Karmas Rich Bitch

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Lucy is your average 18 year old. All the hormones. All the Alcohol. All the Gossip. She was 8 when her dad died, leaving both her and her mother with heaps of money.Known as a snob to those in her neighbour.Known as the hottest girl in College, to everybody else. But this all changes when she up, way past her bed time. And for that she will be punished. In ways she did not expect.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Karmas Rich Bitch

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013



I woke, my joints aching. I stretched out, yawning. I sat up, turning in my bedside lamp. I need a drink. Eurgh dry mouth. I swung my legs out the edge of my bed, Slipping  into my slippers. Quietly I tiptoed out onto the landing. I turned on my phone and glanced at the time 3:58am. I reached the bottom of the stairs, still staring at my phone. Checking Facebook at 4:00 in the morning? Why not. Physics exam tomorrow: 12:00? Fantastic, not!  With one hand I fumbled for the door handle, felling the cold metal against my hand I pulled it down ans pushed the door. Nothing in this world could have prepared me for what my eyes saw in that brief moment that I decided to look up from my phone. So much so I actually dropped phone to the floor, it made a harsh bang as it hit the laminate wood flooring, and in return the 4 people currently stood in my living room, stopped destroying my stuff and turned to face me, eyes fixed on mine. Yup all 4 pairs, all 8 eyes....on me, a half naked girl at 4:00 in the morning. I stood frozen in the door way. My brain trying to figure out what I should do. I searched for an answer, something smart. Something to say to these 4 muscular men currently stood in my house.
 Somehow "Can you leave please" didn't seem adequate enough. So instead I decided to run to pick up my phone, slam the door and lock myself in my room until the police came. Well...that was the plan. I made it to my phone, but instead of running back out the door I found myself having a huge set of hands encasing my body and practically lifting me off the floor. The feeling another behind me was not what I'd planned. I threw my arms and legs about, in hope of hitting the person holding me, but instead my foot connected with our wooden table. You know when you stub your toe on the side of something? That's what it felt like....only 10000x worse. My reaction was to scream...in pain, not in an attempt to grab attention. The guy holding me didn't know this so clamped his mammoth of a hand over my mouth forcing the air back into my lungs. That scream now sounded like a cough. A almost screamed again as a pocket knife now took it's place at the base of my throat. 
I felt his breath against the side of my face.
 "Not.  Fucking word, beautiful. I Shan't hesitate in cutting this little throat of yours right here. Don't want your mum having to clear more of a mess than needed now do we?" He whispered darkly into my ear. My heart launched at my chest. My vision blurred. This was actually happening right?
"DO WE!" He growled, not receiving the obvious answer he expected from myself. The blade pressed closer to my neck. He was right. I didn't fancy bleeding out on my own floor so I said yes. He removed the blade 
"good girl". I found myself being dragged to face the other way. 3 other  men stood staring at me. 
"What's your name bitch?" The tallest guy spat, clearly pissed off. 
I swallowed before almost choking the words "Lucy" 
Tower(his nickname until further notice) walked forward, grabbing my chin harshly, pulling it up so that I had no choice but to look at him. 
"Wrong place, wrong time sweetheart..." he pouted, stroking my cheek with his free hand.
 "Think you'll find I live here, you filthy douche ba-" I stopped receiving  a firm slap from a warm hand belonging to one tower. My skin stung, tears formed in the corner of my eyes and I tried my hardest not to let the fall. A sign of weakness of which  didn't want to show. Tower's hand firmly grabbed my jaw. Pushing his fingers hand against my skin. I looked I was pouting. A painful pout at that.
 "What's the matter? Never been slapped for being a bad girl? Oh that's right, your rich...get your own way. Mommy's precious innocent daughter hmm?" He mocked. I averted my gaze but he gave me another slap.
 "Look at me when I'm talking to you" I did as I was told. Bastard needs to quit slapping me! "Now what?" A quite question, asked by the smallest member of the group (known as small until known otherwise).
 Tower looked behind his back towards the others. "Well we can't let her go now! She knows our voices" he sighed. Voices!? As if I could memorize fucking voices. Is he a complete pleb? 
Small shrugged "so..." Tower looked back toward  me. He smirked, instantly saying something I dreaded.
"Guess we'll have to stop her going else where. There's some rope in that bag. Get it" he ordered, still keeping a firm eye on me, as small emptied the contents of one bag onto the floor. Rope, duct tape... Fuck no where they going to tie me up. I pushed against the guy holding me, trying to throw his balance but he just laughed. 
"N-n-no! Fuck you!" I stammered, seriously panicking. 
Tower nodded "yes, and yes...but later" 
I was thrown down on the floor before I could even answer. I tried getting up, but the original guy straddled my back, pinning my hands behind my back. I felt coarse rope being wound around my wrists. It was so tight,digging into my skin. I winced as it was tied off, making it that little bit tighter. The same followed for my legs, elbows and thighs. I squirmed as much as I could. I was utterly helpless. I couldn't and didn't even try to stop the tears this time. Tower bent Down and picked me up with one hand on my arm. He brushed my  hair out of my face. 
"Well thank you for making our job easier dear" He laughed. 
"Let me go! Please, Take what you want and leave. I won't say a word I swea-" I pleaded,before being cut of by a  seemingly dirty cloth being shoved between my teeth. it pushed my jaw open uncomfortably. The cloth clogged up my airways, making me choke. I felt as if I were breathing  underwater though one of those little stick things. 4 massive strips of duct tape were smothered across my lips.
 "We have what we wanted... you were our goal in this break in lovely, and you played right into our hands...oh and don't worry... Looks like you won't be saying anything either" tower chuckled. Patronizing much!? Nice one Lucy...great job. I protested a mumble as I was thrown over his hard shoulder, gravity pulls both my head and feet down. Never again would I see my mother, friends. That bloody physics exam too! My life. I may not live again. Tears poured down my face as the front door opened and I was taken away from everything I knew. My home. Cold air blew through my hair an  shivers covered my exposed skin. I screamed, in hope that someone would hear, before realizing... It's 5:00...nobody will be awake to hear.  I heard the rattle of a metal door opening and I was thrown onto a foul smelling mattress. Small appeared above me and held up a needle. I FUCKING HATE NEEDLES! No way. No. No.No. ouch! Within seconds it was  in and out. Small left, slamming the door. I was thrown into darkness. The sound of the engine roared through my now heavy head. The sound of tires against the gravel. The distant echoes of a bird waking up. I cried to myself. Never before had I felt so alone. So helpless. I scrunched my eyes together tightly, feeling the effects of what ever had been injected into my blood stream. I love you mom. I whispered into my empty thoughts. I was thrown into my inner self. Just me and my subconscious mind. There I was safe for a while...there I was free

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