The Moment I Let Go

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012





“Do you have to humiliate me all the time in front of my teammates?” Jake snaps as he walks through the front door, and slams it shut.

“Well hello to you too, Mr. Grumpy Pants.” I say as I turn back to the stove and stir the spaghetti.

“I’m serious, Addison.” Jake continues, but then pauses. I turn back to him and see him glaring at me, just standing there, waiting for me to say something.

“Sullivan was asking for it, Jake. Sorry if I don’t like your choice of friends but I do try around them.”

“Bullshit!” He screams.

“Hey!” I warn. “Just because I have a potty mouth doesn’t mean you can, Jake, so watch it!” I seethe. My little brother shouldn’t have a mouth like that. He may not have good ro-models in the house but I do my best to not use language around him. Though when my anger comes out…so does the mouth.

“Then stop lying and stop making my life hell!” he screams.

“What is with you today Jake?!” I scream at him, giving him my full attention.

“You humiliated me in front of my team today! I see them every day, I thought that that could be the one place that wasn’t so bad in my life but you just had to ruin it!” He yells.


“No! Just don’t ever go there after school again Addison I actually want friends okay?!” he shoves a chair underneath the table, making me jump. I watch as he storms out of the kitchen, up the stairs and leaving me puzzled.

“Okay?” I grumble and continue dinner.  I do everything I can to make sure Jake can have friends, but James? Really? Why him? He’s a class-A douchebag. I don’t even know how he has friends! But you know what, whatever. If Jake wants to be friends with him then so be it, I’ll ignore him.

As I finish dinner though new thoughts occur to me and I get sidetracked, but if Jake keeps up with the attitude I’m going to have to talk to him soon. I set the spaghetti by the stove with a wrap over it so it’ll keep warm and head to my room. It’s barely five and the beast should be getting home at six so I get some free time, but as I lie down to crack open my book for anatomy homework I knock out.




I wake to the sound of something bang against my wall from the kitchen.  I leap out my bed, dropping my books in the process, and head to the kitchen. The first thing I see is my dad, red and yelling at Jake who was on the floor picking up broken glass. Oh geez.

“You guys are worthless I tell you! You can’t do shit! You might as well get use to cleaning Jake cause that’s all you’re ever going to be good for in this world, you and your pathetic sister!” My dad screams and kicks Jake’s arm, making him flinch. My anger boils over.

“Leave him alone.” I snap. The room drops, a silence ringing in the air.

“What did you say to me?”  My father asks slowly, taking a step towards me.

“I said, leave him ALONE.” I repeat slowly and loudly for him. My father comes at me and slaps me across the face.

“You want to say it again?!” he screeches as he slams me against the wall. I feel my bones shake from the pressure but I keep my face like stone.  “Answer me!”

“Yeah I will, and if you ever touch him again I’ll go to the cops!” I scream back at him, feeling my adrenaline pumping through me as I ball my fist.

“You pathetic piece of-” he cuts off as his fist connects to my face, getting me square in the jaw.

“Don’t touch her!” I hear Jake snap from the kitchen. I freeze as my father turns to him.

“You can shut the-” he cuts off as Jakes snaps his arm back and hits him hard. Hard enough to make him stumble back and trip over a chair. My eyes grow as wide as saucers.

“Jake,” I manage, still dumbfounded. “Bags.” I whisper but then my dad lunges for him and slams him into the stove. Jake falls limp as he slides down the stove, pain scrutinized on his face.

“NO!” I yell at my dad and snatch a pan off the sink to hit him with, but he catches my arm and knocks me down.  I feel a blow to my face and I wince.

Why the face!?, I think as he keeps on kicking me.

Now I have his full attention but Jake still struggles to stand up. I begin to crawl away from them, out of the kitchen, so that my father will follow me. He does but then after I make it to the staircase he gets tired of kicking. My face and stomach has had all it can bare but I still try to keep him following me.

“Where you going?!” my father screams down at me. Kicking my side to make me roll over. I try to breathe to keep from crying but I give him my attention so he doesn’t get distracted as Jake sneaks upstairs to get his bag. “Nobody wants you! You’re just some piece of shit no one wants! You should be happy you’re even here!” he lands a punch and I feel my lip tear. I do my best to hold on for Jake to get my bag but I feel myself losing consciousness.  “Get up!” my father seethes but then he straddles me and punches me again. I try to push him off as tears spring from my eyes.

“…off.” Is all I can manage but then my dad hits me again and this time I go limp. The room spins as darkness begins to creep in, but I fight to stay awake.

“Get…off of me!” I scream and shove violently against my father’s chest but one slap takes away my fight.  Finally he gets off of me but then he pulls me to me feet and shoves me against the table in the hallway. It breaks against my back and I let out a small cry, yet still not loud enough to hear.

He begins to walk towards me and my hands grab a leg of the table.  Just as he reaches down to pull me up again I swing and get his head. His body drops to the floor like a sack of potatoes and I wait to see if he’ll get up again. After a few moments I begin to stand up but everything aches and I limp to the staircase, carefully stepping around his body.

“Jake!” I choke, but he hears and he comes running with our bags to the foot of the top of the stairs.

“I got them.” He says as he jogs down. I lean up the wall to catch my breath as he nears.

“Addie,” he gasps, his hand touching my forehead. I wince as I feel him touch the spot.

“I’m okay,” I say breathlessly, the room beginning to spin again.

“Can you even walk?” he asks as he peels me off the wall to test my legs. But as soon as I step forward I feel a sharp pain on my leg and buckle over with a scream.

“You’re not going anywhere.” A voice says cynically. I look down at my dad as I hold in everything. Before I know it though, Jake takes a swing at him and he’s out for good.

“This is going to hurt.” Jake says and before I can say anything he rips out the piece of glass from my leg that my dad used on me. I let out a scream and my hands ball into fists on the hardwood floor.

“JAKE! SERIOUSLY?!” I scream at him, angered that he acted on impulse without warning me.

“It had to be done. Let’s go.” He says, his voice thick with an edge to it.



I am really sorry guys this was a weird chapter... when i wrote it it was part of chapter 1 butt...i guess i confused it when i posted the first so this now chapter two and chapter two will be chapter three... i know it came out weird >.< im sorry.. but i hope you understand the chapter at least... 


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