The Curse of Cronus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



At last, the airplane landed. The approximately seven-hour trip is quite stressing for the passengers due to long patience of waiting. Nathan and the others finally arrived in Athens, Greece.


“Yahoo! Finally!” Hannah yelled as she gasps the fresh, cold air outside.

“At last, we’re here. The long wait is over.” Nathan went near to his sister and tell her to come inside the van.


Everyone went inside the van and waited again for their new destination-the Hotel where they were supposed to stay. The road they have to pass for them to arrive is too, long. There were forests and wild trees on the left. And at the right side is a very beautiful sight. Almost everybody fall asleep except for Kyle who was driving.


“OK..OK..We’ll arrive soon”, Kyle whispered to himself as he turned off the stereo and continued driving.


Finally, they arrived at the hotel at 7:30 AM. Kyle then awakes everyone and told them that they have arrived. He parked the van in the garage. When they entered inside the hotel, three men welcomed them. One of them helped Hannah and Sophia to carry their baggage. The other one escorted them to their respected rooms.


“There are three vacant units here. The one is for the females; the other two are for the males. Enjoy your stay Sir, Ma’am”, then the man acted as their tour guide left. The first room in the third floor is to be occupied by Hannah and Sophia. Nathan and Kyle is on the first floor while Daniel, Shin and Jasper is on the fourth floor.


“This room is nice”, Kyle said as he observed the structure of the room. “What do you think?” he asked Nathan.


“I agree with you.” Nathan replied shortly as he wandered around the room and takes a look all over the room. Just for a while, everybody went to Kyle and Nathan’s room.


“Hey you!” Jasper yelled to surprise Nathan and Kyle, but both of them have no reaction.


“What are you doing here guys?” Nathan asked.


“Just visiting you! You know, we missed you”, Jasper jokingly said and acted like he really missed Nathan and Kyle. Shin and Daniel just laughed at Jasper’s act.


“Hi guys!” Hannah opened the door slowly, and then the two girls entered. Sophia didn’t close the door.


“Hey, why are you all here?” Kyle asked wondering.


“Don’t wanna see me?” Hannah asked jokingly.


“I told you guys, we missed you so much.” Jasper said once again.


“We’re here just for a, talk. One way to kill the moods, right?” Daniel said.


“A talk, huh? So what are we going to discuss then?” Kyle asked.


“Do you remember the boys scout camping? When Shin slipped in the mountainside?” Jasper asked without thinking.


“Close the topic! That’s too, embarrassing!” Shin said as his face burns in red. Everyone laughed at this sight.


Just then, something got Nathan’s attention while the others were busy chatting. Nathan stood up and went near the painting. It looked so ancient as if it was crafted a thousand years ago. Nathan touched the wall, then the wall turned around, bringing Nathan on the other side of the wall. Nathan slipped his feet and fall down on the underground tunnel. He was so amazed for what he saw. There are lighted torches that serve as the light through the dark narrow ways. The lighted torches were a meter apart. Nathan continued walking downward. He discovered that there are stairs downward. He looked up as he was remembering the ways to get back in the room.


== == ==



“Hahaha! And Shin, I will never forget the moment when you got shock in a horror mask. You thought it was a real ghost, aren’t you?” Jasper continued laughing as he reminisce their childish memories. Jasper then noticed that Nathan is missing.


“Hey, where’s Nathan?” Jasper asked everyone.


“Yeah, where’s he?” Hannah followed up Jasper’s question. Hannah looked around the room, then she noticed that the painting was missing.


“Hey guys, haven’t you noticed a painting here?” Hannah went near the wall where the painting was hanging a while ago.


“A painting?” Daniel stood up and went near the wall where Hannah is currently standing. Daniel touched the wall. For the second time, what happened to Nathan also happened to both Hannah and Daniel. Kyle and the rest of their friends went panic. Kyle touched the wall, then he pushes it, but his efforts went to waste. He punched the wall as hard as he could. Sophia, Shin and Jasper went near Kyle.


“What the hell is going on?” Kyle asked with a terrified look on his face.


“What’s with this wall?” Shin asked wondering. Sophia then touched the wall and it turned again leading them to the other opposite side of the wall.


== == ==



Nathan decided to go down stairs when he heard voices coming from above. At Nathan’s surprise, he also shouted when he found that it’s his sister, Hannah, and their friend, Daniel who slide down directly leading near to him.


“Oh! Daniel?! What happened?!” asked Nathan to his astonishment.


“I..I don’t know, Nathan, I just touched the wall then..” Daniel replied, not knowing how to explain what happened.


“Ouch, my back hurts.” Hannah tried to get up.


“Hey! Brother! What’s this place?!” Hannah asked wondering.


“I..I also don’t..know?” Nathan replied with uncertainty.  A few minutes, they heard voices again. Then four people fell under the tunnel. It was Kyle, Jasper, Sophia and Shin.


“Nathan? You’re also here?” Jasper asked as his eyes got widened.


“Where are we?” Sophia finally spoke for the first time.


But no definite answers were given to her. Because of not knowing what place they have been, they all decided to go down. They found many ancient artifacts. The view was quite horrible. Each corner has some symbols which cannot be understood by people. Some figures are on a horrifying figure. It was like a statue during the times of the ancient Greece. Nathan then saw something on the wall. It was the symbol he often sees in his dreams. But what surprises him more is the huge rectangular table in front of them. He went nearer on it. Then he saw the triangular board and the sand clock with it! During this time, the sand had finished falling on the other side of the clock. Nathan can’t look at it. He feels something unpleasant.


“Nathan, what is that?” Kyle asked. Nathan just shook his head, looking horrified on what he saw.


“Hey, everyone, look! It’s an ancient clock!” Jasper yelled with amazement and touched the sand clock and turned it on the other side.


“Jasper, don’t!” Nathan shouted, trying to stop Jasper but it’s too, late. He had just turned it on the other side.


“Why Nathan?” just by the moment that Jasper spoke, the pieces of the triangular board moved on their own as if someone is playing with it. The ground started to shake.


“What’s happening?” Hannah cried with fear. Everyone doesn’t know what to do at this rate. The earthquake is getting stronger. Nathan saw a figure of a shadow forming to a figure of a man dressed in a black cloak. His face was hidden under his black hood. Nathan heard what the man have said. “Let’s play.”


“Guys! Let’s run!” Daniel shouted as everybody run, trying to find the exit.


“Hey, Nathan!” Shin pulled Nathan. Nathan’s eyes were stocked on the monster-like creature. It seems that Nathan is the only one who can see it.


The ceiling collapsed, and a huge block of woods and rocks fell on the ground, dividing them into two groups. The two groups separated. Nathan, Kyle and Jasper were able to escape. They found a small exit and the three escaped. They found themselves in a lost forest.


“Where are we?” Jasper asked as he looked around.


== == ==


Meanwhile, Sophia, Hannah, Daniel and Shin were left inside the collapsing underground. After a second, the earthquake stopped. Nothing’s about to worry. They were all safe. What they have to bother is to fin each other.


“Am I alive?” Hannah asked herself as she gasps all the air as fast as she could. She is very terrified.


“Thank God, the earthquake stopped.” Shin said with a shaking voice.


“Look! There’s a light over there!” Sophia pointed at her left”Maybe there’s a passage way out.” She added. Everybody followed her. Hannah walked cautiously, holding Sophia’s arm, and the two just followed.


When they were about to reach the whole where the light is coming from, a force coming from below pulled them downwards. Daniel grabbed a piece of them so that they won’t fall, but it’s useless. They all fall on another underground tunnel again.

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