The Spartan's Journey

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Mirror of Twilight

Submitted: February 28, 2008

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Submitted: February 28, 2008



After the long haul through the desert and their slog through the Arbiter's Grounds, Ryan stood in the Mirror Chamber atop the grounds while Link sprang the mechanism they guessed would raise the Mirror. As the statue Link was on sank into the sand, the eyes of Ryan and Midna were fixed on where they saw disturbance in the sand. But as the mirror rose, Ryan fell to his knees in anger, and as Midna approached the mirror, she was angered as well. It was broken.

They sat there, Midna kneeling next to the mirror, Link standing over her, and Ryan trying to repair some of the gouges the impact in the Sacred Grove caused by hand. Link looked up to see figures standing atop the pillars circling the chamber.

"A dark entity lurks in the Twilight... It houses an evil power... You who are guided by fate... You who possess the crest of the goddesses... Hear us." One of them spoke.

"At the command of the goddesses, we sages have guarded the Mirror of Twilight since ancient times." another piped up.

"You seek it...but the mirror has been fragmented by mighty magic."

"That magic is a dark power that only he possesses..."

"His name is..." Come on, out with it! Ryan wasn't a patient one. "Ganondorf."

The sages told a tale of how Ganondorf was sent into the Twilight Realm. "Perhaps that evil power has been passed on to Zant..." Oh yeah. Whole lotta good that does us.

"You're just now figuring out where Zant got his power? It's far too late..." Midna said. Well put, Ruegg thought.

"Only the true leader of the Twili can utterly destroy the Mirror of Twilight...So Zant could merely break it into pieces. Once broken by magic, the mirror became fragments, which even now lie hidden across the land of Hyrule."

"One is in the snowy mountain heights."

"One is in an ancient grove."

"And one is in the heavens."

"You who have been sent by the goddesses... You should be able to gather the three pieces, with the help of your friends. But you must be prepared, for a dangerous power resides in those fragments..."

The three heroes nodded to each other, Midna returned to Ryan's shadow, and they left to search for the shards.

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