The Spartan's Journey

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - The United Nations Space Command

Submitted: March 01, 2008

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Submitted: March 01, 2008



Byrne was resting his feet up on the desk in the improvised command tent as Ryan was walking in. "Lieutenant Ryan Ruegg reporting." he said.

"Lieutenant?" Byrne said, in an Irish accent. "Well, you're the ranking officer then."

"What do you know about what happened, and what we're fighting?" he asked. "I'd like as full a briefing as you can give."

"Well, I'll start with the Covenant. Us in the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) have been fighting 'em for about 27 years. We....haven't been doing very well. Only a few planets are left before they reach Earth. Here, it's a mess. We're forming mixed battalions of men from your Earth, and ours. As far as we know, there's not enough men here to form a whole division. From what I've heard, we've got some German companies in the mix. Most of 'em speak English well enough. Sir, we won't last a week if we stay here in the open. The Covenant are too powerful, and their numbers seem endless at all other times, and so far, it looks the same."

"Hmmm......" Ryan said aloud.

"What?" Byrne asked.

"I may have a solution to our problem of being in the open. But, I won't force it. You should have an answer by mid day tomorrow, but I need some sleep. I've been awake for over a day straight." Ryan concluded.

"More than a day? How long have you been here?"

Ryan smiled behind his visor. "I've guessed a couple months. I'll ask someone from my world what the date was they last knew."

His answer from the nearest platoon was October 6, 2008. "Thanks" he told them. Wow..... Four months I've been here. I guess Midna made it bearable. He smiled again, and went to where Midna and the rest were sitting, inspecting their gear again. "Alright, let's get some rest. It's been a long day for us four, Midna."

. . .

The next morning, he came up to Midna. "I've been briefed by Byrne. He doesn't expect us to last very long against these foes, the Covenant. I was thinking, with your approval, we could use the Twilight Realm as a retreat point, with there being only one way in that I know of. And with Byrne's approval, I'd like to try and evacuate the citizens of Hyrule with us. And I do mean trying to evac the Zoras and Gorons. I would suggest returning to the Realm now, or risk falling."

Midna looked at him, as if she could see through his visor. "I'd like to see the strength of these Covenant before hiding in the Realm, if you plan of remaining out here." she said "The Twilight Realm will keep these soldiers and citizens safe. For a while."

Ryan saluted. "Thank you, your highness. I-"

"You don't need to say 'Your highness'. We know each other enough to bypass usual courtesy."

"Alright. I'll ask Byrne if he will go with the evacuation." He went, and Byrne approved it.

"You're the ranking officer. You can decide on your own, you don't need a CWO to approve." he said bluntly.

"I asked, with you knowing more about the Covenant than I. The evacuations will begin ASAP. Help get the aircraft ready."

"I can help with the Pelican dropships and the Hornet attack craft. You'll have to take the helicopters." Byrne responded.

"Although, I think the Pelican would be a faster choice for me. You can fly one, right?" Ryan asked

"Yeah. I'll show you how to so we can have another bird in the air afterwards."

Ryan had the controls down after half an hour, and the majority of flyable craft were fully armed and fueled. "Link," he said over the radio, "get the group over to this bird. If the displays are working in your helmet, you should see a marker."

"No, I don't see anything on the visor. Maybe these suits were defe-"

"I see it." Midna interjected. "Alright, this way" she told the rest.

Ryan was standing outside the Pelican's troop bay, watching the assorted soldiers. "What division are you from?" he would ask many a passing platoon. There were a number of answers. The renowned 1st Infantry Division was among them, along with members of the British Specail Air Service (SAS), armored divisions, and airborne groups, all were either offworld from the UNSC, or out of the US, the United Kingdom (UK), and some from Germany.

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