The Spartan's Journey

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Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008




Chapter 1

"groans" "What? Wh-Where am I?" Lieutenant Ruegg said slowly as he rose from the ground. "What was I doing last? Agh. I can't remember" he thought.

Where had he been? "Wasn't- wasn't I at a military base out in the desert? Yeah... I think so... Out in the southwest.... Geez.""What?!" he yelled, as he looked at his hands.

They were covered with green gauntlets. He spotted something lying on the ground near him.

"What the hell is that?" he thought. "It looks like- like a helmet."

"When he put it on, he heard a strange hissing noise aound him

"Huh? What was that?" He suddenly realized what he had last been doing.

"Oh yeah. I had last been training them... The ones chosen to be Earths greatest soldiers.. With me leading them. Why does this place seem so familiar? I know I have seen this before, but where? WHERE?!"

. . .

"What the hell?" "Where'd he go?!"

It was pandemonium at Yuma Proving Grounds.

"He was here a minute ago, where is he?!" yelled the general in charge of overseeing this testing.

"I don't know sir, it's as if he just vanished."

"Do we have a location from the GPS in his armor?" "No sir."

"Damn. He said that couldn't be deactivated, so why aren't we getting a signal?"

"*Sigh* Well. Corporal, mark Lieutenant Ryan Ruegg as Missing in Action."

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