The Purple Phase

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Purple Phase II

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013




The Purple Phase II

Ashin' Kusher– Kid Cudi

I'd been sitting on top of the car for an hour now while they sat in the presence of one another enjoying the pleasures of their filthy bodies outside in the winter’s cold. I pull the sweater Ben’d given me to wear tighter over my arms. It smells like cigarettes and oranges which to me, is a horrible combination. I can hear them make their soft gently noises underneath me and it is awfully strange that they can go at this foul deed for so long. Ben isn’t even tangible or sufferable for hours at a time. The thought of breathing in his air as you lie underneath him gives me chills. Not only because he is my brother but because I know that that’s exactly what girls like from him, too breathe in his air and to have him breath in theirs. The two cracked the windows so that I could hear the music they played but that only invites the idea of Ben being attractive. I like to have him around but, he never really is.

I hop down from the top of the car incapable of hearing them and I pull forward to the dock. Tonight, the dock is calm and the waters take time to wash up onto the thick wooden post that holds the fragile dock high above it. I think it was the best feature or town had. I kick off my shoes" to see a couple of slashes on my feet smash into the mud hiding away into the grime of the land. I can only think to sigh as I look down at one that surfaced on the top of my foot it is the freshest of the cuts. But, I guess you never know what you have until it's gone. It slides all the way to the middle of my foot glowing up into a red film that sinks back into my skin. I make it onto the rickety dock and I sit at the edge hoping that if today is the day for the wood to give out, the waters will roar when they decide to take me. My breath leaves me swirling into small misty circle of thin air around me creating a mist of my breath. The car door to Ben's car slams shut and I turn to see Adam standing facing toward the back of the car peeing. His silhouette burns a dark shape at the back of the car as he slips behind the lights. He looks around wandering around the land then his eyes meet mine. I hiss a quick scoff and I look back out onto the water. He sits beside me looking out onto the water along with my eyes that scan for small swirls of wind that pick up the current a little.

"I thought you were on top of the car." he says. His voice is a bit excited. I look up to him then back out onto the water. His hands dig into his pockets where he fishes around for his phone. That thing stays attached to his hand all of the time. That’s why he never looks at me, because he was looking at more important things like, the weather or the new status everyone’s favorite person Ricky Worsen put up. He’s even my favorite person. He can make you laugh anytime he wants to. “You're pretty quiet." he taps around for a couple of minutes then he scoffs. His scoff was like a whisked out cough. I look to him then down at my battered feet kicking them around in the air softly to catch the cold wind. Again, I look to my plaid skirt to finger over the lines. "’The Purple Phase’." he starts. I keep staring into the dark water. "Well, hello Valley Springs High school! The home for the public school rejects, the ‘prepsters’ that roll out of bed every single day to pick on my speckled pimply face and those pansies that are here because they have to be.” He squints at his screen pulling it in closer to his eyes. “Below are ten seniors, three juniors, five sophomores and three freshmens that feel that their lives are worth nothing more than the grime that splits through their bleeding wrist. I just want you to know that I’ve been watching. This fat ass that has split my fingers above my keyboard has been watching. First, may I start off by thanking mum who told me you all might as well be jealous of me because ‘I’m perfect’? I’m not perfect and neither are you. As of now, your lives are as valuable as mine.” he laughs and scratches his head mumbling over the words that he’d only just said seconds ago but, I could only sit and listen because I wanted to see who the list might have been pertaining to. "You are all small shreds of shit if you really believe that you can be sad." it was like a repeat of my words. "This drug is only out for those who actually know how to do it. Out of all of you on this list your cuts are too noticeable and we all know you want the sympathy." he laughs and puts his phone down. “This is so stupid! Why would they be joking?"

"It's more of knowing who their real friends are." I guess. He looks to me. I catch his eyes again but this time the crystals only steam over.

"Did you do this?"

"Do you think I have the time to sit around making a list to make people feel bad?" his eyes simmer down as the words leave my lips.

"No but that was a pretty valid reason that they do It." he chuckles. He laughs so hard that he coughs. I slide over an inch. I’d never been around my brother or his friends when they were smashed. I loved being better than them intellectually. Especially Adam, he is one of Ben’s smartest friends."Melony Hanson and then, you can point your idol hands toward her bestie crystal."

"Bridget Mandela has to be on that list." He laughs again.

"Why do you know these things?" he falls about loudly gripping onto the front of the wooden posts and rocking back and forth like a lunatic. I scoot an inch away from him biting my lip. I pull the sweater tighter over me crossing my arms.

"I observe." I tell him. "I'm so popular that I can just observe things." I scoff. He laughs hard and nudges me. His arms wail into my personal space for that small fraction of time and I can’t help to think of how much of a mad man he is.

"You are really funny. What else have you observed?" he twitches into my direction then snakes back to his left to look down at his phone.

"Angela really likes my brother. She stares at him and she looses thought." I tell him. "I know that he doesn't like her the way that she likes him because of the excitement in his voice. Right about now they're probably making out or already onto the next step and she might feel that every little thing he's doing to her is because he likes her but it's only because he doesn't want to hurt her." I yawn clinching my jaw even tighter. My cheeks are being pinched by the cold making me pull a hand up to rub one of them. He smiles and nudges me again.

"You're alright Pantcie-Poo." he laughs. I stand sticking my hands into the sweater pockets. My hands hit a hard object and I pull it out of the pocket to look at the silver key. It is Ben’s key. He is like a baby and looses all of his things so we always have to find them for him. Adam peers up at me. "Where are you going?"

"Back to my brother’s car." he stands and nearly falls into the lake. I stroll back to the car pulling my arms as close to my body as they’ll get. My toes are just about frozen by now and they feel like small carrots that dangle from my feet.

"We should talk more often." He teases pulling the hood of the sweater over my hair as he struts past me. I growl at him as he passes me. But, the idea of actually using the hat was golden.

"We didn't really talk." I call forward. He stops so I can catch him, inviting me into his time. It irritates me when ever people do that. It makes me feel more like a loser generally and I tend to feel as numb as my toes do know.

"You make me feel really stupid." he laughs. I pick up speed to pass him again but he also becomes fast in his pace.

"You're backed up with drugs." I tell him. "You should feel stupid."

"Hanging out with your brother is like hanging out with a bag of stupid." he laughs. "He's pretty smart but it's hard to explain some things to him." He scoffs. I roll my eyes to the car swooping down to grab my shoes just to be even faster in getting away from him.

"Please stop talking."

"Bars make my vision blur." he echoes behind me. But, I don’t care what drugs do to his vision. I don’t care that his vision is blurred. I don’t care that he thinks my brother is stupid. I just don’t care. I turn to him as he falls to the ground only to be given another chance to roll my eyes. He is being the biggest idiot in the world. I continue to my brother’s car and I pull open the door. He turns to me frowning. Angela covers herself underneath him. His shoulders have a thin layer of perspiration on them. I groan and ball up my fist at the sight. She was stealing my older brother from me. I could have talked to him instead of Adam. Adam is stupid. He could be taking me home now! He could be being my big brother like he’s supposed to. Things like this are inconvenient. She isn’t his girlfriend and she will never be his girlfriend. His hand fumbles for the door handle.

"Get the fuck out!" he cries. He throws his shirt at me. I pull my hand over my eyes and I back away and I bump into Adam who pulls me away from the car. He laughs and slams the door for Ben.

"Ben I'm ready to leave!" I yell knocking on the window. He ignores me though. I scream loud letting my cries escape me and I walk to the lake looking to it. I grumble words under my breathe warming my body up.

"Hey Penny, observe me." Adam cries. I look back to him. And I clinch my fist even tighter.

"I don't know you." I cry. "Just leave me alone." I sit on the dock again leaning against the wooden post. I pick at the small threads peaking from the sweater. He walks to the end and pulls off his shirt. "You can't swim in there." I tell him.

"Why can’t I sleep in the lake Pantcie-Poo?"

"Last week they found a dead body in there."

"Wow, that reason was so valid." he scoffs. I look from him and back to my brother's car. The silence between us is shared and I don’t dare open my mouth. I cross my legs then I look up to him. He stares at me dumbfounded rolling his jaw to smile. “Are you Jealous?”

“No!” I cry. He sits in front of me and crosses his legs to mirror me. He scratches his jaw in a twitched out compulsion.

The girl stands outside of the car. I lift followed by him who keeps his eyes on me like I’ll mouth something to prove him right but I would never be jealous of someone else. Adam looks to her and leaves me on the dock. He kisses the girl and laughs against the car. I look back out to the water. I groan to myself and the air around me tightens around me. I look to the two and then back to the water. My brother pulls from the car shortly after pulling a cigarette to his lips. He lights it with his button up undone pulling his pants back together. I stay where I am as he pushes Adam jokingly. He laughs with the cigarette in his mouth and starts at his shirt. If he was lucky, it would slip from his mouth and fall onto his shirt and start a small flame or something. He says something laughing as it leaves his lips. Angela pulls out of the car and walks to Ben. He takes her under his arm laughing. She pulls his chin into her hand and shakes his head.

I rush back to the car and I get back in slamming the door shut. My feet were frozen and so were my hands. I cringe as my hands speckle over a warm part of my leg. Adam slides into the passenger seat letting a cigarette spill from his mouth. I groan as he looks back at me. He smiles a crooked smile and twitches forward.

“Put your little seat belt on little Pantcie-Poo.” I shoot a glare to him putting a crease into my eyebrows. The three get into the car shortly after and Ben starts back toward home. I look into the sky as Adam holds his head out the window like a little puppy. Right about now, the sky was a very dark blue with tiny speckles of white that shined brighter than the headlights on my brother’s car. They shine back through my eyes and I can feel someone of them try to reach for my blind spot and they all whisper their stories from the other side of the world to me and for the rest of the night, the four are silent to me.

A/N: thank you for reading. Let me know if you would like pictures for the newer chapters as well... I could get some O just really love pictures so i have a weak spot for posting them here. let me know what you think of the charcters so far and anything ellse you enjoyed from this chapter. thank you so much for reading.

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