The Curse of Cronus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



“Hannah! Sophia! Where are you?!”

“Daniel! Shin!”

“Guys! Where are you?!”

Nathan, together with Jasper and Kyle continued searching for the others. They even don’t mind on what place they have been.

“Umm, guys, by the way, where are we?” Jasper asked the two with confusion all over his face.

“I-I don’t know?” Kyle answered with a vague expression. “We are just chatting when..when.”Kyle added, not knowing what to say next.

“I also don’t know. I just touched the wall then, I slipped my feet, then I fall! “ Nathan explained without knowing how and why did all those things happened for just a second.

Nathan looked up the sky. He was a bit surprise when he noticed the sudden change of weather. A while ago, the sun was shining so bright that there is no signal of a rainy day. But then, it became dark. The atmosphere is quite different. Even the blow of the wind is not normal. There is a formation of dark clouds in the sky. Then the thunder began to roar loudly. There is no rainfall yet, but the thunder continued roaring. Not only the weather surprises Nathan but also a giant bird. A giant bird, flying all over the sky, with its wide wings and tiger-like eyes. Its feathers are red as fire, with tint brown.

Due to Nathan’s amazement, he couldn’t speak a word. He just kept on tapping Kyle’s shoulder. Kyle looked at him.

“Why? What is it Na—“ Nathan pointed at the sky. When Kyle looked up, he can hardly close his opened mouth.

“Oh man, I don’t know why this is all happening to us. All we have to do is to pray. Oh, Lord! Please help us!” Jasper continued yelling and praying for their safety while both Nathan and Kyle continued tapping his shoulders. Jasper continued talking to himself. Nathan tapped his shoulder once again.

“Look, there’s a bird, a giant bird.” Nathan said softly as he couldn’t help himself from looking above the giant bird flying above the sky.

Jasper is still not looking on the two. He continued talking to himself while facing the ground and watching his new white shoes that soaked in mad.

“Oh, my new shoes!” Jasper cried. “What? A bird? Yesterday, a horse, now a GIANT bird?! What’s the next, Nathan? A Carabao? A sheep?” Jasper yelled with a mocking face behind the two. Kyle then tapped his shoulder.

“Jasper, look!” Kyle pointed at the sky, and finally, it convinces Jasper to take a look at the sky. Jasper looked at Kyle first, then he looked at Kyle’s finger, pointing above.

“What’s with your finger?” Jasper asked philosophically after seeing Kyle’s finger pointing above. Jasper finally looked above. Jasper’s eyes could hardly believe for what he saw. All he can say is “wow”.

“What is this creature?” Jasper asked himself. Then the giant bird changed its direction. It turned to its left, then fly straightly toward their direction.

“Hey, hey, it’s coming forward..” Nathan said with a shaking voice.

The giant bird is coming toward them. They run as fast as they could. But the giant bird kept on chasing them. The sound waves coming from the bird is definitely intense and loud as it almost made them deaf. Its wings continued flapping so hard that the strong coming from it almost carried them.

The giant bird changed its direction. It turned over to the right to catch one of them. Jasper continued shouting out loud, while Nathan and Kyle continued running, not even looking at their back.

“Oh! God! Help us!” Jasper cried as he looked at his white shoes full of mess.

“Nathan! What are we going to do next?!” Kyle spoke loudly without looking at Nathan or Jasper.

“I don’t know! Keep running!” Nathan yelled. Nathan looked behind and saw the giant bird hadn’t stop chasing them.

By the moment Nathan spoke, a big ball of fire spilled from the mouth of the giant bird. It almost reached them. And if do, they would be a friend human.

“Down!” Nathan, Kyle and Jasper lied down the ground

Luckily, they survived. They were so terrified. When the giant bird lost its sight to them, Nathan was shaking, same as Kyle and Jasper.

“Man, I’m alive, thank God!” Jasper cried.

“Nathan, we have to find Hannah and the others..but” Kyle suggested. Nathan was still shock. He can’t move.

Just by a moment, a sound of flapping wings is approaching again. Nathan looked all over the wild forest. Then he found another giant bird again, but this time, it is colored blue with tint violet and much bigger than the first one. It is coming towards them. For the second time, they run as fast as they could.

The big claws of the bird reached Kyle’s jacket, and he was taken by the giant bird. Nathan and Jasper could not do anything but to scream for help. Nathan gets a long piece of wood and tried to hit the giant bird.

“Ah! Help me!” Kyle yelled as the giant bird carried him higher and higher.

“Let him go!” Nathan cried as he continued waving the long piece of stick towards the bird, while Jasper continued throwing stones on the bird.

“You big bird! Bring him down!” Jasper yelled.

“Let him go”, a voice of a woman spoke from the woods, commanding the giant bird to let go of Kyle. The giant bird looked to the its right. Then a figure of a tall woman, with a height of approximately seven feet, with a bow and arrow appeared. She is wearing a black armor, and her long black hair, almost reaching the ground is waving through the air. Her beautiful blue eyes are looking at them, and finally, her face showed up. She is accompanied by a deer.

“Bring him down”, she commanded the giant bird. The bird dropped Kyle. Kyle was lucky, it was not too, high. Then the bird stopped flapping its wings and landed near to them.

“Your majesty”, the giant bird spoke. Kyle, Nathan and Jasper got more surprised when they heard a speaking giant bird.

“You can speak?! Haha! Bravo!” Jasper’s amazement is totally great during these times, that he forgot all what happened for just a while ago. Nathan slightly hit him by his elbow, so that Jasper would stop laughing.

“What are you doing here, humans?” asked the tall lady on their front. Nathan’s confusion led him in asking the tall lady.

“Humans? But you’re also a human, aren’t you?” he asked the tall lady. The tall lady just stares at them, looking them from head to foot.

“What kind of clothings do you have?” the tall lady said sarcastically. Her facial expression never changed from being serious to serious. No one replied to her question, as if the three were al confused.

“For your information, humans are not allowed to enter this zone. Next time, don’t come here again.” the lady said.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked as he stood up.

Just by a moment, another tall lady appeared from above. She’s flying without wings, wearing a golden armor all over her body. Her long hair is covered by a helmet, an ancient helmet used to protect the head of a warrior during ancient times.

“What’s going on here, Artemis?” the lady in grey eyes said. Her feet slowly reached the ground and looked at the three.

“Humans wandering in the woods. My bird caught one of them a while ago. Maybe he thought that they were playing with him”, the woman, which is named ‘Artemis’ by the other lady spoke, as she went near the giant bird and touched its feathers.

“So, what are you going to do with them?” said the lady in gold armor and grey eyes. She went nearer and nearer, and asked the three on what they are going there.

“Umm, we are just looking for our friends after an earthquake, and we couldn’t find them, can help us?” Jasper said.

“Base from what I see, this is not the Athens that you know”, said the woman in grey eyes.

“Athena, let’s bring them in the temple”, said the lady in black armor, as the giant bird picked the three and put them on its back.

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