A Vampire's Heart

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Ella Marie's stpry

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Chapter 2: Ella's Story

My name is Ella Marie, my cousin is Dark Night. I remeber it perfectly. I was coming home and I smelt blood. As soon as I walked into the house blood ran and dropped down the walls and ther laid my parents on the ground, colder than cold and dead. All I remeber after that was Dark's warm hands covering my eyes.

I was so scared and weak back than, but nowadays I'm better, stronger, and smarter all because of Dark. She is my master and i her trainie, she made me the best non-human there is. I can sense things that are coming, like who or what Alphonse Rose really is. I stayed beside Alphonse because he is the Prince Of Vampires. Vine his brother is King without a Queen. Me and Dark are the princcess of vampires, for Aplonse or Vine to some day marry. Before my mother died she told me to stay close to Alphonse Edawrd Rose, because on day I would be his wife if I did. You can say my mother and father are greedy, wanting the kingdom of vampires to themsefves, but me and Dark knew better not to trust our parents. In fact the same night I told Dark I didn't trust them, my parents died. I will ammit that I thought Dark did it, but she how could she when she was with me the while day in school. On top of that she even walked me home that day. I just wanted to forget what happen that day but, when Alphonse asked, I simple told him everything, without thinking.

Later that day at high school, I watched Alphonse get picked up by his brother and leave. As soon as Alphonse left my cousin jumpped down from the tree, and I think Alphonse saw her, great now I got to answer alot of questions tomorrow. Me and Dark agured, welll I did, Dark just stood there like it was nothing.

After me yelling at Dark we went home. Dark trainned me out of pushiment for yelling at her. After trainning it was time to eat. Bedtime wasvat 11:00 and the alarm goes off at 6:30 un the morning.

I didn't want to get up since it was Saturday but then, I remembered Alphonse was coming over today with his brother. I rolled myself out of bed and walked to my bathroom with a pair of jeans and a brown tank-top.

Once out the shower, I put my underwear and jeans on then my bra and noticed that i needed to go bra shopping because my boobies got bigger. With a sigh I put on my tank and walked back into my bedroom and out the door and downstairs to answer the fornt door.

When I opened the fornt door Vine was standing in the way of Alphonse, so I pushed Vine aside and grap Alphonse's hand. I walked Alphonse into the study/librbay. We did most of our homework there but then Alphonse asked ' you ever wonder what your cousin and my brother do together'. The question surprised me a little but now I think about it Vine and Dark never come to check on us when we're two teen age vampires that have more horny problems then a human or anything for that fact. I just shook if off and went back to doing my homework.

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