Kiss Me Dead or Alive

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Cassidy really messed up this time. She is wanted dead by some people because she witnessed a murder. Cupid is sent out to kill her. Cupid is supposed to give what she wants the most before he kills her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Scare of a Lifetime

Submitted: July 03, 2011

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Submitted: July 03, 2011



Chapter 1

“Cassidy?” my mom yells up the stairs.

“What do you want now?” I ask as I walk down the stairs of our new house. See, we just moved in.

“Do you want to go pick up the pizza I just ordered? All you have to do is walk across the park. Please.” She begs me.

“Fine. It’s not like I have anything better to do.” I say sarcastically. I grab my jacket and flip flops. I still haven’t bothered to take my nametag off from school orientation.

I walk across the park to Dominoes. I get the pizza and start heading back when I hear yelling, “Where’s MY money?!?”

I look over and I see three guys. One of them looks like a teenager. Another one is holding a gun. He looks like he is the dad of the teenager. The other guy looks frightened. The frightened looking guy says, “I don’t have it yet.”

“Your deadline was an hour ago. Now you are dead.” The one holding the gun says.

He’s about to pull the trigger on the gun when the frightened guy screams, “Cassidy run!!!!!!!!!!!”

I freeze. I don’t even know this guy, but he knows my name. The next thing I know the teenager has me in his arms and I can’t move. I close my eyes. I hear a gun shot. I stomp on the guy’s foot and elbow him in the gut. He lets go. I grab the pizza I dropped and run home. As I run my nametag falls off and the teenager picks it up. I am out of breath when I get inside.

“What happened to you?” my mom asks.

“I wanted to get the pizza home while it’s still hot.” I lied. “I’m not feeling too well. I think I’m going to go to bed.”

“Okay, Sweetie. Feel better. Do you want anything?” my mom asks.

“No thanks. Night.” I reply.

“Night, Cassidy.” she answers.

Before I am to the top of the stairs I begin to cry. I run to my room. I am sobbing by the time I get there. I shut the door behind me. So many questions are going through my head: Who was the guy who called my name? How did he know my name? Who was that teenager? What the heck just happened? Are they gonna kill me since I witnessed the murder? What is going to happen to me? Will they go after my mom, too? Should I tell someone?

All of a sudden, there is light coming in the window and I realize I fell asleep. I jump into the shower and that is when it hits me that I witnessed a murder yesterday. All of a sudden, I feel cold, even though the shower is really hot. I put on a dark purple tank under a low-cut white blouse with a blue and purple tutu skirt with lavender leggings. I go downstairs and my mother looks horror struck.

She hands me the newspaper and the headline reads: “MURDER IN MANSFIELD!” I stop myself before I scream because it shows the guy, who screamed at me to run, with a bullet whole right above his right ear.

“Sweetheart, I want you to stay inside when I am not home. My new job goes until 10:00 p.m. Promise me you will stay inside.” my mom says.

“No problem!” I reply quickly. Should I tell her that I witnessed the murder, I think to myself, No! She will involve the police and they will definitely come after me and possibly my mom, too.

“Sweetie, get your stuff or you are gonna miss the bus. Love you. Bye.” My mom says as the bus pulls up. I throw on a jacket and my purple flip flops. I grab my backpack and run out the door. I run down the sidewalk and jump onto the bus. I say “Hi.” to the bus driver. I turn to walk down the aisle and find a seat, when I see the teenager from the park.

My eyes widen at the same time as his eyes widen. He is sitting in seat five. I run back to the last empty seat. I sit down and everyone is staring at me. The bus begins to move and people start minding their own business. When the bus stops again, someone sits next to me. I look over and see the teenager and before I can say anything he puts his hand over my mouth. “Don’t say anything. Or else.” He whispers into my ear. I keep silent. “Let me see your schedule.” I give him my schedule. “We have the exact same classes.” I feel the hairs on the back of my neck begin to rise. He finally lowers his hand, but when he lowers it, he grabs my hand. He leans in and whispers in my ear, “I am supposed to kill you, but I might just kidnap you instead. It would be such a waste, Beautiful. Well, I have to kill you or father will kill me. Oh well.” He doesn’t let go of my hand. “Oh, by the way my name is Cupid. I know, LAME!”

When we get to school he keeps his hold on my hand. My hand is really warm. NO! NO! I AM NOT FALLING IN LOVE WITH A GUY WHO WANTS TO KILL ME! He walks me to my locker and whispers in my ear, “See ya in homeroom.” He finally lets go of my hand and walks away. I gather my things and head for the office. They are supposed to give me a map.

I walk into homeroom, which happens to be chemistry, and the first thing I see is Cupid. He is so hot. At that, I mentally slap myself. STOP IT!! I walk up to the teacher and I ask her to sign a slip of paper my teachers are supposed to sign. “Hello. I am your Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Sanfecker. Would you please sit next to Cupid? Cupid, would you please take off your hat!” she says. Yay! I get to sit next to the guy who wants to kill me.

In all of my classes, I am stuck sitting next to Cupid. YAY! I get on the bus and run to the last seat. I sit so no one can tell who I am. I feel the seat shift as someone sits down. I turn to see Cupid sitting next to me. “Go away!” I say to him abruptly.

“No.” he replies.

“Why won’t you leave me alone? I am not going to tell anyone.”

“Whatever.” He answers. “By the way, what is it that you most desire?”

“Why would I tell you? Wait, don’t answer that. I have to get off the bus. It’s my stop.” I get up and walk down the aisle and Cupid follows.

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