The Moment I Let Go

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Four's A Crowd

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012




James and Jake are becoming better friends. Maybe even best friends, I mean with James you never know. I’ve been cooped up in this stupid little house for three days now and I’m about ready to kill just to break free. I haven’t seen Trevor in three days and I’m dying to see him. Jake told me he’s been asking about me and he has been doing his best to cover up but Jake doesn’t know that Trevor knows absolutely everything about me, that is, up until three days ago.

James has been trying to be nice to me too and I’ve been doing my best to return the favor but it’s more difficult for me. I mean I can’t forget everything he’s said and done, he’s never hurt me emotionally, and I’m not about to give him access too. 

I turn the page to my calculus book just as the front door bursts open. “Hide!” Jake yells.  My eyes widen and I do as I’m told. I roll off the bed with my calculus book against me and roll underneath the bed smoothly. I peek out from underneath to make sure Jake is hidden and I find him nowhere in sight so I go back underneath the bed, and count to seven while holding my breath, my adrenaline already kicking in.

I hear voices yelling from outside but I can’t really hear the words until I hear the door fly open and bang against the house.

“Where are they?!” a voice screams angrily. Too young to be my dad. “What have you done to them?!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” James says equally. “I suggest you leave before I call the cops.”

I hear a loud thud just as I hear the window near the door rattle. My adrenaline begins to pick up and my heart begins to pump loudly. I bite my lip down hard as I try to listen and keep my mouth shut.

“Where is she?” The other voice growls. “I know you know where she is James so stop giving me your fucking bullshit!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you need to leave.” James says in that tone of voice that I’ve come to learn is ‘Your last chance to listen to me’ voice.

“I’m not fucking going anywhere until I find her. So tell me where she is.” They demand. I hear the shuffling of feet before I hear some glass shatter and the voice of the intruder clicks in my head.  I roll out from underneath the bed and freeze in my place.

“Stop!” I scream at them, just as Trevor is about to swing at James. Trevor’s eyes meet with mine and he let’s go of James who is just glowering at him. 

Where the fuck have you been?” Trevor half yells at me.

“I’m sorr-” Trevor crosses the distance in two strides and squishes me in a bear hug. I hug him back. I feel my heart begin to slow as relief washes over me.

You just fucking leave for three days and don’t even think to tell me shit? What the fuck Addison?” he asks me incredulously, still squishing me to him.

“I’m sorry,” I try again. “I was going to talk to you when I got back.” I mumble into his chest, breathing in the familiar and comforting smell of Trevor.

“No. Trevor gets the memo when shit happens bitch. That’s just how it goes.” He squeezes me tighter and I manage a laugh. 

“Yes ma’am,” I squeeze him as tight as I can. We stay like this for a little while longer as I begin to feel him relax in my arms. Finally, I hear him heave a sigh before he forces himself to release me to face James again who had just closed the door and is now back to glaring at Trevor.

“Sorry about that man,” Trevor says as lightly as he can. James continues to glare at him though. “Look when your friend falls off the grid for three days with a father like her-”

“He knows?” James turns his glare on me.

“It’s Trevor, of course he knows.” I point out. James continues to glare at me before I begin to glare back. A silence rings in the air before another voice breaks it.

“Does this mean I can stop lying to him?” Jake comes out of the kitchen.

“Yes,” Trevor answers back, my gaze still locked with James, “because you are a terrible liar.” Jake gives a laugh. I give up and focus on the guys.

“You were hiding in the kitchen?” I ask indifferently. Jake nods.

Where?” My face scrunches up in confusion and curiosity. “In the fridge?” Everyone begins to laugh. Everyone, but James, who is still looking at me with that same anger I don’t even understand.

I mean why would James be angry that Trevor knows things about me? James isn’t even my friend while Trevor is my best friend…. Whatever, fuck it, he wants to act like a bitch then two can play that game.

“So,” I clap my hands together loudly, as if to scare off the tension. “Anyone hungry?”

“Me!” Both Trevor and Jake scream back. I shake my head with a laugh as I head for my jacket.

“Okay, what do you want?” I ask, as put my jacket on. As the boys debate on what food I should get I begin to have trouble pulling my hair out. Granted everyone tells me I should cut my hair I can’t help it. The curly blonde locks flow down to my waist and when I feel like being a girl some days and play with my wardrobe and make up, my hair makes me look like a completely different person. No joke.

Apparently having seen me struggling though, James comes up behind me and helps my pull my hair loose from my collar. I feel his hand graze my neck, his skin blazing. A small shudder passes through me and I can tell James is affected by the touch too because his body locks on him. I clear my throat as I thank him and pull away. I look up to Trevor and Jake to ask them about their decision but I see Trevor look at me in the corner of his eye and he sends me a grin. I feel my face flush involuntarily.

“So you guys want anything or not I don’t have all night,” I snap.

“We voted on Mexican food tonight.” Jake speaks up. I nod once and leave without looking at anyone.

I rub my hands together as I get to the corner of the street and feel a weight lift off my chest. Even though the cold air pierces my throat sharply, it feels easier to breathe. I make it down a couple more blocks before I realize it’s a lot colder than I had anticipated it to be.  Great, first day out and its freezing the fucking life out of me. Out of the corner of my eye I see the color red before I even see the mustang.

“Get in,”I hear James call out to me. I pretend I don’t hear him. “Addison!” he yells at me. I stop at the bus stop as if to look busy and rub my hands together before breathing into them.

“What’re you doing?” I growl at him between my hands. “Somebody can see us.”

“No one’s going to see us,” he snaps back. “Get in, its freezing.”

I glare at him. I’m not anybody’s bitch…unless I’m getting paid. “Don’t tell me what to do!” I keep walking away from him as he drives close to the pavement to keep up with me.

“So you’re just going to freeze out there?” he demands incredulously.

I begin to slow as I realize I am shivering. “Fuck.” I stand there for a couple more moments, my lip beginning to quiver. Meanwhile I can still hear the engine of James’ mustang, just waiting.

I feel my anger build inside me as I turn my heel and begin to walk to the passenger side of his car. Road trip to food, with James, this ought to be fun.

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