the Richest of all Christmases

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Kateilyn finds out her parents are broke and can't provide for her on her thirteenth birthday.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the Richest of all Christmases

Submitted: December 10, 2010

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Submitted: December 10, 2010



The Dream

August 4, 2010
The Richest of allChristmases!!
Book 1: Kateilyn’s Story
By: Danielle Timmons!!
7133 Co. Rd. 56
Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338
Chapter 1: The Day before the Orphanage
It all started on my 13th birthday.(My least favorite birthday!!!
Yayyyyyy!!! That was sarcasm!) The morning of the day before my birthday
I woke up at 4 a.m. I went downstairs and found my parents bickering.
At first I couldn’t make out their words, but then my stepdad yelled,
“We can't afford to keep Kateilyn!!!"
I couldn't listen to the rest of the conversation. I
Was too close to tears. I ran up to my room as quickly and
Quietly as possible. As soon as I got under the covers my mom
And stepdad came into my room. I acted like I was asleep. I
Tried to hold back my tears. But then my stepdad screamed, “Get up
You lazy good for nothing brat!!!! I need to tell you something
About the rest of your life!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOW!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!
I acted like I was just waking up. But I don’t think it was
Believable. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I just started balling and balling
And balling. My mom asked, “How much did you hear?”
“I only heard the part where we can’t afford to keep me!!!” I said.
“Oh Nick, are you sure we can’t keep her?”
“I’m sorry, Karen. We just can’t afford it.”
She hugged me for like forever. That was the hardest thing ever.
But what I heard Nick say next was shocking. He said, “I love you and I will
Miss you.” Then and there I just about passed out!!! He has never told me
That. I thought I was just a piece of the puzzle to my mom. I thought… I
Thought… and then it hit me. I made judgments about Nick and I didn’t
Come close to who he was. So I started repeating, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
Really fast. Over and over.
“Why are you sorry?” my mom sighed softly, “I’m sorry.”
“ I made judgments about Nick and I wasn’t even close to who he was.
Wait! Why are you sorry?”
“Since it’s my last day with a mom and a father figure, I mean a
Father, can we afford to go to the Three-In-One-Triple-Action?” I continued.
“We can afford that right, Nick?” my mom asked.
“Yeah, I think.” He said.
“That is going to cost $60.” He added. “Are you sure you wanna go there?”
“Yeah.” I said sadly.
We spent the whole day there. I didn’t enjoy myself at all.That day really
Sucked. When I got home I went straight to bed. Without saying goodnight.

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