Guts , Glory and Pride

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This is a story about Sam a high school quarterback and some of the decisions he and his team faces and some of the adversities he has to deal with during his senior year.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Guts , Glory and Pride

Submitted: November 02, 2008

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Submitted: November 02, 2008



Guts, Glory and Pride

Chapter 1

Sam awoke abruptly as the song sweet home Alabama chimed merrily in rhythm through the morning. He looked at his clock while wiping the sleep from his eyes. “Seven”, he thought to himself .Turning off the alarm Sam moved to his dresser in a sleepy haze. Pulling on his clothes Sam started downstairs and then quickly retraced his steps remembering that he had forgotten his math book. As he hit the bottom steps and was just about out the door he heard his mother call, “Sam come get your breakfast”.

He moved back towards the kitchen and the sweet aroma of hash browns and sausage links filled the air. His mother handed him a plate and said, “Dig in”. After gobbling down a good sized portion Sam took off out the door and got in his car and started driving towards school. About three blocks into the journey Sam’s cell phone started to vibrate and Sam looked down at a name. It was Vanessa.Using one hand Sam flipped his phone open and said, “Hey what’s up?” “Hey Sam, was just wondering if you could pick me up this morning my dad just left for work”, said Vanessa.

“Sure I’ll be right over, Sam replied. Ever since they were little Sam found himself constantly helping Vanessa and looked at her almost as if she were his own sister. When he arrived at Vanessa’s house he got out of his car and went up and knocked on the thick oak of the front door. The door swung open revealing Vanessa still brushing her hair. “Come in”, she said. Sam had been in the house many times before as Vanessa’s parents and Sam’s parents played Scrabble every Saturday night. Sam sat in a big lazy boy sofa positioned in front of the television.

As Vanessa moved about frantically grabbing a book there or a paper on a self all while still fussing with her dark brown hair. She said to Sam,“So do you think that you’re ready for your final football season Sam?” Sam replied, “Yeah, this is my last year and I want to impress someone so I can maybe play in college.” “I know that we can win if we set our minds to it.” Vanessa replied, “Well dad seems to think that this will be the best team that our school has seen in a long time.” “Especially from watching that scrimmage last week”

“You should hear him talk about you Sam he just laps you up the way a dog drinks water.” Sam’s face flushed. “I just try to do what any other guy would do if they were the quarterback”, he replied. Glancing in the mirror and finally seeming satisfied with her hair, Vanessa said, “We better hurry or we’ll be late”. Getting out of the chair Sam moved towards the door and as Vanessa brushed past him he caught a whiff of some tropical smelling soaps and a heavy scent of raspberry perfume.

Getting a good look at her as she walked out the door ,Sam realized that Vanessa was becoming a very attractive woman. She was now at least five foot – eight inches tall and her curves were now fully defined. At school Vanessa was a very popular girl and it was not hard to see why. Vanessa turned and looked toward Sam with a look of puzzlement and said, “What?”

“Nothing”, Sam replied.

They climbed into Sam’s car and headed toward school. Upon arriving Vanessa got out of the car and said, “See you after practice Sam.” Sam was barely able to get off an ok as Vanessa had already spotted her friends and took off in their direction. Sam got out of the car and started walking toward the gym side entrance to the school.

The smell of fresh cut grass filled Sam’s nostrils and the sun beamed brightly off the towering yellow goal posts. “For weeks we’ve been practicing and now this week we finally get to play,” Sam thought. He opened the door and walked through the door in realization that the final year had just begun.

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