New Love, Old Love

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Eliza and Timothy have been dating for a long time. Eliza is moving. When she moves she meets Vince, an English foreign exchange student...

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: December 20, 2010

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Submitted: December 20, 2010



Chapter 1

”It wasn't my choice!" I scream at Timothy. He is blaming me for moving. At least he promises to keep in touch.

”I don't freaking care!" He says a little more calmly. I take a couple steps to close the gap between us.I lean over and kiss him. We kiss for awhile. Then my mom walks in and has a cow. She says that it is eight.I am not allowed to have people over past eight, unless they are spending the night. Great! She knows we kiss. I'm dead. Timothy gets ready toleave and tells my mom he has to call his momfor a ride home because his car broke down.

"Fine but be outta here by 8:30 or you can't come over the next few days. We leave three days from now. You guys need to stay downstairs so you can watch for your mom." Yeah. So you can watch us. We go downstairs. We walk into the living room. I always loved how the white walls looked so out of place with all the different shades of brown, the only bad part about this room is that boxes are everywhere. I turn on the TV. I change the channel to MTV Cribs.

“When we are old enough I will buy you your dream house and marry you.”Timothy says.

“I will live anywhere with you.” I say as I hug him. He looks around and doesn’t see my mom, so he kisses me for about 30 seconds. All of a sudden we hear a car horn.

“That’s my mom.” He says sadly. “Bye. Love you.”

“Love you too. Are you picking me up in the morning?”

“Yes. Bye, Babe.” He says and leaves. I go to bed 2 hours early.

The next morning, I wake up at 4:30. I decide to get up even though I could still get a half an hour of sleep. I get up and take a shower. The warm water feels awesome against my cold skin. I get out of the shower, wrap the towel around my body, and then I brush my wet hair. I get dressed. I choose to wear my Chris Tomlin t-shirt with an awesome red, white, and blue tank underneath. Then I grab my favorite skinny jeans and throw them on.

I go downstairs and find my older brother Max eating all the fruit loops. I grab the box and realize that there is only enough for one more bowl. Then I smell eggs, bacon, and sausage. I turn around and find my dad cooking breakfast.

“Your mother and I need to talk to you.” He says. Oh no! Not the “Talk”.

It is the “Talk”. It is long and weird. And pointless. I know not to do “it” till I am married.

Finally they finish. I only have 15 minutes till Timothy gets here. I run upstairs and throw all my stuff into my orange Aeropostale bag. I quickly, but nicely, through my damp hair into a ponytail and do my makeup. I put on light blue eye shadow and apply my eyeliner just the way I like it. Just as I am finishing my lipstick, I hear a car horn. Timothy. I grab my bright pink cut-off jacket and my bag. I run down the stairs, say goodbye to my parents and tell them I will be home by curfew, and sprint out the door. I will be at Timothy’s till 1:30 a.m.

I get into the car. He leans over and kisses my cheek. We plan on ditching. Then I get a text:

Married2Daniel: Remember the talk.

Since when can she text? Um… maybe we should go to school. He was the one who thought of not going to school.

Timothy starts the car and begins to leave.” Um… Timothy… I kinda … um… wanna go… to school.” I say.

“Why? Oh. Let me guess. ‘The Talk’. Your parents gave you the ‘The Talk’.” He says bitterly.

“Pretty much. Plus I’m not ready. I’m fifteen. You’re seventeen. If my parents found out you could get into a lot of trouble.” I say every word with concern.

“I don’t freaking care what your parents do. I love you and don’t you forget that!” He says as he pulls into the school. “See what I do for you.”

We get out and he immediately puts his arm around me as we walk into the school. Unlike most schools, our school doesn’t have any rules about cell phones or PDA. So, when we walk in, we walk straight to our lockers and start making out. After a few minutes, I say, “Hold on.”

“What? Why?” he says. I’ve never said that to him while we kiss before. He looks really worried.

“I’m hot.”

“Yes you are!” he says and starts kissing me again.

“Hold on. I need to take off my t-shirt. Don’t be getting any ideas. I’m wearing a tank underneath.” He lets me take it off while giving me a pouty face. Then we start kissing again.

The first bell rings. We stop kissing and get our stuff for first period. I have Biology. Timothy has study hall.

I go to class and meet my bff Grace on the way to class. We are lab partners. “This sucks! Only 3 days left!” she says nowhere near calm.

“What no “Hi”.” I ask.

“Hi.” She says snottily.

Biology was boring. Mr. Davids gave us a lot of homework that I don’t have to do. Yay! Gym is next! I get to see Timothy! I get a text:

Eliza’s Taken Man: not feeling well going home. faking. cu after school. Or fake.

I immediately run to the girl’s bathroom and pretend to throw up. I go to the office and say “I just threw up in the bathroom.”

Mrs. Snype, the secretary, asks, “Is it that time of the month?”

“Yeah.” I lied.

“Okay. Do I need to call home?”

“No. I already texted my mom.”

“Fine. I’ll mark you sick for the day. Oh, did you make it in the toilet?”

“Yeah. Bye.”

“Feel better.”

I run out and get into Timothy’s Pontiac. He starts it. We head to his house. His parents don’t get home till 6 o’clock tonight.

We walk inside. As soon as you walk in the front door you see their welcome mat and to the right is a bathroom. The walls are painted a very pale pink. We go into the living room and I jump on their big, huge, comfy couch.

“Are you hungry?” Timothy asks. It would be a couple of minutes till lunch at school.


“I’ll make your favorite. Do you want Shrimp or Roasted Chicken?”

“You choose and hurry back! This mouth wants to do more than eat.” He pokes his head around the corner and smiles at me. My last day of school gone… Grace is gonna be pissed. I start to text her.

Timothy’s WonderGurl: went to T’s. faking sick

Smile, JESUS loves u: Jerk! This was your last day of school.

Timothy’s WonderGurl: Sorry!! Come to T’s with B!!!

Smile, JESUS loves u: k

Timothy walks back into the room carrying the Ramen noodles. “Thanks! Is it Roasted Chicken or Shrimp?” I say.

“You tell me!” He says.

I take a bite. Roasted Chicken. “Shrimp.” I say with a smile. Every time he makes us Ramens, we do this. He leans over and kisses me. We kiss for awhile, and then I realize I’m starving.

”Um… can I eat?”

“Sure.” He says before giving me a quick kiss. We eat while watching MTV Cribs.

Next thing I know I’m getting a text.

Smile, JESUS loves u: B and i r ditching

Timothy’s WonderGurl: how?!?=)

Smile, JESUS loves u: fake calls… B’s mom… my dad

Timothy’s WonderGurl: nice

Grace and Brad show up 10 minutes later. We sit on the couch and have what some people would call a “double date.” We rent a movie called The Orphan. Grace and I pick it out. The movie costs $4.95. I give Timothy the money to pay for it. He is trying to tell me no so I lean over and kiss him. He agrees to keep the money. As we watch it, Grace is in Brad’s arms and I’m in Timothy’s arms the entire time. When the movie ends, Timothy and I are making out. I then realize Timothy is supposed to pick up Max from school today because his truck is already in Ohio. I struggle to get out of his arms. Once I’m free, I grab his keys and run out to his car. I turn the ignition and it starts. My phone starts ringing and I answer it as I back out of his driveway.

“Hello.” I say as sweetly as I can.

“What the heck just happened in there?” he screams into the phone. Crap. He’s pissed.

“Sorry. I have to pick up Max and take him home. Sorry.” I say very sadly to make him feel guilty.

“It’s ok. I love you. Oh, Brad had to leave. Grace is going to stay till 4 o’clock.”

“Gotta go.” I hang up. I pull into the parking spot Timothy had.

“Where’s Timothy?” Max asks scaring the heck out of me.

"What?" I say surprised.

“Where. Is. Timothy?” Max says each word as a sentence.

“Oh. Crap! Um… he went home sick. Yeah. He went home…sick.”

“Are you trying to convince me or you? Hahahahaha.” He says laughing so hard he could pee himself.

“Um… does it matter?”

“No but were you driving?” he whispers. Crap!!!!!!!! I don’t have my license yet. Crap!!!

“Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you should run home. It’s a 5-mile jog and you need to get in shape for track and cross-country.”

“How about I drive to Timothy’s and catch the bus home.”

“Fine. Whatever!”

“Good! Now shut up!”

“Grouch Alert!!! Grouch Alert!!!”

“Hahahahaha!” we both laugh.

I get back to Timothy’s and hear screaming. What the Freak!!!! I walk in and find Grace locked in the bathroom off the front hallway. I let her out and she can’t talk anymore because her throat hurts. I walk in the living room and scream!

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