The Spartan's Journey

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008



Ruegg stood there, wondering what had just happened, and assumed he was human again. He looked to his left, and realized his hopes were unanswered and was still a wolf. The wolf he had been with in the cell and througout the castle was there too, and also surprised to see he was still a wolf, and he made a first attempt at communication.

"Who are you, and where am I?" Ruegg said as best he could through barks and growls. He had never been much for courtesy.

"My name is Link, and you're in the province of Ordona in Hyrule."

"Hyrule.... Why is that so familiar..." Ruegg thought. "I wonder where Midna went."

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see." said Link, unsure.

The two wolves began to leave the spring, and as they came to the exit, the heard a familiar voice.

"So, what now?"
"Did you two think I left?" Midna asked mockingly. "If you want to get back into the Twilight, you will need the help of a citizen of the Twilight, so I guess you two have no choice but to help me." she said, and disappeared into Link's shadow.

"Well, I have no clue where I could find a sword or shield, so I will just wait here at the bridge." Ruegg said apologetically "Sorry."

"I can't blame you, since you have no idea where you are. Where... are you from, anyways?" Link wondered.

"Before here, I was in a section of a military base in a desert designated for.... Hell, it's classified."

"I guess you were human at one pont, too..... We should try to talk more if we ever return to our human shapes. I'll be back with a sword and shield." Link said, turning to the left and running.

Be seeing you soon I guess. Ruegg thought to himself.

. . .

As He slowly walked to the bridge, Ruegg noticed something in the woods off to his left, and went to investigate. He was surprised to find another cache of supplies he hadn't seen when he first came through here as a human. Though at this one, there was a pair vehicle he had yet to train with at the proving grounds section for his program. It was a pair of ATVs that had been modified and lightly armored. There was a small note on the small windshield, and read: "Flip ignition switch to start, turn handles forward to accelerate, turn backwards to brake and reverse." Along with the ATVs, there were more handguns, knives, and what he had wanted to see, a pair of rifles, deignated the G5, as it was similar to the G3, but fired a .50 calibur round instead of .30 calibur.

When Link comes back, I'll have to show all this to him, even though we can't use any of it now. He thought with a smile.

. . .

After waiting for about ten minutes, making a further inspection of equipment during the spare time, he heard the familiar sound of a wolf coming up the dirt road. Ruegg ran out of the trees and met Link as he came.

"So, I guess you found the sword and shield."

"Yes, I did."

They began to head towards the bridge, but as they passed the spring, they heard a strange, mournful voice.

"Wait...." Both of them stopped. "Come.... To my spring." As they approached where they thought the voice was coming from, a barrier dropped behind them. "Look out... A shadow beast approaches."

Ruegg began looking around furiously, and he saw what looked like a hole in space-time, and saw a creature drop from it. When it landed, he realized it was like the thing that attacked him when he was pulle dinto the Twilight.

Oh, hohoho, you're not getting away this time you little bastard! Ruegg thought, wanting revenge.

Both Ruegg and Link jumped at the beast simultaneously, held on, and began to bite like mad, and the beast collapsed. Then, it burst into black squares, and flew into the place it had come from.

From the spring came an orb of light, from which came an entity in the shape of a goat. "I am the spirit Ordona." Ruegg began to lose attention again, thinking it would again be something that did not have much to do with him.

After the story from the spirit, as they were walking away, Ruegg said "Hey Link, there's something I want to show you," and brought him to the cache of weapons and supplies.

"What are these things?" Link said, obviously surprised by the weapons of Ruegg's program.

"Those are weapons and transportaion from where I'm from." He said, pleased with how surprised Link was. "These aren't evern the most devastating weapons in the inventory. If any more end up here, I'll explain them."

"Can you tell me anything now?" Link asked, wanting to learn.

"Can you please get moving?" Midna asked suddenly.

"Yes, we can go." Ruegg said reluctantly. "I'll give an explantion later, when we can use these. They were meant for humans, obviously."

They crossed the bridge, and as they came to the wall that was ominously standing there, giving both the memories of being pulled through.

"Well, we're here," said Midna, "If we go in, we may not be able to come back out. You're both sure you want to go in, right?"

"Yes," the wolves said simultaneously.

Midna passed through the barrier, and shortly after, a massive orange hand reached through and pulled Link through, then Ruegg. They were back in the Twilight.

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