ducking in and out of terminal seating areas. He finally noticed them when they walked up to him; Taylor pulled out his earphones, asking quietly in his Australian accent.

“You don’t happen to be Mrs Hamilton do you?”

“Oh thank goodness, we’ve been looking around here for ten minutes, yes, I’m Zara, you must be… Taylor, Taylor White?” the older of the two women asked.

Noticing the Swedish accent, he stood

“Yeah, that’s me,” Taylor replied, awkwardly holding out a hand to shake.

“Thanks for taking me in.”

Zara took it, and then motioned towards what Taylor assumed was her daughter, she was fairly tall, with bleach blonde hair, a small dusting of freckles across her nose, big blue eyes looked at him from under long eyelashes.

“This is my daughter, Jordyn,”

“Hey, I guess you’re going to be like… my roommate for the next year.” Jordyn said quietly.

Not knowing what to say now, Taylor smiled, running a hand through his sandy blonde hair, the silence was saved by Mrs Hamilton when she said;

“Well, we better get going then, it’s a bit of a drive to Cedarwood and you must be tired.”



The drive home, for what would be Taylor’s home for the next year or so, was quiet, he assumed that there was still the underlying awkwardness and the fact that in America it was around 1am. Finally he thought he should break silence, politely he said,

“Thanks a lot, Zara and Jordyn – for taking me in and picking me up, I’m sorry my flight came so late.”

“It’s not a problem, I was going to come by myself, because Jordyn’s dad – Jack has to go to work early this morning, but Jordyn asked to come along, I can’t say I’m not glad for her company. You’ll also meet Ty and Logan in the morning, Jordyn’s brothers.” Zara replied, looking into the rear view mirror.

“Oh, cool…” Taylor re-adjusted himself uncomfortably in the back seat, “I’m just going to have a bit of a nap, if that’s alright.”

“Go ahead; I’ll wake you when we’re there.” Zara smiled back at him.

Taylor laid his head against the window, putting his earphones back in, playing his country music on a low volume.


“Hey, we’re here, wake up.”

Taylor blinked twice, rubbing his eyes, he looked into the open door; Jordyn was standing there, it must have been her who woke him.

“Uhm… were you listening to country music?” she asked, helping Taylor with one of his smaller bags.

“Yeah I was, sorry was it too loud?”

“No, no… Its, well its a little strange, not many people I know listen to country, I didn’t exactly know Australians liked country music…”

Taylor laughed, and shrugged a little, “Well, not many people do actually, at least not where I come from, I just like it… you know, it tells a story”.

Jordyn just nodded, opening the door to the front of Hamilton Estate.


“So, umm, where can I put my stuff?” Taylor asked, pulling the strap of his duffel bag over his head.

“It’s just downstairs, we’ve only set up the lounge in the basement for a like, makeshift bedroom, don’t worry, it looks much better than it sounds.”

 Zara said, walking past turning on a light and hanging her keys from a hook on a nearby wall.

“Here I’ll take you down.” Jordyn said, taking Taylors guitar case.

Taylor opened his eyes in astonishment, he hadn’t seen much from outside, but just down here in the basement it was far more extravagant then he’d first imagined. Varnished wood floorboards covered the length of the room and a large red couch sat in front of a medium sized TV. Jordyn walked over and pulled back a black curtain in the far left hand side, dropping his bags and putting his guitar case in the far corner of the room.

“In here,” Taylor heard Jordyn’s voice from behind the curtain, following her, he walked into a raised platform area. The makeshift bedroom, was still quite large, a double bed and a desk on the left, a walk in wardrobe on the right.

“Wow, this is… this is massive, my god.” Taylor said, looking around the space appreciatively.

“Yeah, the house is three stories, I’ll give you the tour tomorrow, and I’m going to catch some sleep, see you!” Jordyn said, as she pulled back the curtain she must have forgot the small step down and she started to trip, Taylor reached out, grabbing her arm and pulling her into his chest.

“Thanks,” she said, red covering her cheeks. “I think I’ll be fine now” she continued, Taylor only just realizing he’d been holding her there for a few seconds longer then he should’ve.

“Oh!  I’m sorry, I uhm…” Taylor whispered, turning red himself, and letting her go.

“Its fine, I’ll umm… I’ll see you tomorrow.”






(Right: Jordyn Hamilton)

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