The Spartan's Journey

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008



"Well, I'd rather be human, but this beats another ambush." thought Ruegg.

As he looked around, actually able to see where he was this time around, he glanced at Link and Midna, and damn near fell down when he saw Midna wearing the shield on her face.

"So these are the weapons you use in your world?" Midna wondered, and swung the sword. "Do you really think these can slay a creature of twilight?"

Ruegg thought, slightly disheartened, I hope the weapons from the 21st century work, otherwise we're in trouble

"Well, I won't use these, but I will keep them for you." Midna said. "Do you hear that? It sounds like the mourning of a spirit" she said deviously. "Well, come on you two, I'm not responsible for the destruction of your world if you don't get moving"

Hey, I'm not even sure I'm from this world, thought a further disheartened Ruegg. I hope we get back to being human sometime soon. Those rifles didn't even get to be tested before this..... thing happened he thought.

Annoyed, Midna yelled "Come on, hurry up!" As the two wolves ran towards the spirits spring, another barrier fell around them.

Ahh, hell, not again. Ruegg was nearing his limit of letdowns, as three shadow beasts dropped from the portal above.

Oh, you've gotta be ----ing kidding me! The wolves were surrounded.

"Well, I guess you two can handle these guy. Bye!" a departing Midna tauntingly yelled.

Link went for one to his right, and Ruegg to the one on his left, even though he knew his 6 o'clock was open, he also knew it was open either way. Link dispatched his beast while Ruegg dispatched his, and they both turned to face the last one, and they heard a deafening mix of a screech and beastly yell come from it, and looked to see its dispatched comrades rise from the ground, and return to the fight.

"What's the holdup?" Said a newly returned Midna, "all right, I guess I'll help you." She proceeded to lay down a strange field that encompassed the three beasts. Ruegg broke into a mad dash out of the field, fearing what may happen when the result ensues.

He was gald he had run, as he looked back to see Link jump on each one at what apparently was a lethal speed, and all three were dispatched.

They proceeded to the spirit's spring, and again Ruegg decided against paying attention, though actually heard what they had to do to be human again, and as soon as the spirit finished speaking, he charged to find and destroy the bugs that had the Tears of Light they were instructed to gather, as he was sick of being a wolf.

The journeyed through the woods, continually tracking the bugs, Ruegg usually leading the way, despite not knowing where he was going. The fnal two were found outside of a strange building with a large web blocking the entrance, and the spirit of a monkey, which said to himself that everything had gone downhill after it's leader went crazy.

When Link gathered the tears, they both saw a bright light, and appeared back at the spring of the spirit they met in Twilight, but in the light world now. Ruegg was getting tired of the spirits, and during this monolouge, he was again crushed by learning there were two more they had to meet.

His spirits were instantly lifted when the spirit Faron said to Link "Look at your awakened form" and realized he was human again.

They were told to go to the Forest Temple to find a power that could be used to defeat the King of Twilight.

As Link went towards the temple, Ruegg shouted, "What about the weapons back across the bridge?"

Link turned back towards Ruegg "Oh yeah, I forgot about those." he said eagerly "I'd like to see how weapons from where you come from work"

As they began the short walk back to the cache of weapons and vehicles, Ruegg suddenly said "I'm sorry, I don't think I actually introduced myself. My name is Ryan Ruegg, I don't care about whether the program is classified or not, but I am in charge of an international, but still highly underfunded in everything but small arms, program to develop armor that will make the wearer stronger, and less susceptible to being injured in combat. We're also working on experimental weapon designs for the armored solidiers, and vehicles but-" he stopped abruptly. "I'm not boring, you, am I? Cause I'll shut up if I am."

"No, no, continue" Link said, wanting to know more.

"Well, we were also working on making current vehicles more durable, yet lighter and more maneauverable at the same time. My hopes had been that the military of my country would have spared at least materials to create a modern thing we call a tank, but instead, they gave us surplus of a tank that's 60 years old! I don't even know why there were any left in the inventory and not on display at some museum. So now, we had to get modern parts for the tanks, these were originally M4 "Sherman" tanks, and of the ones that were to be modified, before I was dropped here by means I still don't know of, we had only upgraded one with modern parts and experimental armor of lightweight materials. All right, I'm done with that monologue, so now, let's see what we have here."

As they came to the cache, Ryan noticed there were some things from before that were missing, and some thngs that hadn't originally been there. "Where's the rifles go?!" Where they had once been, lay a pair of M1014 shotguns. "Well, these will be better if we're going into close quarters. It'll still help to have a knife, or that sword of yours." As he inspected the ammunition, he found that 1/4 of it was designed for training. Perfect he thought Now Link can train using safer ammo.

"Wait, wasn't there something else here before?" Link asked

It turned out there had been. The ATV's were gone. "Ahh, hell. Those wouldn've made getting around much easier. Well, can't wait to find the next spot where things from my world were dropped, if there are any. Oh, and those things that are missing are actually called "All Terrain Vehicles", or ATV's, but I've nicknamed 'em Mongooses or Mongeese, whichever you prefer. I don't remember why I chose the name though..." he wondered. "Anyways, let's have some target practice with the shotguns and pistols, shall we? I need to practice, myself." Ruegg showed Link how to operate the guns, and how to reload each, since it was nothing like he had seen before. Link was a quick learner, and withing 30 minutes, they were on thier way to the Forest Temple, both carrying plenty of ammuntion, Ryan with more, since the armor did in fact make him stronger.

"I'm still surprised this is working, to be honest." Ruegg said with a sneer under his helmet, "No one thought it could be done in a decade, let alone in 2008. I wonder if these are even going to be produced further...."

"Well, it seems to be a good idea, and it works, why wouldn't it?" Link asked, surprised by Ryan's doubt.

"Well, sometimes a good idea is rejected because of a single flaw. A convetional armor system called Dragonskin was rejected, because it failed environmental tests, but actually worked better than the current armor." Ryan said with a sigh, "I wish they would realize the potential of both, but it's not my decision. I'm just a Lietenant."

"Well, if I had a chance, I would definately use it." Link said, trying to raise Ruegg's spirits.

"Thanks. As long as I have some support, it's not a complete failure. There were multiple suits made, so if by chance one ends up here, you can have it." Ruegg said, "That's a gurantee."

"What makes that so much better than anything else?" Link wondered

"Well, it's main funtion was originally to be armor that would protect all parts of the body, but not restrict movement. The first version I made was.... unsuccessful in meeting the less restricted movement part. I had been wondering about how small what we call hydrolics could be made, and decided to show the original one to the military to see if they would fund a prototype, taking my suggestions into account, and also adding electronics into the helmt's visor to make it more advanced,a nd work with there planned networking of the battlefield. It's also equipped with lights above and to the side of the visor to help visibility at night. Even with all that it was a miracle it lasted this long, and now with me gone, I have low hopes of this program continuing."

"How long ago did you end up here?"

"Hmmm.... Well, I think I disappeared from the base on June 6th, and the calendar in here says it's now..... June 8th, so two days ago." "It feels longer than that, but enough talking for now, I'm tired of monologues. Let's get going. I'll follow you, since I have no idea where to go."


They found the door locked, but, Ryan being impatient as he was, walked back and rammed the door, breaking the lock. "It's nice that was just wood. Easy to break with this."

As they entered the cave they had gone through in the Twilight, Ruegg turned the lights on his helmet on, and the amount they lit the cave up surprised Link. "I don't see how there could be anything that could beat that armor." he thought, hoping they would come across another suit so he could try it.

On the other side, there was a depression in the ground which was covered in a dark fog that had been there in the Twilight as well, but the lghts of Ryan's armor dispersed it.

Link wondered aloud "Am I even going to need anything I find?"

Ruegg respoonded "I don't know, but I would keep it just in case. We don't have equipment that can cover all possibilities and still be portable or safe."

As they crossed through the fog, a monkey began following the two. "Isn't that the same monkey whose spirit we saw in the Twilight?" Ryan thought. Link spoke up, saying what Ruegg had thought, as the monkey ran ahead of them, and tried to get them to follow it.

"I guess we should follow it, since I don't know what way to go in the fog." Ruegg decided.

"Yeah, this it too thick, so we just follow it, and hope for the best." Link concluded.

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