Reaching Heaven

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


Ryan had only just remembered the clothes he had left in the Mercedes. If he left them their any longer, people might notice. They would see that Ryan isn’t going to wear a pink flower patterned top and shorts, or white trainers with black laces that had pink bows on them. He needed to get rid of them. He casually walked out side, he waved to Mr Nichols who was mowing his lawn next door, and got inside the Mercedes. He put the key in the ignition and reversed out of the drive. He drove down Ashford Close, passed all his neighbours houses. He tooted the car horn and Lucy Hartford, the little girl who lived at number 10. Then he concentrated on the road, as he drove, he slid the clothes off the passenger seat, and onto the floor.

When he finally arrived at the supermarket car park, he parked the Mercedes in an empty parking space and put his jacket on top of the girl’s clothes. He then got out of the car and locked it.

The supermarket wasn’t as busy as usual. He grabbed a basket, and filled it with various things he didn’t need, or want. He then walked over to the till, and paid for his items. He had bought a pack of beer, and some chocolate. He had also bought a new DVD, to look as if he was having a night in. The lady who scanned his items made conversation with Ryan.

‘This DVD is good, watched it at the cinema with my daughter.’ She said as she scanned it, but it wouldn’t recognise, so she scanned it again.

‘Yeah, saw it at my mate’s house. I’m just thought I’d have a quiet night in, with the dog.’ Ryan replied, looking at the woman as she re-scanned the DVD.

‘It’s always nice to have a night in when you’ve had a busy day at work.’ The lady said, she finally had given up on scanning and tapped in the bar code.

‘Yeah, I don’t work.’ Said Ryan, as he handed over a wad of notes. He collected his change and packed the things he bought into a carrier bag. Then he walked briskly out of the shop.

When he got to the car, he placed the carrier bag on the passenger’s seat. When the lady at the till started scanning the next customer’s food, Ryan had shoved another carrier bag into his pocket. He got it out, and put the clothes into it. Then he drove home.


Ryan opened a can of beer; he washed down the cheap chocolate and gave the rest to the dog. He pulled his jacket out of the supermarket carrier bag, and then threw it onto the sofa. He walked into the kitchen, with the beer can in one hand, and got out a box of matches. He put the beer can on the floor as he crouched down next to the fire place. He struck the match and threw it into the fire place. He grabbed the metal poker and jabbed at the coal as it set alight. He watched the coal burn in the orange glow, and threw the girl’s clothes into the fire. As he did it, he remembered the white vest top that he used to dab at the girls wound. He knew that it was blood stained, and no matter how many times he washed it, the stains wouldn’t fade. He left the clothes to burn, and went upstairs to retrieve the vest from the wash basket to burn.




As I watched Josh drift off to sleep, I started to cry. I couldn’t hold in my feelings any longer; I had to let them out. I cried because m mother didn’t know where I was or what happened to me, and I cried because she wouldn’t see me again. I just felt worthless; I couldn’t help the police find my murder, or my body.

Josh started to breath more heavily, he was asleep. He reached out my hand and stroked his soft sandy hair, and then I moved my hand down his face, and stroked his cheek. Then my mind started racing, my eyes forced themselves shut. My mind was showing me images; I could see a field, full of buttercups. The sun was shining down on them; their yellow petals reflected onto the grass and tinted it yellow. In the middle of the field was an oak tree. Its broad branches were full of beautiful green leaves. Josh was sat under the tree, where the leaves shaded him. I was sat besides him and I was singing as he played guitar. Suddenly the sky changed from blue to a dark grey, clouds rolled over the hills as the thunder rumbled. There was a sudden downpour of rain, and Josh tried to shelter us under the tree. The rain was heavy, and it pounded on the leaves. I could feel myself being drenched, the rain soaked through my clothes. Our hair was dripping and teardrops ran down our faces as if we were crying. The buttercups had been drowned, and the field turned into a lake. The wind made the water lap against our faces as we tried to swim away, but all I could hear was Josh shouting my name.

I couldn’t bear the dream no longer; I forced my eyes open and pulled my hand away from Josh’s face. He was crying in his sleep, he was quietly saying my name, but reaching out to grab me. His hand went straight through my head, I wonder if he knew I was still here with him. 

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