The One Girl's Stalker

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A small-town girl is living the life of luxury. This girl is 16 year old Mercy Khole. Mercy must battle through the horror of a local group of criminals to save her parents from the one man that has been secretly stalking her. She has found herself from perfect life to crime solver in a matter of days.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The One Girl's Stalker

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Chapter 1

“I’m sitting here, watching, waiting.  I did not realize how hard it would be at first to keep this up.  This initiation process is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Here she comes.  She is my heart, the love of my life, she may not notice me now, but I will make her soon enough.  Just wait my darling, just wait.”

Chapter 2

“Mom! I’m home!” Said sixteen year old Mercy Khole. “Welcome home, honey. Your father will not be home for a while.  He’s stuck at work.” Said her mother. Mercy was a skinny girl with long red hair.  She had big green eyes and light skin.  Her mother was a slightly plump lady.  Mercy got her mother’s big green eyes, and her father’s bright rosy cheeks.  They were a happy family, always spending time together.  Mercy was an only child but always dreamed of having a little brother.  “Okay, Mom.  I’m going to go take a shower.”  Mercy replied.  “Okay honey, but be sure to hurry.  Dinner will be ready soon.” “Yes, Mother.”  Mercy put her backpack on the kitchen table and walked to her room.  She started the shower and walked to her window.  “Oh! I forgot my brush in my bag!” She remembered and ran downstairs.  She looked on the kitchen table and saw her bag was not there. “Mom?” She yelled. “Yes, honey?” “Did you move my bag? “Oh yes I did. Sorry honey. It’s on the front porch. It was leaking something on the table.” Said her Mother.  “Okay. I’ll go get it.”  Mercy said as she walked through the door.  She unlocked the door and stepped outside.  She looked around but did not see her bag anywhere.  “Hmm. That’s strange.” She thought.  She looked over to the other side of the lawn and saw a reflective material in the grass.  She walked over to the source of the reflection and picked it up.  “This is the keychain that was on my backpack.”  She though.  She ran back to the house and almost ran right into her mother.  “What is the hurry, Mercy?” Her mother asked.  “My bag wasn’t out there but I found the keychain that was on it on the other side of the lawn.”  She explained.  “I’m sure it was just a couple kids playing a prank.” Mercy’s mother said.  “Yeah I guess you’re right. I’m sure they’ll bring it back soon.”  Said Mercy with a slight frown on her face.  “Honey I think you left the water running.”  “Oh! I forgot about my shower.” Mercy said.  “Dinner is almost ready, you can take a shower after dinner.”  Said Mercy’s mother.  “Okay Mom, I’ll go turn off the water.”  Mercy walked upstairs and into her bedroom.  She felt a cold breeze as she walked into her room.  “I don’t remember leaving the window open.” Mercy thought.  She walked into the bathroom and turned off her shower.


Chapter 3

“She never even knew I was there.  I got to see the beautiful way her body flowed as she walked into the bathroom. I cannot harm her. No matter what they say, I cannot do it. She is the love of my life. I will give her bag back the second I see her. How I wish you knew how much I love you sweet, sweet Mercy. I will always be watching, always.



Chapter 4

Mercy walked out of her bedroom and down the hallway. Just as she had walked to the stairs, she heard the front door open. “I’m home!” Yelled Mercy’s father. He was a tall man with light brown hair and a handsome face. He had laugh lines and a great big smile. He was wearing a black business suit with a purple tie. “Dad!” Mercy yelled and ran down the stairs into the waiting arms of her father.  “Hello there, sweetheart” He said, chuckling. “Welcome home, sweetie” Mercy’s mother said walking out of the kitchen. She gave her husband a quick kiss and whispered something in his ear. “Hiding something from me, Mom?” Mercy asked with a playful smile on her face. Mercy’s mother laughed. “Well just a few things” Mercy’s father said, and winked at her. “Alright guys, dinner is just about ready. Would you like to help me set the table?” Mercy and her father looked at eachother. “Not it!” They both said in unison. “Well then I guess you’ll both have to help me.” Mercy’s mother said and they all laughed.

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The One Girl's Stalker

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