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Harasssment:Something a boy does when he has a crush on a girl. No - not that!

Hitchcock Hijinx: A story or movie with an unusual plot or unexpected twist ending. Usually presented in a compact manner, where only the minimal words or scenes are presented to communicate the point intended. Devious writers or directors sometimes present the audience with a choice of alternate endings to choose from. The writer/director knows that the audience will always pick the most catastrophic ending, and as such, they don't film or write the alternate endings. Director: "Audience, should the woman back into the dark room with her eyes closed, knowing full well there is a slasher in the house? Or should she grab a shotgun and blow the intruder's brains out?" Audience:"Go for door number one! Foolishly back into the room!"

Submitted: October 17, 2009

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