The Purple Phase

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - They Drop Like Flies

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



They Drop Like Flies

Adam helps me off of his bike and looks to me to grab his helmet. Ignore his hand as he holds it out for me. He walks to the door and opens it poking his head into the small crack. I hold my breath as he scoffs.

“I found your girl.” He whispers. He pulls me in and in front of Ben who stares at me pilling up and down me. I pull my hands behind my back and I try to start past him with Adam close behind me.

"What did you do to yourself?" he nearly yells. I pull away backing into Adam. Adam pulls a hand to my arm and lets it slide from me. I turn to look back at him as he stares a Ben.

"I was walking and I decided to go into the woods and I fell." I tell him softly peeling over words. I pull my hand behind my back.

"You're lying. Did you cut yourself?" he growls and pulls my hand to him. I yank it back pulling my hand into my dress.

"No, I promise I didn't cut myself." I cry. He grabs the cat ears from my head and throws them onto the ground. “You’re scaring me.” I tell him.

"What is your problem Adam? What's up with you and my sister?" He growls toward Adam. I try not to look Adam in the eyes. I just hold my hand behind my back.

"Nothing, I found her walking around. I'm pretty sure she's okay." I feel him turn into my direction. He leans against the arch. He’s casual and he looks calm.

"I'm fine." I cry. My heart pounds and I tighten my hand around the dress.

"You are always around her and I know you were at Thomas's. I called him and he told me you were with a girl... A pretty girl." he looks to me as my cheeks turn pink. "He said she was your girl. That's not my sister is it?"

"Of course not!" he cries. "I met that chick Holly there and she goes around telling people that we’re dating." He defends. I look up and I clench my jaw. I pull my bang from my forehead.

"You've been acting so fucking weird! You spend more time with her than you spend with Me." he looks to me. "Do you like him?" I shake my head. He starts to me. "Do you need a friend that bad?"

"He has cancer." I whisper. I clinch my hand behind my back and I hold back the lump in my throat.

"What?" he yells. "I can't hear you. I fucking hate you Penny."

"HE HAS CANCER!" I yell. I stomp back to my room. I hear him groan as I leave and I don’t know whether or not he feels bad about what he did or whether he feels nothing at all. I can only feel my heart slowly shattering. It feels strange because I never really notice it being there. I cry slamming my door. The room around me rumbles as my father screams in the next room. He must have woken up. I turn into the direction of the door as the three rumbles and fight back and forth. My door flies open and he grabs my hand. I become sad so fast because he’s actually convinced that I cut myself. I wipe the dry tears from my face as new ones start to form. I yank my hand back. "I didn't cut myself!" I cry. "I swear I didn't cut myself." I sob. My father pulls me to him and hugs me letting me cry into his shirt. “I swear I didn’t do it.” I tell him. He rubs the hair from my face.

“I believe you.” He whispers to me. “Don’t cry.” He tells me. His hand finds my tears and he rubs them away pulling my hair form the clumps of water. I look up at him. He looks like my dad.

“Penny, fuck you!” Ben sobs. He starts to the door and Adam pulls him away from my father and I as he jumps forward at me hurling his body toward me. My father holds me back and starts to Ben. “I fucking hate you Penny. All that you ever do is turn them against me and I just want you to fucking disappear!” he screams. He stops and slowly drops to the floor pulling at his hair. “I want to fucking disappear.” He tells me.

“Jim, what’s going on?” I hear my mother. “Ben, baby, what’s wrong?” she cries for him. My father pushes past her and walks out of my room. “Ben, why are you crying, come on, calm down.” She tells him. Her hand rest on his shoulder and he looks up at her. He pushes Adam away and hits himself in the head.

"I've notice why Melony hates you so much.” He looks up at me and quaffs his hair from his forehead. “It’s because you are a hypocritical bitch that thinks the world should revolve around you. If you'd like the attention you've got it now.” He digs into his pocket and pulls out this old folded up piece of paper and unfolds it. He throws it at me and it lands at my feet. I lift the clump and the purple phase stamps the top of it. The picture of me is plastered in the middle of it. 'They fall like birds... I wonder who's next.' I crumple it up and throw it at him.

“When you wake up in the morning I'll be gone.” I run a hand through my hair and I look to my mother who consoles him and I run my arm over my eyes. “I don't care what you guys think of me! You hate me anyways so why don't I just do it now?” I slam my door and I lock it. I turn from the door as my vision blurs with tears. He twists the knob once then the urgency to open the door grows. He jiggles the door banging on it. Adam joins him. My mother joins the. Their feet hit the door along with their fist. The two call my name as I slowly back away from the door. I absolutely hate my life as of now. I pull to my drawer and pull out a bottle of nail polish remover. I twist the cap off then I look to the door as my eyes water again and once again I have this dead alone feeling. I cringe as I smell it pulling the rim of the bottle to my lips. I take the bottle back and it burns my tongue and throat as it goes down. I finish a fourth and by then the taste is hardly present. My door flies open and my father walks to me grabbing the bottle. He throws it then I fall to the ground as the taste swirls around in my mouth. I pull a hand up to his cheek and I smile up at him as he swirls over me.

"What the fuck did you do Ben?" he yells. "Go call the ambulance!" I pull my hands to my ears and my father pulls his hand into my mouth for a second time pulling me to dry heave. Nothing comes up. He screams and tries again. I scream and I wiggle from him. He goes for a third and the vomit comes up in a red pool. He lifts me and walks me outside as I get dizzy. My mother pulls by his side screaming words that I can’t hear and she grabs my dangling hand. My vision blurs and I can see the red lights flickering after a minute of his panicking. He rushes me outside screaming in circles and I'm let down onto something soft. My head falls and I see Adam beside Ben. The expression on his face is angry. I close my eyes and the world around me grows dark and I am all alone.

A/N: Sorry for the delay on chapters... I just started my spring break so I've been busy like crazy and I'm now working on a trailer which I should have done by the end of the night or early tomorrow... I'm pretty excited! Thanks for all of the reads and sorry there is no song a bit too busy for a song because I've been editing chapters back to back and trying to finish the story... ALMOST DONE! haha then I can finally Publish so yeah... I'm pretty excited. Thanks again for all of the reads! they mean a lo to me!

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