A Vampire's Heart

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Four kids, Three families, Two different paths, One big secret.....what will you think will happen.

By JLS :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Vampire's Heart

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Ella Maire


Dark Night


Chapter 1: The Rain Is Falling

Is it raining or is that just my tears falling over my cheeks, I can't tell. I figured it was raining because the guy next to me helpped put a tarp. I couldn't move, my legs were frozen to the ground. It was about night time when my brother Vine placed his hands on my shoulders. I looked up at him. with sorrow filled sky-blue eyes. Vine didn't say much but he did say 'It was time to go'.

On the ride home everthing was quiet, my brother was driving. It was said my brother was to take of me now, since both our parents are dead and he was 20. I couldn't hear my brother call my name at first but then he got louder and louder saying "Alphonse are you all right'. I shook my head and told him to leave me alone for now

I was dreaming about my family before Vine woke me up. I got out of the car and walked inside the house I once called home. I walked up the stairs to the big doubled, black door and pushed it aside. i walked inside and up the steps but I soon stop tseeing we have a guest. Vine pulled me bacl be hidden him, I could tell by the way my brother actted, that our guest was our Uncle Ray.

Very since I can remember my brother and parents hated my Uncle Ray. He was our father's twin brother so looking at him brought bad memories back. My whole body started to shake, Vine noticed and try to calm me down. Uncle Ray left without saying a word to me or Vine. Then everthing went black.

I was dreaming that my mother was holding me tight saying 'sleep Alphonse, big brother Vine well come home soon', then i woke up in my room with a glass of red-honey water on my nightstand. I picked up the glass and drank it dry, I love red-honey water but I was never told the real name for this drink. I was never told alot things in my past even nowadays I wasn't told much but that because I am only still 16.

My mind begin to wonder why Ray was here and why did my family hates him so much. In all the balls I went to, my parents and seem to want to kill Ray for just talking to me. When I did get to talk to Ray he seemed nice, but even could put my mind on why my family hated him so much.

I jumpped When I heard a knock on my door. Vine walks in and sits down on my bed. I thought for a minute that he was going to tease me about something like normal, but instead he pulled me in his lap and held me there. I was about to say something but I heard Vine cry so I stayed quiet. I can hear Vine cry 'Why Alphonse.....Why us'. I couldn't answer him, because I didn't know why.

Ever since I could remember, our family always got into trouble. When me and Vine were little we would get into trouble on our own but as we got older, trouble seem to find us instead of us finding it.

I snapped out of it when I heard footsteps walking away from me.....Vine had left me alone for the night. I sat up in my bed for a least an hour before, I fell asleep.

What woke me up was my alarm for school. So I automatically got of bed and got ready for school. I turn the water on the shower, I jumped into the shower and let the water run down my 6-pack, skinny body. The water was cold at first but to be truthful, it doesn't bother me as much.

After my shower I got dressed in a blue T-shirt, pack pants with the chains on the pocket, and black biker boots.I know I look punkish but my brother looks worst, always wearing reds and blacks clothes and shoes. When my brother was in school he was the number 1 gothic in school for boys, for girls it was some girl named Dark Night. I asked about her but all my brother did was walk away. So I quit asking about her.

I headed down stairs to find Vine still asleep from last nights crying. I didn't care I got school and I promised Ella Marie that I would eat Lunch with her today. Ahh Ella Marie, even her name makes my heart ack. I knew Ella Marie since grade school but in middle school I moved away. In high school I moved back and the first person to hug me and greet me back was Ella Marie.

When I arrived at school Ella Marie was stand under a tree with a soccer ball in her hands. Ella Marie was on the soccer tean and the swim team, she loves to do both of them, and I don't mind watching her, and it seems to me she talks to her cousin alot. I never met Ella's cousin and I don't think I want to by what I heard of her from Ella.

I walked up to Ella and said 'hi' with a smile. Ella smiled back and said 'hi' back. We walked inside and headed to our lockers then our classes.

At lunch I sat with Ella liked I promised. Everyone was watching us, it was kinda creepy. We ignored everyone and started talking about trying to find a job. We both came up with that there is no point in finding one now and we would wait a year or two. When Ella brought up the topic of what happen yesturday, I just stayed quit. I didn't want anyone to know that my mother died last night. Of couse I wanted Ella to know, because she would understand. Ella told me about how and when her parents died, but I seem to lock it all up and throw it in the trash.

Our lunch ended and soon did school. We walked back to the tree were Ella stood that morning. I said good-bye and walked off, but just before I did, I saw someone jump down from the tree and talk to Ella, I was going to ask who it was but Vine called me along to go home. I went trying to figure out who was talking to Ella Marie that wasn't me.

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